Slavery, 96

Some Days Are Just Good Days and They Should Be Lived to Their Fullest

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Greg’s pants were uncomfortably tight and it was probably because he kept drawing horny pictures of Grey Rain.

They weren’t supposed to be horny, he’d just wanted to draw Grey Rain the way he looked during the full moon, as a present for him. But he always looked horny during the full moon and Greg wanted to get him right, so he’d been drawing him a bit horny.

He hadn’t quite gotten him right yet, so he was still trying. He sighed, looking at his latest drawing, moving it aside and starting on a fresh sheet of paper, reaching down into his pants to adjust himself.

“That’s very good,” Gavin said, across the table.

Greg started, pulling his hand out of his pants and pulling the drawing back, blushing all over. “Uh. Thanks,” he said, breathing hard. Of all the drawings, why did Gavin have to have seen that one? “I’m, uh, I’m just trying to get Grey Rain right. He doesn’t remember much about the full moons and I think he’d like to know what he looks like.”

“I think that’s really sweet of you,” Gavin said, smiling.

“Thanks. They’re not very good. I mean they don’t really look like him.” He was having a hard time getting him perfect, and Grey Rain was perfect in real life, so Greg wanted the drawings to be that too.

“Can I make a small suggestion?” Gavin asked.


“His muzzle’s a little bit longer than in that drawing, and I think his elbow bends a little higher up, like here, maybe,” he said, pointing at it.

“Oh,” said Greg, picturing Grey Rain as he’d last seen him. “Yes, I think you’re right. Thank you.” He should have known Gavin would be able to help.

“Also,” said Gavin, blandly as he moved to sip his cup of tea, “Usually he’s fucking Edwin, not you.”

Greg’s face got so hot he thought he might die. He hid the picture. “Sorry,” he muttered.

“Don’t apologize, Greg,” Gavin said. He put his cup back down. “You can draw whatever you want. Maybe a drawing is a good way for you to express a feeling you have a hard time saying out loud?”

Greg nodded, taking a breath. Gavin wasn’t mad at him. “Y-yeah, I think so. I’ve drawn, actually, well, a lot of stuff of him and me. J-just I usually don’t show anyone.” He had a whole box of horny Grey Rain drawings, many of which he was also in, under his bed.

“Sounds good. I’m sorry I peeked.”

Greg shook his head. “I did draw it at the breakfast table. I guess I’m feeling, uh, pretty good today?” He was, he thought. Confident. So he took out some of the other drawings he’d done and showed those to Gavin too. “Only if you want to look.”

“Of course I do,” said Gavin, looking at the top one. “I have to admit I didn’t look that closely at his dick, but it looks pretty accurate to me.”

Greg had looked very closely at Grey Rain’s dick last night, and had even touched it a little when he’d gone in to visit. “Thank you. It’s hard to convey how, uh…dense it is with charcoal.”

“You did a good job, but I can find out if they make charcoal out of denser hardwoods tomorrow anyway and have some sent over. Oh, here’s Edwin. You should show this to him, he’ll love it.”

Greg was pretty sure he didn’t want Edwin to see a drawing of him having sex with Grey Rain. “You don’t think he’d be mad?”

“Not at all. He’s clearly having fun here. Oh.” Gavin blinked, then started to smile as Greg coloured again, feeling his chest constrict. “This one is very good.”

“Thanks,” Greg said, tapping the charcoal on the table and then stopping when it started to flake. “I thought I’d give it to Grey Rain later…when he’s, uh, rested a little.”

Gavin smiled knowingly at him. “In your bedroom, with the door shut?”

Greg nodded, though at the moment he wasn’t picky about either of those. “Do you think he’ll like it?”

“It’s a picture of him fucking Owen’s brains out. He’s going to ask you for a hundred more so he can wallpaper his room with them.”

That was also what Greg thought, even though he’d gotten Owen’s ears all wrong. “He’ll probably show it to Owen. To try and convince him for next month.”

“Honestly, something this good might well convince him to start respecting werewolf culture,” Gavin said.

Greg snickered at that. Werewolf culture apparently put a lot of emphasis on incest, according to Grey Rain. “Would you be upset if he did?” Greg wasn’t going to say that the idea of Owen and Grey Rain having sex was a recurring idea in his imagination, but it definitely was.

“No,” Gavin laughed. “I mean I get where Owen’s coming from, obviously. But I can’t say I’d have held out in his position.”

“Really?” Greg looked over at Grey Rain’s door. “I mean. He wants to have sex with you too.” Not as much as he wanted to have sex with Owen, but Grey Rain and Greg had talked before about Gavin being hot, and since they’d been doing a lot of talking naked lately, it was impossible for Grey Rain to hide what he thought. Not that he and Greg hid anything from each other.

“Really?” Gavin asked, looking more surprised than Greg would have expected, considering how often Gavin declared himself pretty. “Huh. Interesting.”

“I did a drawing of you too,” Greg ventured, since Gavin didn’t seem upset. “I didn’t want to leave you out.”

“And I’m glad you didn’t,” Gavin said, looking at it now. “You got my hair perfect, and my dick too. Which are my two most important qualities, so good job.”

Those were important, but Greg thought that Gavin’s most important quality was the one he was showing right now by being so nice. “Thank you. You can keep it, if you like.”

“You sure you don’t want it? I don’t want to break up your set.”

Greg shook his head. “I can draw another one. Do you think Twig and Eddie would want to be included?”

“I think it’s safe to say that everyone who’s ever met a werewfolf wants to be involved in their power-fucking rituals,” Gavin said, admiring the picture. “And probably just as many people who haven’t. Do you think you’ll ever want to join them in there in real life?”

“I don’t know,” Greg admitted, looking at the door again. “Part of me wants to, but part of me isn’t sure.” But all of Greg got boners at the idea, especially his dick.

“You know he’ll never pressure you,” Gavin told him.

“I know. He never does. We’ve been, well, having sex, sort of. I know he wants me to, you know. Fuck him. But I’m too nervous to and he’s never made me feel bad about that, and…” Greg sighed. “I love him. I wish I could do more for him but he doesn’t try to make me when I can’t, and I love that about him.”

“He loves you too, Greg,” said Gavin, reaching across the table and taking Greg’s hand. “And you know what? He wouldn’t think of it as you doing something for him. He’d think of it as you two doing something together.”

Oh. Greg nodded as he thought about that. Gavin was right, wasn’t he? All the stuff he and Grey Rain had done was stuff they’d done…together. That made sense. Greg liked thinking of it that way. “Thank you,” he said to Gavin.

The bedroom door opened, and Greg looked up. Grey Rain came out with Owen and Edwin, all three of them as naked as they were in Greg’s pictures. Greg noted that he’d gotten Edwin’s pubic hair a little wrong at the same time that he noticed Owen had a little scratch on his shoulder, but most of his attention was on Grey Rain, who looked really happy. Good morning! he signed at them.

Morning, said Gavin, waving at Grey Rain, while Greg collected his drawings into a tidy stack.

Good morning, Greg said, as soon as his hands weren’t busy. How was the full moon?

It was great! Grey Rain said, full of energy like he hadn’t been up all night. Greg had stayed up for half an hour later than usual so he could finish drawing and masturbating and he’d been tired when he’d woken up. But Grey Rain gave him a kiss, and then he felt like he wasn’t tired anymore. Me and Light Stag fucked a lot and I remember the part where you came and said hi, it was my favourite part!

Greg smiled in surprise. He’d said last month that the only part of the night he remembered was the part where Greg had visited, but that had been after Gavin had told him about Greg’s visit, so Greg hadn’t been sure if he’d just been being nice. Mine too.

Grey Rain started to sit down, but Gavin was already signing. Bath before breakfast.

But then I’ll just smell like wet dog and you’ll complain! Grey Rain whinged, even though Gavin had only said that once as a joke and to be fair, Grey Rain had spent part of his bath transformed into a wolf. Come on, Light Stag.

Edwin was giving Gavin a kiss good morning, and he nodded. “You want to come, Greg?” he asked.

Greg opened his mouth to say no like he always did, but as he did, he realized something. He did want to go in the bath with them. It would probably be fun. So instead, he said, “Sure,” and stood up.

Edwin looked surprised, but Greg refused to let himself think that it was because he hadn’t meant his invitation. “Okay,” he said. He held out his hand for Greg, who took it, and then went into the bathroom, following Grey Rain, who didn’t realize Greg was there yet.

In the steamy bathroom, Grey Rain turned around, saw Greg, and started hopping in place excitedly, his tail wagging hard. Snowball! Are you going to watch us in the bath?

Greg smiled. I’m going to have a bath with you.

Oh wow! That was all Grey Rain said, because then his arms were around Greg in a tight hug. He kissed Greg all over his face, then hugged him again before stepping back so he could keep talking. That’s amazing! I love you! But you don’t have to if you don’t want to! I promise Light Stag’s feelings won’t be hurt!

“They really wouldn’t,” Edwin promised.

Greg knew that. No, it’s okay. I’m getting in with you. Greg was going to do this. He reached down and undid his belt, thinking it was silly that he’d worn a belt at all. He didn’t want to take a long time because if he did his courage might fail, so he pushed his pants and smallclothes down all at the same time, willing himself to not even care that he still had a boner since of course Grey Rain did too. He took a minute to catch his breath, aware that Edwin was watching him with a soft smile, but more aware that Grey Rain was watching him with a very hard dick. He folded his pants and smallclothes and set them aside, away from the water. Then he took off his shirt, back to Edwin as he folded it as well. Once he was done with that, he took off his left sock and then his right and put them with the rest of his clothes, and then he stepped into the bath.

Grey Rain jumped into the water right after him, but gently, and Edwin came in to sit beside them, and it…wasn’t weird. Or scary, or anything. It was just nice. The other night, Edwin said, I had a bath with Red Wolf and King Cat. And Red Wolf took his socks off last too.

Really? Greg asked. Owen had done that? It felt weird but nice to know that the second most naked person he knew had undressed in the same order as him.

Edwin gave him a nod, and Greg couldn’t help but smile at that. He started washing himself, handing the soap to Grey Rain. For fun, he gathered up a bunch of suds and put his face in them, coming up with a big beard of soap. Can I ask why you said yes today? Edwin asked.

Greg shrugged. He wasn’t totally sure. He had to take his hands out of his hair to answer. It’s very kind of you to always ask. I feel comfortable around you. And I’d like to be more confident, like you are. The way he felt this morning was nice. He’d like to feel like it all the time, like so many people he admired did. And it always seemed like those people were able to just go with the flow no matter what came up, so that’s what he was trying to do.

Being naked a lot is a great way to build confidence, Edwin said. I know it’s hard for you, and that’s okay. There are other ways.

Greg was sure there were. He just wished he knew them. How did you do it?

Sometimes I don’t think I really did, Edwin admitted, which made Greg glance at his face in surprise. Sometimes I think I just pretend until it feels real, and that usually convinces people it is. Confidence is about how you feel, but it’s easier to feel something if everyone is on board, right?

I guess so, Greg agreed. He’d always thought Edwin was super confident, even though Edwin always said he wasn’t. Maybe that meant Greg could also be confident, even when he didn’t think he was.

Then, he thought, there was Grey Rain, who was always confident and knew it. Greg didn’t think he could be like him, though.

“Well,” Edwin said, beside Greg. He said it out loud, but it was okay because Grey Rain was washing his armpits and wasn’t paying attention anyway. “Other people think very highly of you no matter how much you wear, Greg.”

“I’ll try to remember that,” Greg said quietly. It was hard to remember sometimes, but right now Greg knew it was true.

Edwin patted his back, and even though when he was with other knights he usually patted them on the butt, this felt just as good as those ones always looked like they did. “If it helps, picture yourself wearing armour or something all the time. That’s what I used to do before I was a knight and realized how rank sweaty armour could be.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I’ll try that,” said Greg. “Thank you. Uh, but right now I’d rather not picture myself wearing anything. I feel good about that.” More than he’d expected to, even.

“And you should, you’re hot.” He said it so casually and normally, and Greg really only had one response. He went under the water to clean the soap out of his hair.

While under there, he cleaned the soap out, and thought about everything Edwin had said. He was so smart, even if he didn’t think he was. And Greg really did want to be more like him.

So he came up for air, flipping his hair away from his face. “I think you’re hot too,” he said to Edwin, with all the confidence he had. “And I think that you and Grey Rain normally have sex in the baths together.”

Edwin looked at him, then at Grey Rain, who saw them both watching him as he washed under his foreskin and blinked. What? he asked. Red Wolf told me I had to clean here!

You and Light Stag could have sex, Greg suggested. If you want.

Grey Rain grinned, tail splashing in the water. I definitely want to! We’ve hardly had sex at all today! Can you watch?

Greg’s own grin widened. I was thinking I could tell him what to do, Greg said.

Grey Rain just nodded, hopping into Edwin’s lap. Snowball is going to be the boss, he reported.

Edwin looked at Greg. “I was just thinking,” said Greg, swallowing, “that he and I like to do stuff in the bathtub and I know you and him do too, but maybe I could tell you how to do stuff the way he really likes it?”

Edwin glanced at Greg’s erection, and nodded. “Sure,” he said. “But you don’t want to join in?”

“I really do,” Greg said, taking a breath. “I’d like to do horny things with both of you together and also just you, but I’m not ready for that and I don’t know if I ever will be, and I think this might be fun instead, if you do.”

“I do,” said Edwin, hands on Grey Rain’s butt. “So, what do you usually do first, boss?”

Greg smiled, sitting back a little. “You should kiss him first. And touch his tail. He likes that.”

Edwin started kissing Grey Rain, hands moving to his tail, playing with it. “Pull it a little,” Greg said, watching raptly. Grey Rain made a happy noise at that. “You should kiss him all over,” Greg said. “I usually do, to make sure he’s clean.”

Edwin nodded, moving down, kissing Grey Rain’s neck, his shoulders. He kissed under his arms. “Do that again,” Greg whispered, wanting to see it a second time. That would make a good drawing, he thought. Then Edwin moved to Grey Rain’s nipples, licking them the way Greg told him to, then down to his bellybutton. “Stay there for a minute,” Greg said. “He likes that.”

Greg touched himself slowly as he moved to get different perspectives on the way Grey Rain’s back was arched, the way his face was angled. When he was sure he had that memorized, he let Edwin move down, kissing Grey Rain’s dick, which immediately resulted in Grey Rain cumming on his face. “He always does that to me,” Greg told Edwin, who was holding Grey Rain up. “It’s okay. He’s a good boy. He’ll lick it off for you.”

Grey Rain finished cumming, and looked at Greg, who gestured at Edwin. Grey Rain grinned and went about licking Edwin’s face clean. When it was, he started licking everywhere else, starting with Edwin’s ears. “He likes to lick everywhere, but he’s only pretending that he’s not impatient to get to your dick,” said Greg, admiring the way Grey Rain’s tail swept up all the suds from this angle.

Sure enough, soon Grey Rain was on Edwin’s dick, and he swallowed the whole thing. “You should hold his ears,” Greg directed. “Make him go a little more slowly.”

“Okay,” Edwin panted, doing just that, pulling Grey Rain back a little.

Greg sat behind Grey Rain, watching his butt go up and down as he sucked, bobbing his head. It would be so easy, Greg thought suddenly. So easy to just put his dick right in there. To just fuck Grey Rain right here, right now.

It would be so easy. He wanted to do it so bad.

But he couldn’t. He wanted to, but he couldn’t, so he didn’t, and that was okay. He did start jerking off, though. He’d held out until now because he hadn’t wanted to cum right away, but now he did, touching himself hard, gripping himself hard.

Edwin came in Grey Rain’s mouth with a sigh, and Greg moved again so he could watch Grey Rain’s throat move as he swallowed. He smiled at Edwin. “After this we usually kiss again,” he said. “He likes to rub our dicks together to cum again.”

“Good,” Edwin said, gently coaxing Grey Rain up. “Because that sounds fun.”

“It is,” Greg confirmed.

“You don’t want to do it?”

Greg shook his head, feeling amazing everywhere. “No, I’m good, really. Promise.” He couldn’t imagine being any happier than this even if he joined in.

“Okay,” Edwin said, and he started kissing Grey Rain again, wrapping a hand around their dicks.

He stroked them off while they kissed, and Greg watched intently. “Harder,” Greg said, hand moving so hard. “Faster, no, not that much faster. Slower than that…right there, like that. Put your other hand on his back, he likes it when you rub between his shoulders…”

Watching them was so hot and so were they and so was Greg and he was feeling so good that he almost wanted to stop touching himself so he could keep feeling like this forever, but he also wanted what was coming so badly, and he couldn’t keep it in and he came, shooting so much cum into the water and onto Grey Rain and Edwin. Greg fell back, sitting against the side of the tub, dazed from the strength of his orgasm, and just sat there quietly and watched them finish up.

Grey Rain immediately kissed Greg once they’d broken apart, and Edwin helped him sit, and they talked in quiet voices while they helped each other clean up, Grey Rain having finally gotten a little tired. He’d been such a good boy though, it was so easy to take care of him. “I’m glad you came in with us today, Greg.”

“Me too,” Greg said. He smiled. “You told me that there were non-horny baths. I keep trying to have those. Except for today. I wasn’t trying today.”

Edwin nodded. “You want to try again tomorrow?” he asked, as they dried off.

Greg nodded, trying to get his head around the fact that he could feel this good again so soon.

He couldn’t say anything else for a few minutes, because Grey Rain started kissing him, and then they started making out and Gavin was right, they really were doing it together, weren’t they? Greg wasn’t even sure how long they made out, but they did, just there in the bathroom, for a long time.

Then Grey Rain’s stomach growled. I’m really hungry! he declared. This was the best bath ever but let’s go have breakfast now!

Greg nodded, grabbing his towel off the floor. “You want to get dressed?” Edwin asked, as Grey Rain darted out of the room.

“No,” Greg decided, following Edwin to the door, towel on his shoulders. There was still water all over Edwin’s skin, so it was shinier than any armour. “I don’t.”

They went out into the main room, where Owen was bandaged up and Grey Rain was already sitting at the table. “Hey,” said Owen, obviously surprised. Greg didn’t blame him. Yesterday, even Greg would have said something like this was impossible. But now he couldn’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Greg wanted to show him that everything was okay and he didn’t have to act different, and he thought about how Owen would show someone that. So he went right up to Owen and jumped into his arms, hugging him with his whole body. “Good morning,” he said. “Thank you for taking care of Grey Rain last night.”

“Hey, of course,” said Owen, who was still naked too. “That’s what I do.”

Greg knew that, and he loved Owen for it. He let him go and gave Gavin a hug too. Gavin was dressed, but Greg didn’t think that would last. “Good morning. Since it’s a day off, I was wondering if it would be okay if I maybe drew us all together? I think it would make a nice picture. When Twig gets here, of course.”

Gavin looked down at Greg, a knowing smirk on his face. Greg would draw a non-horny picture of them all too, though. “Of course. That would be great, Greg.”

“Great,” Greg said, nodding. “I’m just going to put my stuff away before breakfast, but you can start without me if you want.”

“We won’t.”

Greg had known he’d say that, and he kissed Grey Rain as he gathered up his drawings and went to the bedroom.

He started to put them in his box, but then thought better of it, setting them on the bedside table to show Grey Rain later. There was no reason to hide them. There was no reason to hide anything. Not from his family.

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