How Best to Like a Post

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Isaac of C Posted: I can’t believe the @SorcererKingOfficial is dead. RIP Sam.

Henry A Commented: Huh?

Henry A Commented: He’s not dead?

Isaac of C Commented: Huh? @James told me he was in a DM?

James Commented: That’s what I heard.

Henry A Commented: Well he was literally sending me memes about his mom an hour ago lmao. He’s just hanging out with her.

Isaac of C Commented: Oh. My b. I guess I’ll tell @AcademyFaculty not to plan to storm the plateau lol.

SorcererKingOfficial Commented: Hi Isaac! Thanks for your concern, but I’m very much alive and well. I’m just on a family vacation. I’ll try to share some pics later!

Isaac of C Commented: Thanks Derek.

Shadowwatcher Posted: Taqqel nomori pavhat tchen nayaa. Tosse Qandra foile noss. Sesnevel soyat kallori qahen siqan. Kanqar taqqy noshash tel nopourian heysaen!

Nuka L Commented: Mads?

Cadmus M Commented: You offer services in Gronnde now???

Shadowwatcher Commented: I’m sorry everyone, I got hacked. I’m back and I’ve changed my password, but yes, I do now offer divination services in Gronnde for an extra fee!

Nuka L Commented: Cool but maybe delete this post? I know it was a hacker but ppl are going to think ur predicting the sun falling into the sea and that seems a bit bad.

Maple Song Commented: what????? but i like the sun!!!!!

Shadowwatcher Commented: Oh yeah fair.

Maple Song Commented: oh no i looked out the window and its already sinking!!!!

Maple Song Commented: dont die sun i didnt mean it when i said you were my second favourite sky buddy!!!!!

Post deleted.

Owen S: Hey everyone sorry to post in a month-old group chat but we’re having another orgy in honour of @SirEdwin’s anointing. You’re all invited ofc.

DegmenDenver: Can Louis and I bring our new husband and his friends?

SirEdwin: Of course you can!

Gavin VS: All are welcome. Maybe let’s just invite anyone who wants to come to this chat?

Gavin VS invited 14 people to the chat.

Isaac of C. Hiiiiiiii

Isaac of C invited 30 people to the chat.

SirEdwin invited 9 people to the chat.

DegmenDenver invited 20 people to the chat.

StagKeepStaff: Does anyone have any dietary restrictions? We can accommodate anything.

Gavin VS: My staff can do the food.

StagKeepStaff: That won’t be necessary.

Grey Rain S: Incest is allowed at the orgy right‽‽‽‽

SirEdwin: Yes. Encouraged actually.

Grey Rain S: @Owen S 👀

Owen S: No.

Grey Rain S: 🥺

Owen S: No.

SirEdwin: @Gray Rain S gonna DM you.



6 thoughts on “How Best to Like a Post

  1. Like’d

    Is anyone better off, or at least better adjusted, for having internet access? I could see Sam, for example, being slightly better-adjusted due to having contact outside his family and thus having the context to recognize how truly fucked up it is, rather than his canon mindset of abusive relationships being the norm and anyone who wants/tries for anything better is a naive victim-in-the-making too stupid to get how the world works. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but I thought I might have seen hints of that here.


    1. I think a lot of people probably are, honestly. You’re right that Sam would probably have the tools to realize that his situation wasn’t normal, which might mean that everyone else doesn’t live the life he lives, which would help not only him but the people around him. I feel like he’d have been on whatever the Novan version of Tumblr was, too.

      As for other people, I bet the slaves would be better off as well just because they can’t be as isolated as slavery automatically makes them. Various people would have access to better support networks and so on. So yeah, overall I suspect that probably having the internet would be really beneficial for a lot of people.

      Thanks! 😀


  2. Maple Song you ditz, that’s the sunset. You’ve seen it thousands of times before.


    He…has seen the sunset before, right?


    1. Yes, Maple Song has indeed seen many sunsets, he’s just very stupid. 😀 At least his dumb ass will be very relieved in the morning when Mads makes the sun rise again, ahaha.



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