Knighthood, 95

The Clothes You Wear Can Help with Confidence, but So Can the Clothes You Don’t Wear

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Edwin woke up sore, laying on his belly with Grey Rain on top of him and Grey Rain’s dick still inside him.

He yawned, wondering how late it was. Owen was still in bed with them, also asleep. To be fair, Edwin had fallen asleep while Grey Rain had still been pounding his ass into oblivion, and Owen had probably stayed up until that was done. He wasn’t Sir Babysitter yet, after all.

Owen was half sitting at the head of the bed, and that didn’t matter as much as the fact that Owen’s dick was basically right there in Edwin’s face. He was still sleeping, but Edwin knew how much he loved an early morning blowjob, so he figured there was no reason not to pounce on an opportunity that was literally in licking distance.

He moved his head forward just a bit, just enough to get Owen on his lips, and started sucking. On top of him, Grey Rain’s hips were moving, not in a sleepy way but in a determined horny way, so Edwin just sucked on Owen and let Grey Rain do his thing, clenching around him. His dick was so much smaller than it had been last night that Edwin barely felt it, which he might tease Grey Rain about later.

Knowing him, he’d just take it as a compliment to how big he was when the full moon was up.

True to form, Grey Rain was done even before Owen was, squirting into Edwin with a grunt, nuzzling his neck. Then he pulled out, scampering around to Edwin’s side, watching Edwin intently.

Owen was twitching in Edwin’s mouth, and Edwin grinned. He’s almost done, he managed to sign.

Grey Rain whinged.

Edwin reached over and grabbed his sticky dick, giving it a stroke, sucking Owen slowly for effect. Grey Rain’s tail was wagging and he was making the biggest puppy eyes, but he didn’t beg.

Edwin made him watch another minute, then winked at him. He sucked Owen all the way down to the root, then came up, and went back down one more time. Grey Rain was inching closer and closer to watch. Owen started to cum and Edwin let it fill his mouth, smiling at Grey Rain, who looked desperate.

Edwin pulled off, aiming Owen’s cock so his last spurt hit Grey Rain on the cheek, and then he kissed Grey Rain, pushing Owen’s cum right into Grey Rain’s mouth. Grey Rain made the happiest noise in the world as he swallowed it, kissing Edwin back fiercely. Edwin patted his head as he did, giving him a scratch behind the ears. When there was no cum left, Grey Rain sat back, positively beaming at Edwin. Thank you! You’re the best!

Edwin licked the cum off his cheek. I know, he said. And then he picked Grey Rain up under his armpits and tossed him to the side, putting some distance between them and Owen. Grey Rain’s legs were spread before Edwin was even on top of him, and Edwin kept him guessing by crawling all the way up his body, lining his cock up with Grey Rain’s face. But Grey Rain just opened his mouth and Edwin slid his cock all the way in, right down his throat in one long motion that Grey Rain needed no preparation for. And then he pulled it out, and moved back down.

It was never hard to get into Grey Rain’s ass, no matter how tight it always was once he got in there, but Edwin went slowly, making Grey Rain cling to him and whimper and demand more, and Edwin only gave him that more at the speed he felt like. Patience was a virtue even for princes, and one Grey Rain didn’t have much of.

So Edwin took his time, fucking the boy properly, slowly, touching him everywhere, kissing him so he could taste the remnants of Owen inside him, touching his nipples, his neck, his thighs, showing him that there was more to fucking than dicks going into holes.

It was foolish to deny the power of dicks in holes, though, and as long as Edwin tried to keep him on the edge, Grey Rain eventually did cum, gasping as he squirted onto his belly. Edwin kissed his collarbone, then picked up his speed, thrusting harder now, making Grey Rain yelp, and pulling out to add his cum to the mess on Grey Rain’s belly.

They panted together, held each other, breathing in each other, for a long morning moment, before they decoupled and sat again. Grey Rain shook his head, hips, and tail, then looked over to Owen and brightened. Good morning!

Morning, Owen signed, after a stretch. He had a bit of a scratch on his shoulder from last night. How are you two not tired?

Topping tired is different from bottoming tired! Grey Rain explained, and Owen nodded as if that made sense. I’m exhausted from fucking Light Stag all night but I need to get fucked a few times to get my energy back! Can you help?

Owen chuckled. No. He got out of bed, ruffled Grey Rain’s hair. I’m going to get breakfast. Come out when you’re ready.

Breakfast! said Grey Rain, hopping right off the bed, pulling Edwin’s hand. Come on! They’re going to make us have a stupid bath first, so we should hurry up!

Edwin nodded, getting up too. He kissed Owen. “Thanks for watching over us.”

“Always,” said Owen, kissing back, then swatting Grey Rain’s hand as it reached for their dicks. Grey Rain didn’t even try to look ashamed.

Edwin gave Grey Rain a swat on the ass. Just because your dad won’t spank you doesn’t mean I won’t.

You promise? Grey Rain asked, snickering as they went out into the main room, where Gavin and Greg were sitting at the table already.

Morning, said Gavin, waving.

Good morning, Greg echoed, eyes on Grey Rain, of course. How was the full moon?

It was great! Grey Rain said, hopping over to Greg to give him a kiss. Me and Light Stag fucked a lot and I remember the part where you came and said hi, it was my favourite part!

Greg smiled. Mine too.

Bath before breakfast, Gavin told Grey Rain as he touched a chair.

But then I’ll just smell like wet dog and you’ll complain! Grey Rain protested, with a very dramatic sigh at the racism of it all. Come on, Light Stag.

Edwin nodded, giving Gavin a quick kiss. “You want to come, Greg?” he asked. He always invited Greg to things even when the answer was no, because he wanted Greg to know he was welcome.

“Sure,” said Greg, and that surprised Edwin. Of all the places he’d invited Greg, the bathtub was the last place he’d ever expected Greg to accept.

Owen and Gavin both looked pretty surprised too, looking at each other, but Greg just looked determined. “Okay,” said Edwin, holding out his hand. Greg took it and they went into the bathroom together, where Eddie had the water ready already.

Snowball! Grey Rain said, turning and hopping from foot to foot. Are you going to watch us in the bath?

I’m going to have a bath with you, Greg said.

Oh wow! Grey Rain hugged him, kissed him, hugged him again, then stepped back, his tail wagging so fast Edwin was pretty sure it was creating a draft. That’s amazing! I love you! But you don’t have to if you don’t want to! I promise Light Stag’s feelings won’t be hurt!

“They really wouldn’t,” Edwin promised.

No, it’s okay. Greg took a deep breath. I’m getting in with you. He unbuckled his belt, pushed his pants and smallclothes down. He carefully folded those, then took off his shirt, facing away from Edwin so he could put it with the rest. Then he took off his socks one at a time, and he stepped into the bath.

Grey Rain hopped in too, not making much of a splash. Edwin sat beside them. Naked, Greg was skinnier than he looked, covered in scars, and a bit small overall, even hard like he was. The other night I had a bath with Red Wolf and King Cat, Edwin told Greg. And Red Wolf took his socks off last too. He’d been weird about it too, making Edwin take them off like he was doing Edwin a favour or something. Maybe he had a foot thing. It wasn’t like Owen to be shy about what he wanted. Edwin should order Owen to suck his toes or something and get it out of his system.

Greg blinked, looking at Edwin. Really? he asked.

Edwin nodded, and that made Greg smile. He took the soap and started washing, then passed it to Grey Rain when he had a lot of suds, which he didn’t use to hide or cover anything below his chin. Can I ask why you said yes today? Edwin asked. He wasn’t totally sure, but Edwin didn’t think Greg ever got naked in front of anyone but Grey Rain.

Shrugging, Greg washed his hair. It’s very kind of you to always ask. I feel comfortable around you. And I’d like to be more confident, like you are.

Being naked a lot is a great way to build confidence, Edwin told him. I know it’s hard for you, and that’s okay. There are other ways.

How did you do it?

Sometimes I don’t think I really did, Edwin said, smiling. Sometimes I think I just pretend until it feels real, and that usually convinces people it is. Confidence is about how you feel, but it’s easier to feel something if everyone is on board, right?

I guess so, Greg agreed, watching Grey Rain wash.

“Well,” Edwin said, since Greg wasn’t looking at him now, “other people think very highly of you no matter how much you wear, Greg.”

“I’ll try to remember that.”

Edwin patted his back, and Greg didn’t flinch. “If it helps, picture yourself wearing armour or something all the time. That’s what I used to do before I was a knight and realized how rank sweaty armour could be.”

“Oh,” said Greg, nodding. “That’s a good idea. I’ll try that. Thank you. Uh, but right now I’d rather not picture myself wearing anything. I feel good about that.”

“And you should, you’re hot,” Edwin promised him. Greg blushed and ducked his head under the water, and Edwin laughed, pulling Grey Rain over to do his back for him.

It was a good morning, it was a good bath, and it was good company. Nothing else Edwin could ask for to start a good day.

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