Dragon, 108

When Your Partner Is Stressed, It’s Natural To Want to Relax Him

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“So it’s up to you how you decide to space out your payments,” Gavin told Edwin, tapping a pen on one of the dozen sheets of paper on their dining table, because Gavin’s desk wasn’t big enough for its one job. “As long as you and Stag Keep have the coin to pay your own taxes, it’s just whatever’s easiest for you.”

“Okay,” Edwin said, frowning. It seemed like he’d probably understood everything Gavin had told him, which was impressive because Owen sure hadn’t. He was really taking the whole landowner thing seriously. “I’ll think about it, but I think I get it now. Thanks—I really did just want you to lend me your accountant or something to explain it, you didn’t have to take time to go through all this yourself.”

Gavin shrugged. “Owen repeatedly tells me to work less.”

“And his solution is to work more,” Owen observed. Behind him, Eddie chittered.

“No, I’ve put my work away for the day,” Gavin said, then looked up and saw Owen and Edwin’s skepticism. “I’m serious. This isn’t work for me, it’s a hobby. No offence, Ed, but your lands are considerably less complicated than mine.”

“Owen doesn’t complain when he comes home from the fortress and you ask him to open a jar,” Edwin said slowly. “You don’t complain when you work all day and I ask you to explain how to scaffold tenant stakeholding. Got it.”

“Exactly,” Gavin said, leaning back in his chair and stretching. “God, it’s dark. It’s supposed to be getting dark later.”

“Later is relative,” Owen told him. “You want to go to bed?”

“I want to have a bath. Are the horny children done in there?”

As he asked that, Grey Rain came out of the bathroom with Greg, who had a shirt on and a towel wrapped around his waist. He must have heard Gavin, because he was blushing. “We’re finished,” he said. “Sorry if we took a long time.”

“No,” said Gavin. “Take as long as you want, we weren’t waiting.”

Greg nodded. “Thank you,” he said, glancing at Eddie, who was slipping into the bathroom. “I’m sorry if there’s a mess,” he offered, and Owen knew he meant it.

“It’s okay, your Highness,” Eddie assured him. “I’ll just clean up really quickly and then you can come in, Prince Gavin.”

Gavin nodded, yawning again. He had a boner under the table. “Did you have a good bath?”

Snowball made sure we both got super clean! Grey Rain reported. We’re so clean you can’t even tell we did horny stuff first! So we’re going to go do more horny stuff!

Gavin snickered, while Owen rolled his eyes. Okay. Have fun.

We will, Greg signed, his towel nearly falling down before he grabbed it. Goodnight.

Goodnight, Owen said to them. Edwin waved and the boys went in their room. The door had only just shut when he heard Greg giggle, which was a great sound.

Now that the three of them were alone, though, Owen stood up, got behind Gavin. He started rubbing Gavin’s shoulders. “Let’s get you ready for your bath, your Highness,” he said quietly, smiling at Edwin, who was already moving his chair.

Gavin looked up at him, eyes half shut. “If you must,” he said. Edwin knelt under the table, massaging Gavin’s thighs.

“We must,” Owen insisted. He took hold of Gavin’s shirt and tore it in half, getting the pieces off Gavin easily enough after that.

“Hey, I liked that shirt.”

“You have other shirts,” Owen promised him, as more tearing sounded. Edwin was taking his cue from Owen and just ripping Gavin’s pants right off. “And other pants.”

“Not that you need to wear them,” Edwin muttered, kissing Gavin’s knee.

Gavin just sighed dramatically and let it happen because he was the smartest prince ever, and Edwin and Owen worked on massaging him. Owen massaged Gavin’s shoulders, working the tension out of them—they weren’t as tense as they’d been last week—and a few minutes later, Gavin was fully relaxed in his chair. “This is nice,” he admitted.

Between his legs, Edwin nodded and took Gavin’s dick in his mouth, and Gavin shut his eyes, making a quiet sound. Owen stopped massaging for a second, letting Gavin enjoy Edwin, and while Gavin did that, Owen tore his own shirt off, watching Gavin shudder when he heard it. His pants followed and then his smallclothes, though he did just kick his socks off since it was stupid to rip socks. Plus, Edwin already had Gavin’s cock to look at, he hadn’t earned Owen’s feet too. Not yet.

Once he was naked, he gently stood Gavin up, then slid his arms under Gavin’s armpits and lifted him right off the ground. “Owen!”

“Hey, Ed?” Owen asked, his cock between Gavin’s legs now. “Could I borrow some of that spit?”

“Sure,” Edwin said, pulling off Gavin’s dick. “But I want it back after.”


Edwin slid his mouth all the way down Owen’s cock at once, getting in between Gavin’s legs, and Owen watched Gavin’s dick twitch in Edwin’s hair as he did it. As always, Edwin’s mouth was hot and perfect, and Owen could happily have stayed there for hours.

But his cock was needed elsewhere right now, so when Edwin pulled back, Owen rearranged Gavin, pressing against his hole, and then pressing inside. Gavin gasped loudly as Owen filled him, sliding down onto Owen’s cock easily, and when he went tense again it was in the good way. He filled Edwin’s mouth, clinging to Owen’s arms as he did.

When he was done and had gone limp again, Eddie cleared his throat. “The, uh, bath is ready, your Highnesses.”

Owen smiled, kissing Gavin’s cheek. “Awesome, thanks, Eddie. We’re going to go to bed after, so you can go to bed too if you want.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Edwin stood up and kissed Gavin deeply, feeding him some cum before heading for the bathroom, ripping his own shirt off as he went. Gavin whimpered, and Owen had to agree.

Keeping Gavin on his cock, Owen walked to the bathroom as well, kissing Gavin’s neck and cheek as he went. In the bathroom, Edwin was ripping the last of his clothes off, and when he was done, Owen held up his feet and allowed Edwin to pull his socks off. He didn’t even get a kiss on the foot for his generosity, though, and Edwin got in the bath before helping Owen and Gavin in. Owen sat down with Gavin on his cock, bouncing him gently.

Edwin didn’t say anything, just got the soap and started washing Gavin, using the lilac soap he made sure everyone knew he liked. He started with Gavin’s feet and worked his way upwards, all while Owen calmly, gently bounced Gavin in his lap.

Owen held out as long as he could, but he came when Edwin was washing Gavin’s thighs, moaning quietly into Gavin’s neck as he did. Then, making eye contact with Edwin, Owen smiled.

Edwin put the soap aside and sat back, and Owen manhandled Gavin into his lap, putting Gavin right down on Edwin’s cock. Gavin’s eyes were closed but he was smiling, and he didn’t protest as Owen started washing him, starting where Edwin had jerked off.

Owen washed slowly as Edwin fucked Gavin, carefully washing every part of him, dick included. That got Gavin to cum again, but Edwin kept going and so did Owen, using the rag to soap up Gavin’s belly, reaching around to do his back, coming back to do his chest. He kissed Gavin’s nipples after he’d washed them, then lifted up Gavin’s arms and washed under there, then up one arm to the fingertips, then down the other.

Gavin was resting his head on Edwin’s shoulder as Owen put soap in his hair, gently massaging his scalp, pausing to kiss him every minute or so.

Edwin let out a choked sound as he came, tightening his grip on Gavin, and Owen kissed him and smiled. “How you feeling, your Highness?”

“Like you guys should keep going,” Gavin mumbled, stretching again.

Owen looked at Edwin, and Edwin looked at him and shrugged, moving as if to take Gavin off his dick. But Owen put a hand on his shoulder and another hand between Gavin’s legs, finding that he could get a finger inside Gavin pretty readily. He looked up, saw Edwin grinning and Gavin excited, and slid another finger inside. Gavin whinged, strained, as Owen stretched him. It had been so long since he’d needed stretching, but Owen stretched him, being as careful as he could.

One of Gavin’s many best qualities was that nobody ever had to wonder what it was he wanted. “Do it, Owen, just put it in, I’m dying.”

Owen laughed at that, pulling his fingers out. He came up, kissing Gavin. “You’re so fucking dramatic,” he said, pressing his cock against Edwin’s, “But it’s okay, because I love you for that.”

And then he pressed inside, and Gavin shouted his name.

It was hard to get in, but Owen did it, kissing Gavin’s chin and neck and mouth, whispering to him as he went. “You’re okay, you’re okay.”

“We’ve got you,” Edwin was saying, caressing Gavin’s hair. “You’re good. Everything’s good.”

And everything was good, and Gavin knew that because he nodded, and Owen pushed more and more into him until he and Edwin were both inside, sharing Gavin, both making Gavin feel full and loved and relaxed. Owen had never felt Gavin so relaxed, completely calm and at peace in their arms, letting them love him and take care of him.

And they did that, kissing and moving and touching and fucking, their cocks pressed together, twitching and throbbing, inside Gavin’s perfect ass, clenching around both of them.

Gavin came first, and Owen hardly blamed him. He and Edwin followed almost at the same time, filling Gavin fuller than he’d ever been, all three of them not saying anything except for each other’s names, over and over.

“I hope,” Gavin said when it was over, “that you two were planning to carry me to bed, because I can’t walk.”

Edwin kissed him. “Of course we were.” They were both still buried inside Gavin.

“And I hope you know we’re not done,” Owen said. “Now that we’ve finally convinced you to relax.”

“Here’s hoping this becomes your go-to strategy for relaxing me in the future,” Gavin said, moving to get comfortable. “I might start overworking myself on purpose.”

“Hm,” said Owen. “Maybe next time we should try spanking him instead.”

“Robby has been setting up a sex dungeon in the keep,” Edwin suggested. “We could lock him in there for a few days, let the boy work all the kinks out.”

“Perfect,” said Owen, turning them a little so he could be more comfortable without sacrificing Edwin’s comfort. “Let me know when it’s fit for human habitation.”

Edwin shrugged. “I think the point of a sex dungeon is that how fit it is for human habitation depends on how badly you want to torture someone, right?”

“You guys, let’s go back to talking about how much we like fucking me,” Gavin suggested.

Owen kissed him. “We weren’t talking about that.”

“We should have been, because fucking me is awesome. I’m sad that I never get to fuck me. You guys are so lucky, you should thank me.”

He was right. “Thank you,” Owen said, taking Gavin’s hand.

Gavin rolled his eyes, sinking further into the water. “You’re welcome.”

“I think he’s slowly returning to normal,” Owen told Edwin. Gavin’s voice didn’t sound as taut.

“Good,” said Edwin, giving Gavin a kiss. “I like him when he’s normal. All annoying and shit. He’s adorable.”

“He is,” Owen said, holding both of them. The water was still hot, but Gavin and Edwin were hotter. “It’s good to have you back, Gavin.”

“Great, awesome,” Gavin said. “I’m back. Can you fuck me again? I’m horny still.”

Owen laughed, kissed both of them, and got started again. It was a very relaxing night.

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