Slavery, 95

Forgiveness Is all the Sweeter When You’ve Really Earned it

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“The only connection that Houses Glakken, Huntrose and Redwater have in common is House ven Sancte,” Theodore told Daniel, sitting at their desk in his study. “Belle Redwater is the king’s paternal cousin through his aunt Genevieve, and Iphigenia Huntrose is his cousin through his uncle Gabriel. Roland Glakken is Iphigenia’s son by law; he was married to her son Isaac before he died about seven years ago.”

“Okay,” said Daniel, who had already learned all of that on his own. “So you think that the royal family is using them to subsidize Clement’s slave market to make slavery look even worse than it already is.”

Theodore smiled with half his mouth. “Your attempt to put your thoughts in my mouth is noted, Daniel.”

Daniel looked down, but only to Theodore’s neck. “It doesn’t count as being manipulative if I’m right,” he said.

“I cannot say I would know,” Theodore said with a nod, looking down at his papers.

“Anyway,” Daniel said, rolling his eyes. “Like you said a few weeks ago, it’s all over except for the waiting. How much longer do we have to wait? You sent Gertrude and Dwight your threatening letter a week ago and they haven’t responded.”

“Indeed, but some things are worth waiting for,” Theodore said, glancing almost unnoticeably at Daniel’s collar.

“I think I have less hair than I did,” Daniel said, lifting his arm to look at it. It was hard to tell, but it had also only been a few weeks.

“Do you?” Theodore asked, peering at Daniel. “Come. Let me see.”

“You’re not going to see anything,” Daniel said, leaning over the desk.

“That is, I believe, the idea, but I’ll be the judge of what I see,” Theodore said, taking Daniel’s wrist. Daniel froze at the touch in a way he hadn’t in over a year. It was the first Theodore had given him since his punishment had started. Gently, but firmly, he pulled Daniel closer, and closer and closer. “Come, up on the desk.”

“Oh. Okay.” Daniel had thought they were working, but he guessed they were done. He climbed onto the desk and sat in front of Theodore, legs spread a little.

Theodore ran a hand down his arm, then up Daniel’s thigh. “Your skin is very smooth,” Theodore muttered. “I’ve often found that depilatory creams leave the skin dry. How do you manage to avoid that?”

Daniel shrugged, finding it hard not to care about the way Theodore was looking at him. Theodore looked at him all the time, but this was better. And he was touching Daniel. It had been a long two weeks. “I spent a lot of money on a good one,” he said. “And I followed the apothecary’s instructions about how to use it and what to do after.”

“Ah, yes,” said Theodore, ghosting his hand over Daniel’s pubic bone. “Obedience. One of your finer qualities.” Just barely touching Daniel’s skin, Theodore’s hand moved down, around.

It was barely a real touch, there was no reason thinking about his pelvic bone should be getting Daniel hard, but it was. “Yeah,” Daniel agreed. “I always do as I’m told.”

“Do you now?” Theodore smiled, but only with his voice. “Have you been doing as I told you, Daniel?”

“Yes, Master,” Daniel said, as Theodore just barely cupped his balls. “I’ve been a very good boy, Master.”

Theodore smiled for real at that, his other hand tracing Daniel’s lips. “Oh, is that so? I’ve been thinking about ending your punishment, allowing you your clothing again. But only if you tell me the truth. Have you done everything I told you to?”

“Yes,” Daniel said, surprised when his breath hitched. Theodore just brushed the head of his dick, just a little. He was looking at Daniel expectantly. Daniel looked away. “No, Master. I gave Marcus a hug. And Hugh. And Simon and Ozzy too. And I sucked on Marcus’s toes. And I had sex with Simon when we went out to see the play. And I kissed Hugh this morning. And I held Ozzy’s hand yesterday.” Theodore was still looking at him. Daniel tried to think. “And I let Marcus carry me on his back. And I cuddled with Simon and Hugh while I slept.”

It was totally stupid. There had been no real reason for Daniel not to do any of those things. Theodore hadn’t really meant for him to go all this time without touching anyone. That was insane.

“I think,” said Theodore, giving Daniel’s dick one long stroke with one longer finger, “that you have grown smaller, Daniel.”

Daniel shuddered. “It’s only been two weeks,” he whispered.

“And what a difference that can make,” Theodore said. “Perhaps we can find a way for you to be forgiven for breaking the rules so many times.”

Daniel nodded, and because Theodore moved back, he slid off the desk, kneeling in front of him. “Please, let me make it up to you, Master. I’m a good boy, really.”

“Hm,” said Theodore, standing. He undid his pants, pulling his cock out. Daniel swallowed. It wasn’t like he’d never seen it from this angle before, but it looked so big. Almost as big as the first time he’d ever seen it. “Let’s see about that. No,” he said, when Daniel moved forward. He put a hand on Daniel’s head. “You will remain still.”

As soon as Theodore said that, every part of Daniel ached to move, but he just looked up at Theodore, obedient. Theodore lifted Daniel’s arms, held them together by the wrists above his head, pulling him up just slightly, just enough to make him uncomfortable. Just enough that his mouth was exactly at the right height.

Realizing that was the point, Daniel took a breath and raised his foot up, hooking onto the edge of the desk behind him, then using it to support his weight while he got his other foot up there. “Daniel, I told you to remain still.”

“Sorry, Master,” said Daniel, eyes wide. “Just thought you might like this position better.”

Theodore sighed, putting his cock against Daniel’s open mouth with his other hand, resting there just a second. “You were right, of course. But now you will behave.”

Daniel flicked his tongue forward, giving the briefest lick to the very tip of Theodore’s cock. Theodore gasped, looking down at Daniel, who looked back up innocently, just a slave trying to show his master how much he’d learned.

Theodore moved all at once, his whole cock sliding into Daniel’s mouth. Daniel gagged as it hit his throat, and only as he struggled to recover did he realize that, no, Theodore’s whole cock hadn’t been rammed into his mouth, just most of it. The whole of it came in the next thrust, right into his throat, which tried to close around it.

Daniel glared at Theodore as he tried not to choke. What was he doing? He was going to fucking kill Daniel. He just kept moving, fucking Daniel’s throat like it was no big deal, looking down at Daniel expectantly.

Daniel did his best. It took him a minute or two to get used to it, but once he did he started sucking, using his tongue. It was clear Theodore wanted to do most of the work, so Daniel let him do that, just focusing on not choking to death.

His shoulders and back hurt from the position Theodore was holding him in, and so did his thighs and calves and ankles from the position he was holding himself in. Everything was sure to be sore for the rest of the day. Theodore kept up a hard pace for as long as he could, but he started to slow down, making himself last longer. He kept pulling and shifting Daniel, never letting him settle into one comfortable position, never letting him sit with the aches in his muscles, forcing them to always stay fresh.

Theodore started grunting and groaning, leaking into Daniel’s throat, and then finally, his cock started to throb and he started to…

And he pulled out, cumming all over Daniel’s face, two spurts arcing up to land in his hair. And then he let Daniel’s arms go, and Daniel fell to the floor chin-first. Fucking Theodore could have at least let him down properly. He struggled to right himself. Theodore sat down, panting. Fuck.

“Did…I please you, Master?” Daniel managed, voice hoarse. He mentally added his throat to the list of things he’d have to lay off using tomorrow, unless his master wanted it again.

“Yes, very much, Daniel,” said Theodore, gently touching the cleaner side of his face. “You’re forgiven.”

Daniel’s laugh came unbidden. That shouldn’t have made him feel better, not when Theodore had already made it clear he was forgiven weeks ago. But it did. It made him so happy. “Thank you, Master.”

He sighed, and Theodore helped him stand. “For the initial transgression only,” Theodore clarified. “You may touch whomever you like again and you’ll sleep with me tonight. But as you disobeyed my orders no fewer than eleven times during your punishment, well…” Theodore smiled. “You’ll make it up to me. I don’t think I shall be returning your uniform to you yet, for one.”

Oh, for…fine, whatever. It wasn’t like the shirt was real clothing, anyway. “Okay,” he said. “Did you have to cum on my face?” It was all sticky and it was going to be annoying to get out of his hair.

“I rather did, I’m afraid.” Theodore pulled Daniel into his lap. “You’ve frequently made complaint that I’m inconsiderate of others’ feelings. I noticed as you were apologizing that you seemed rather irate with my penis in your mouth. Thus, I felt that you’d prefer if I removed it.” He kissed Daniel’s cheek. “You’re very pretty like that, as a side note.”

Now Daniel just rolled his eyes. “I can’t say I’d know,” he said.

“Fortunately, I am the expert.” Theodore moved his hand to cover Daniel’s dick, but didn’t do anything else.

Daniel sighed. “You’re not going to let me cum, are you?”

“You’ve always been very clever,” Theodore said, by way of agreement. “If you behave the rest of the day I shall let you have an orgasm this evening, and up to one every night for the next ten nights. Now, to answer the question you asked earlier, we won’t have to wait for long. Dwight and Gertrude are coming back next week, most likely to concede defeat. To deal with the royal interference, I’ve arranged a meeting with the Lady Skyhan for shortly after that, during which I will explain to her the extent to which the southerners are interfering in what is clearly her domain…”

Daniel knew well enough to know there’d be a quiz tonight, so he made sure to pay attention. He tried to block out the feelings in his dick, the touch of Theodore’s hand across his arm, the smell of Theodore’s breath on his neck. That was all easy enough.

What he found impossible to ignore, though, was the comfort he felt, sitting in Theodore’s lap, knowing he’d earned his Master’s forgiveness.

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2 thoughts on “Slavery, 95

  1. Daniel, don’t you DARE Stockholm yourself! Feelings like that should be your cue to stab him to death now, before it’s too late!


    1. I don’t know…think it might already be too late for Daniel to be honest. But maybe not! Maybe he can still get out of all this…somehow!

      I mean, he can. The question is actually whether he’ll ever want to, haha.



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