Character Profile: Dream Fox

Name: Dream Fox, Moe DuBois (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark blue

Height: 123 cm

Weight: 27 kg

Build: Slender

Distinguishing Marks: Black wolf ears and tail, six fingers on his right hand

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Shadowwatcher (mentor), Maple Song (dumb cousin), Gold Flea, Cato, Bob (fellow treasured boys), Black Paw, Red Winter, Ice River (friends)

Family Relationships: Glass Tail and Ice Cloud (parents), Dark Spire (brother), Tin Cod and Dusk Fang, Whisper Storm, Dawn Thunder and Knifebird (aunt and uncles) Wave Tooth and Sky Bear, Coyote Eye and Blue Tail (grandparents), the Sunwood Pack (pack)

Sexuality: Slut

Preferred Positions: Underneath Shadowwatcher

Kinks: Dirty talk, degradation, breeding kink, cockwarming, rough sex

Orgies Attended: Narwhal Junction Werewolf Orgies

Bio: The oldest son of a hunter and a roofer, Dream Fox grew up largely raised by the Sunwood Pack’s Cave Watchers, primarily his uncle Dawn Thunder. He prefers to spend most of his time with him, or at his other uncle Dusk Fang’s house, where his favourite cousin lives, or with the pack’s Smoke Breather, Shadowwatcher, who treasures Dream Fox in a way that none of the other adults in his life do. Unlike a lot of werewolves his age, who aspire to be pack leaders, Dream Fox would like to be a Smoke Breather when he gets older, because he wants to help everyone the way that Shadowwatcher does. Until then, he spends his time playing with his friends, paying attention in his lessons, and doing his best to make Shadowwatcher as happy as Shadowwatcher makes him.


  • People think Dream Fox speaks quietly because he’s shy or scared or nervous. He’s not. He just has a quiet voice
  • Dream Fox’s parents don’t fight, but they are only together until Dream Fox and Dark Spire are old enough to live on their own. Dream Fox often wonders why they don’t just separate and live with people who make them happy instead
  • Though he is often accused of tattling on Maple Song, Dream Fox only does this because Maple Song often bullies him. Maple Song is Dream Fox’s best friend and Dream Fox loves him dearly
  • Because he plans to be a Smoke Breather, Dream Fox has been learning everything he can from Shadowwatcher. So far he’s learned that there’s a difference between smoke that makes people high and smoke that makes people pass out, but he hasn’t quite figured out what the difference actually is yet
  • Dream Fox knows Imperials are bad because everyone says so, but everyone who’s ever been mean to him personally was from Narwhal Junction, so he’s not sure what to think
  • Dream Fox has the best transformational abilities of anyone his age in the pack; he is the only one of his friends who can hold an intermediate form between humanoid and lupine
  • Dream Fox wanted to be a Speaker when he was very young, but was assessed by Titan Heart and told it wasn’t in his future. He cried for several days until Shadowwatcher made him feel better by telling him that his future was his to make
  • Dream Fox spends as much time as he can telling Dark Spire about how cool Shadowwatcher is, because he wants Dark Spire to love him as much as Dream Fox does once he’s old enough
  • Though Dream Fox loves his brother, he sincerely hopes that his parents don’t have another child, since it would mean they’d stay together longer
  • Dream Fox knows how to read, unlike a lot of his friends, because he thought it would make him better at remembering stuff from his lessons. The only stuff he’s successfully memorized are recipes for pies


  • “Are you cold, Shadowwatcher?”
  • “You were kicking me while I was sucking Shadowwatcher.”
  • “I want it in me all the time. I’m empty without it, I want you to live inside my hole, Shadowwatcher, I want you to cum in it over and over until my insides are full of your cum. I want you to get me pregnant so I can have puppies for you…”
  • “Well obviously that’s not what omen fangs look like.”
  • “You don’t even have to take your clothes off, but you can if you want.”
  • “How are we going to find one inn in the whole city, Shadowwatcher? We can’t watch all of them and do we even know where they all are?”
  • “Is this what Narwhal Junction looks like if you’re a bird?”
  • “What did Maple Song do?”
  • “You’re really smart, Maple Song.”


  • Dream Fox likes to sleep on his roof looking at stars when nobody wants him to cockwarm for them that night
  • Dream Fox is afraid of actual foxes, because he suspects they’re bullying him and he just doesn’t know it
  • Dream Fox lost his virginity to Dawn Thunder the day before his Growing, because Dawn Thunder was helping him be less nervous about it
  • At Dream Fox’s Growing, he was fucked by Dawn Thunder, his father, his uncle Whisper Storm and then Shadowwatcher before everyone else. He liked Shadowwatcher the best because Shadowwatcher made sure he came and held onto his hips really tightly
  • Dream Fox genuinely wishes he could get pregnant with Shadowwatcher’s puppies
  • Though he knows he isn’t supposed to have because Dark Spire hasn’t had his Growing yet, Dream Fox has fucked Dark Spire, because Dark Spire was curious about what it was like. He’s pretty sure Dawn Thunder and Shadowwatcher both know, but neither has said anything
  • Dream Fox and Maple Song once competed to see who could wear clothes the longest, which Dream Fox won because he accidentally tied the laces on the pants wrong and couldn’t get them off for three hours, during which time he and Maple Song were sure he was never going to be able to use his dick or ass again. Dream Fox was prepared to go live in the woods as a pariah, but when he transformed into a wolf to run away from home, the pants fell off
  • Someone once told Dream Fox that werewolf history was mostly oral. He remains very impressed that blowjobs have been so important to their history
  • Shadowwatcher is the only person who degrades Dream Fox properly. Everyone else either doesn’t put their heart into it, intersperses it with compliments, or forgets to praise him after it’s over. He always cums if he’s being called a dirty slut while being fucked, but only Shadowwatcher can overstimulate him with it in the way he really likes
  • Dream Fox has learned a lot of mythology, but he forgets large parts of it, so he makes most of it up whenever has to recall it

Modern AU: Modern Moe is the son of the Sunwood Organization’s booking co-ordinator and her husband, the group’s dietician. He is deeply in love with Mads Marlonson, whose apartment he likes to be in more than his own house, which he’s honestly considering moving out of once his brother is old enough to come with him. Moe attends a local school and gets slightly better grades than, and just as much dick as, his cousin, which is all that matters to him. When he’s not at school or being asked to help out with the organization, Moe can usually be found at Mads’s place, regardless of whether it’s his turn to keep Mads’s cock warm, or in the local park, where he likes to organize games of hide and seek with other kids he’s just met. He likes to learn about herbal medicine, but whenever he looks it up, he inevitably gets distracted by his role-playing group, where he plays a werewolf sex wizard named Dream Fox, or by hardcore degradation porn on the streaming sites he’s subscribed to with one of Nuka’s credit cards.

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