Character Profile: Natalie

Name: Natalie anNadya, Natalie Seaworthy (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Natalie Nasalla

Title(s): Captain, Sparkling Wind (former); Captain, Coral Witch

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Build: Toned

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Marco anIngrid (partner, deceased), Sheheren Janaj He’Sseri (partner)

Family Relationships: Nate anNadya (son), Pax anNatalie (son-in-law), Cedric (best friend), Denver, Louis, John, many others (crew), Nadya and Nestor Nasalla (parents), Nerida and Nona (sisters)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Seated

Kinks: Role play, blindfolds

Orgies Attended: Imperial Whisper Orgies

Bio: The third daughter of the governor of Aergyre’s Sechtel Province, Natalie grew up in the upper echelon of Imperial society before deciding to disappoint her family by running away to become a sailor. She took a position as a morale officer on a trading ship called the Waking Court, where she also fell in love with Marco, one of the ship’s enslaved deckhands. After the Court ran afoul of some pirates who killed the captain and other officers, Natalie took charge and not only led the crew to safety, but defeated and captured the pirates, returning to the Empire with them to collect the bounty. She used the bounty money from the pirates to buy Marco’s freedom and make a down payment on a ship of their own, which they named the Sparkling Wind. The two of them sailed together as merchants for years, having a son together, before a storm unfortunately damaged the Sparkling Wind and killed Marco. Natalie kept sailing with her son Nate as her new first officer, eventually taking on a stowaway who would change their lives forever all over again. Natalie is now the captain of the Coral Witch, ostensibly a trading ship that hasn’t done much trading, and has finally started dating again thanks to a death goddess who paid for passage across the sea, all while she hunts down the evil Sea King to get back what he’s taken from her and from Nate.


  • Natalie is well known among other traders and ship captains; she has a reputation as being sensible, thorough and upstanding
  • Natalie has thought occasionally about going back to visit her family in Sechtel Province, but always ultimately decides not to
  • Cedric was a deckhand on the Waking Court, and was the only crew member who chose to follow Natalie to her new ship
  • Natalie grew up around slaves and never objected to the practice, though the more time she spent with Marco, the more she changed her mind, and now believes that it’s not an institution that should exist in an ethical society
  • Despite the tragedies that have befallen her during her time as a sailor, Natalie never wants to live anywhere else but at sea
  • Natalie and Marco never got married. He wanted to, but she didn’t, and though he kept proposing to her in increasingly elaborate ways, she kept turning him down. She isn’t interested in marrying Sharon either
  • When Natalie was pregnant, she and Marco were considering putting the baby up for adoption. When Nate was born, she changed her mind immediately. They did, however, consciously decide not to have another child
  • Natalie thought about changing her name when she ran away from home, but decided that shifting to her matronym in the style of common people rather than using her surname was enough, and she was correct
  • Natalie never keeps her valuables on her ship, even before the Sparkling Wind was damaged first. Her ship and her crew are her two most valuable possessions anyway
  • Natalie has never been in a situation that she didn’t feel would benefit from her leadership, including the current situation regarding the potential end of the world


  • “We’re barely out of port. What could possibly have gone wrong already?”
  • “All right. I have a very firm policy about letting stowaways on my ship. Which is that they’re not allowed on. But come to think of it I don’t have much of one about what to do with them if they do get onboard.”
  • “We can all rest easier knowing you’ve got the situation in hand. Or mouth, as the case may be.”
  • “Pax. I’m disappointed that you didn’t think I’d protect a member of my crew.”
  • “I have a policy about people not being on board my ship when I’m ready to set off. The policy is that if you’re not there when I’m ready to set off, I’m setting off without you and you can swim if you want to get on board. So I don’t see any violation of that policy here. Permission granted, crewman.”
  • “It sounds to me like you’ve never had a home. I’d offer you one, but actually I’m not giving you a choice.”
  • “No need to apologize—the whole point of being young is to do stupid shit. And the whole point of having kids is to embarrass them when they do.”
  • “On my ship I reward competence, not the number of calendars someone’s outlived.”
  • “As always, I appreciate you telling me what I think.”
  • “Now get to work, you lazy asses. You can get married later.”
  • “You don’t know that I don’t know how thievery works.”
  • “You have quite literally none of this under control. But don’t worry, I do.”
  • “Lots of people have secrets. If that was a sticking point for us we’d have had a lot more problems before now.”
  • “But let’s be very clear, John. If you harm my son, I won’t kill you. But you will spend a very long time wishing I had.”
  • “Once you were here, you were here and you were one of us. We didn’t hold your past against you and you’re wanted in half our usual ports. We didn’t hold Sharon’s past against her and the devil was trying to kill her. Half our crew has a history of mutiny, and more than a good portion of the other half were criminals in a past life. We don’t ask questions and we don’t hold things against people. It’s not how things work and you know that, Pax.”
  • “If you could do it, you’d have done it already. You’ve been hiding down here waiting for someone to solve this problem for you. Clearly it’s not just a problem on the surface if you care about it, which means you need it solved and can’t do it yourself.”
  • “I think we’re all at the point in our lives where you can just admit that you and Nate were talking about sex and we can all save time.”


  • Natalie has occasionally thought that she should have her own flag, but hasn’t bothered because she feels it would confuse everyone if she came into ports with them
  • Natalie knows that there’s probably more money to be made by trading with Enjon as well as Dolovai and Kyaine, but she doesn’t like the cold, so she’s chosen not to do this
  • Natalie’s family had a number of slaves, one of which, an older boy named Tima, was the person whom Natalie lost her virginity with when she was twelve
  • On Natalie’s first day as captain of the Sparkling Wind, she shaved her head. She instantly regretted this and spent several years growing her hair back
  • As morale officer on the Waking Court, Natalie was of course sexually active with the whole crew regularly. She enjoyed this, though she doesn’t miss it particularly
  • Natalie and Marco’s sex life was frequent and energetic and often characterized by their crew as obnoxious
  • Natalie has an affection for overly large hats, but doesn’t wear them often as they tend to blow away in the sea winds
  • One day, after discovering the cultural importance of boobs to humans, a bored Escever intern wrote an algorithm that would scan Nova and find the best pair of them based on a compilation of all knowledge on the subject. Natalie’s boobs won and that Escever intern has a picture of them framed in their office to this day
  • Natalie hadn’t had sex with another woman for a number of years prior to meeting Sharon, but Sharon has told her in no uncertain terms that any skills she may have once had are not diminished
  • Natalie has occasionally met other captains with pet parrots. She thinks this is incredibly tacky

Modern AU: Modern Natalie is the CEO of Seaworthy Shipping, a growing shipping company that used to do only local deliveries but now delivers across the country. She attributes this growth partly to her own skill as a leader and partly to her son’s fiancé and her COO, who has been very rigorous in his dedication to expanding the company. She is dating a former client and has long since found plenty of new clients to replace her professionally. When she’s not at work, Natalie spends time at home with her family, enjoys long walks on the beach, goes to various exercise classes and the gym to keep in shape, and collects sexy lingerie.

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