Character Profile: Lionel

Name: Krnyln’oljka-skssnjl’tchkkhc’ktakkck, Lionel Trapp (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Lionel of Great Scar

Title(s): Lieutenant of the Flying Band (former)

Hair Colour: Red

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 104 kg

Build: Muscular, tall

Distinguishing Marks: Red and gold horns, wings and tail (not usually visible)

Dick Size: Very large (by human standards, above average by dragon standards)

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Ophelia of Great Scar (wife)

Family Relationships: Oscar, Otto and Liv of Great Scar (children), Tina daughter of Timothy, Priscilla of White Wake, William the Heavy (daughters and son-in-law), Owen Sanct, Odin son of Otto, Phoebe daughter of Priscilla, Pierre son of Priscilla, Willow and Louie of Great Scar (grandchildren), Gavin ven Sancte and Murph of Royal Tairn (grandsons-in-law), Grey Rain and Greg Sanct (great-grandsons), Wvnxxk’tayshzjn-cknekjt’nvrkl’nmjr (sire), Hthcik’shesthethk-rngyou’szze’katc (siremate), Zsnahgyjr’mmekn-hrchk’nkkjdr’hkathznz (siremate, deceased), Kjznyyr’djzkkran’yyghethkkn (dam, deceased)

Sexuality: Dragon

Preferred Positions: Holding his partner aloft

Kinks: Biting, dominance, submission, excessive sex, public sex

Orgies Attended: The Flying Band Orgies, Teown’s Sound Tower Orgies, The Blindfolded Orgy at Makk’s Mill

Bio: Born into a clutch of seven, Lionel grew up in the Amaran Mountains dragon colony, where he enjoyed a successful life for many years, before getting bored with his life and deciding to take advantage of his stronger than average shapeshifting abilities to travel the world. Knowing that nobody was to know he was a dragon, he hid his horns, tail and wings and began travelling Dolovai, which he did for several years until he ran across a village called Great Scar, where he met a woman named Ophelia, with whom he fell in love. He wanted to take her back to the mountains, but she convinced him to remain in Great Scar as her husband, and the two of them started a family together. Today, Lionel’s part-human family includes three children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, most of them living in or around Great Scar, and though he still keeps his draconic identity a secret from everyone but Ophelia, he believes that his family—and the town they live in—are by far the most valuable things he could ever have hoarded.


  • Lionel left all his hoards and treasure behind when he left the Amaran colony. He didn’t think it was important anymore, and he knew that if he ever came back, he could just win it back from whoever had claimed it
  • Lionel’s shapeshifting powers are such that even as a child he could look fully human. He can alter his apparent physical age at will and change most of his superficial appearance such as his hair, skin and eye colour, as well as the proportions of his body. Even in draconic form, he is able to alter his proportions and colouring at will, though he generally doesn’t bother
  • Great Scar is Lionel’s favourite place in the world, and the fact that he’ll have to leave it someday when his immortality is noticed pains him almost as much as the knowledge that he’s going to outlive his whole family. He doesn’t yet know if, when that happens, he’ll return to the colony or try to continue travelling as a human
  • When Lionel left the colony, he had four adult surviving offspring that he knew of. He does not know what has since become of them
  • Lionel sometimes wonders if he shouldn’t have lied to his family about who he was all this time, but the notion that dragons shouldn’t reveal their shapeshifting to humans was deeply ingrained in him, and he feared recrimination against Ophelia and their children more than against himself
  • Lionel was part of a mercenary company called the Flying Band for a number of years, enjoying the ability to fight and win treasure. After a few years, he started to find it dull, and he left
  • One of Lionel’s greatest sorrows is how hard Ophelia’s pregnancies were for her—she was pregnant a number of times that ended in miscarriages, for which Lionel blames himself
  • Lionel insists that he doesn’t have a favourite grandchild, but he can’t help but be ridiculously proud of Owen, if mildly miffed at him for his repeated insistence in his letters that killing dragons is easy
  • In Great Scar, Lionel started out working as a hunter and bricklayer, before becoming the town treasurer. He manages the town’s finances, making sure they aren’t cheated on their taxes and that they always have the supplies they need
  • Though he knows how problematic it would be, Lionel has always privately hoped that at least one of his children would develop obvious draconic traits. Aside from a few personality traits in all of them, he’s never noticed any evidence of this


  • “Attacked? What do you mean, Declan?”
  • “I’m sorry. I’m trying not to get too worked up, but…”
  • “What would you have me do, Ophelia? Fly in and burn everything down?”
  • “They’d run us out of town. Not just me, our whole family. Our children.”
  • “Yes, ma’am. You should chastise me more often.”
  • “I am going to rescue them right now. You are all welcome to come if you like.”
  • “Let’s go. We’ll see if those bandits are brave enough to hold their ground with a dragon bearing down on them.”
  • “You’d better not have hurt them. Otherwise we’ll have no choice but to hurt you worse.”


  • Lionel had a younger siremate in the colony who used to follow him around and bother him with questions about shapeshifting. Lionel protected him for a few years until he was big enough to fend for himself, and visited him occasionally after that
  • On his fourth day passing as human, Lionel was beset by slavers who wanted to sell him. He beat the shit out of them, freed their other captives, and then sold them into slavery instead so they couldn’t hurt anyone else, and he shared some of the profit from that with the other captives he’d rescued
  • Lionel’s first time getting fucked was thirty minutes after he’d left his sire’s cave, when two older dragons bore down on him, beat him up and fucked him for an entire day
  • Lionel travelled all over Dolovai and parts of Kyaine during his travels, and even to Yavhore and Enjon and once to Aergyre for a few weeks. He likes Dolovai best, probably just because of the proximity to the Amaran Mountains
  • Lionel keeps a small hoard of treasures he’s collected as a human in his shed. Aside from the usual gold, jewels, armour and weapons, he possesses a few magical artefacts, including the fabled Shield of Saint Mark and the Ring of Amarack
  • Lionel’s favourite thing about passing for human was how abundant potential sex partners, including women, were and how easy it was to convince them to sleep with him. Over the course of his travels, he tried to fuck at least one new person a day, until he fell in love with Ophelia, to whom he has been faithful ever since
  • Lionel was the mayor of Great Scar for a number of years when his children were younger, but chose to step back from the role as his family got older out of what he now thinks was a misplaced sense of fairness
  • Lionel does not understand why humans have cellars and basements. Storing anything underground seems ridiculous to him, no matter how many times Ophelia tells him it’s functionally the same as having a cave
  • As a dragon, Lionel felt it was important to fuck his sons once they were old enough. Ophelia did not think this, and Lionel compromised with her by only fucking Oscar, as he was the older of the two boys. He did this every day until Oscar’s wedding day
  • Lionel’s family doesn’t know much about his past, because he knew he’d have to account for why it occupies more years than it should. He’s told them edited versions of some of his adventures, and his family mostly thinks they’re just stories he made up

Modern AU: Modern Lionel is a bank manager who plans to retire within the next few years to spend time with his family. He is married to a much younger woman after the death of his first wife, and has not ruled out adding more children to his family despite his current adult children’s insistence that this would be weird. Lionel enjoys collecting and repairing vintage cars in his spare time, and also sits on the city council, where he goes out of his way to be a thorn in the mayor’s side, which he does for the very good reason that the mayor is an idiot. When not doing his best to run the city or managing everyone’s money, Lionel spends as much time as he can with his family, and also enjoys fishing, antiquing and making unnecessary repairs to his house.

12 thoughts on “Character Profile: Lionel

  1. On the one hand: oh wow Owen is related to Joey and Louis, so cool!

    On the other hand: Oh god. Owen was related to /Jerry/.

    That’s going to be an awkward family reunion.


    1. Yeah, it’s definitely going to make dragon Thanksgiving pretty awkward when Owen shows up and realizes that the empty seat he’s taking is only empty because he killed his great-uncle…



  2. “ Lionel had a younger siremate in the colony who used to follow him around and bother him with questions about shapeshifting. Lionel protected him for a few years until he was big enough to fend for himself, and visited him occasionally after that”

    This is either Jerry or Louis, right? And given that they were curious about shapeshifting (thus implying they couldn’t do it themself) and for maximum pathos, probably Jerry.

    (Also, I just realized: Jerry and Louis. Jerry Lewis. Was that intentional?)


    1. Yeah, this was Jerry. He always wished he had Lionel’s powers, but he didn’t, alas. Lionel had actually already left the colony by the time Louis was born, so he doesn’t know about Louis.

      So yes, maximum pathos, of course. Not only did Owen kill his grandfather’s brother, he killed his grandfather’s favourite brother.

      That wasn’t an intentional reference, I have to admit, but I’ll take it!



  3. I like Lionel’s methods of dealing with slavers. It should be adopted as official policy, and extended to include slaveowners and anyone who defends the practice of slavery.


    1. It should be! Though of course, selling slaveowners and apologists into slavery means more slaveowners have to appear to own them, creating an endless loop that ends with everyone being enslaved. So probably a stopper will need to be built into the system somewhere, haha.



      1. That’s an easy fix. If no existing slaveowners are available, summary execution.

        Alternatively, this is only Dolovai and/or Kyaine’s official policy we’re talking about; sell ‘em to Aergyre.


        1. Those are both great options!

          Burdening the Imperial economy with a bunch of badly trained, petulant slaves who feel they shouldn’t be slaves would be such a hilarious form of economic warfare, honestly.



  4. Hypothesis: given how long he spent traveling and sowing his wild oats before settling down with Ophelia, every non-immortal main and/or supporting character can trace their ancestry back to him.


    1. It’s very possible! The amount of time during which Lionel was travelling around is intentionally vague, so the possibility of him being a grandparent (or great grandparent or great-great grandparent…) of all the other cast members definitely exists! 😀 Now THAT would be an acceleration of my secret plan to make everyone related…



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