Noble, 43

Not Every Flaw in Our Lives Can Be Blamed on Our Parents, as Much as We Might Wish They Could

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Hansl Fyrhawk was younger than the other boys in the house, even Uri, and spoke in a quiet, understated squeak that reminded Geoffrey of a small bird. He had curly hair and big eyes and he resembled what Geoffrey thought Stephan had probably looked like as a child.

He was so quiet that Geoffrey didn’t get much advance warning that he was being fucked against a wall in a hallway leading to the kitchen. He heard three voices talking, but the only real hint there was sex going on was the sound the slapping of skin as he got closer.

“What the fuck?” Geoffrey asked, coming around that corner. Hansl was against a wall, a cook’s cock in his ass and two more leaning there, one with his dick hard and ready to go. “Hey, stop that.”

The cooks—Ben, Costa and Trey were their names—looked at Geoffrey, Ben only briefly because he went back to fucking Hansl. “We’re almost done, my lord,” he promised.

“No we aren’t,” said Costa, the one who was apparently next in line. “Fuck, Ben, we haven’t even had our turn yet.”

“Hey,” Geoffrey repeated, moving to pull Ben away. Costa and Trey blocked him physically, stopping him. All three of them were older, bigger than him. “What the fuck is wrong with the three of you? He’s just a little boy. You’re supposed to do shit like that to me.”

“It’s okay, Lord Geoffrey,” Hansl said quietly. Where the hell was his companion? “They’re not hurting me.”

“They’re not supposed to…”

“You haven’t heard?” Trey asked, looking at the others. “We are supposed to. New instructions—the house has a new butt-boy and it’s the Fyrhawk kid. Guess you’re off the hook with the king.”

Geoffrey seriously doubted that. Giacomo’s punishments didn’t end. “You’re lying.”

“There are orders tacked up in all the servants’ quarters,” Costa told him. “Go look if you don’t believe us.”

Why the fuck would Giacomo…he’d brought Hansl here specifically for this, hadn’t he? Specifically to get raped like this. Why would he do that? “You can still fuck me instead,” Geoffrey told them. “Leave him alone.”

“It’s really okay,” Hansl protested. “I’m used to it.”

“Told you he was a little slut,” Trey said, elbowing Costa.

“Oh yeah, he’s definitely not…new…at…this,” Ben grunted, slamming into Hansl as he came. Geoffrey couldn’t help but watch as Hansl just took it, sighing as he was filled up.

“Here, if you’re going to get all hot and bothered, we’ll fuck you too,” Trey said, pulling Geoffrey to the wall beside Hansl. “This way I don’t have to wait for Costa to finish and I don’t have to bend my knees as bad.”

Costa snorted, and he picked Hansl right up, driving his cock into him in one go with Hansl’s feet not on the ground. “Who’s bending?”

Geoffrey could hear Trey roll his eyes as he pulled Geoffrey’s loincloth off, and a second later there was a cock against his ass. Trey pressed in without trouble. “Already oiled up,” he grunted. “You really were out here looking for cock, huh?”

Geoffrey oiled himself regularly because so many of the servants and guards liked to fuck him without it. But now that he thought about it, none of them had fucked him the last few days, had they? He’d just thought they were bored. He was so stupid.

“Starting to think all nobles are sluts, honestly,” said Ben, leaning against the wall and waiting for his friends to finish.

“God knows they’re not good for much…else,” Costa agreed with a grunt. “And all the ones we have here do is fuck each other. Bet none of them would complain if they were in this position.”

Geoffrey tried to reach out and hold Hansl’s hand or something, but Trey held his wrist in place. “Bet not. Even the king’s a slut now. Hey, Lord Geoffrey, is it true that old Lord Gerhard fucked you and the king when you were kids?”

Geoffrey made a face, but fortunately input wasn’t necessary when he was the one Trey was putting it in. “Do you think all noblemen fuck their sons?” Costa asked, breath picking up.

“Bet they do,” Ben agreed. He was clearly just goading his friends now. “Gross fuckers.”

“Disgusting,” Costa said, shifting Hansl against the wall. “Good for us, though.”

“Definitely good for us,” Ben agreed with a chuckle. “If they have to exist, may as well let them keep being gross so we can get some use out of them.”

“Maybe the king will order them all to do it from now on…” said Costa.

They went on like that for a bit, mostly Costa and Ben talking. Trey fell quiet once he got into the rhythm of fucking Geoffrey, so Geoffrey just rested his head against the wall and let it happen, breathing in and out. At least until Trey came, when he pulled Geoffrey’s head back by the hair, slamming into him hard, cock twitching like crazy as he shot spurt after spurt into Geoffrey. “Ah,” he said, resting for a minute. “That was great. I wasn’t that keen on fucking a kid anyway.”

“I don’t know,” Costa grunted, moving faster. “I’m not into kids either, but this one is pretty…fuck…” He pulled out and came on Hansl’s back, dropping him to the floor so most of it when into Hansl’s hair. “Awesome. Besides, he’s related to the usurper, so fuck his whole family.”

Without prodding, Hansl turned around and started to lick Costa’s dick clean, which he also did for Trey when Trey finally pulled out of Geoffrey, he did the same for him, then Ben.

“We’ll see you again soon, Lord Hansl,” Ben said, patting his cheek as the three of them went back to the kitchen, tucking their cocks away.

Geoffrey sighed, looking at Hansl. “Come on, we should get you cleaned up. Are you okay?”

Hansl nodded, taking Geoffrey’s hand. “Would you like me to clean you up too?”

Geoffrey blinked at that. “No. You don’t have to do that.”

“Okay.” Hansl looked away. “Do you hate me?”

“What? No.” They’d barely even spoken before now except to have a brief introduction. “Of course I don’t hate you, Hansl, and what Stephan did wasn’t your fault. Listen, I’m sorry about what they did to you. I’ll write to the king and tell him…”

“It’s okay,” Hansl interrupted, squeezing Geoffrey’s hand. “That’s what I’m here for.”

“It’s not fair for the king to have brought you here just to be a butt-boy. You deserve to be happy like all the other boys.” Most of them were happy, Geoffrey thought.

Hansl looked up at him now, eyes wide. “No, not here in the house, Lord Geoffrey,” he said. “Here in the world.”

“What? No, you…”

Hansl nodded, an earnest expression on his face. “My dad says that the only reason I exist is so cocks can fill me up.”

Oh, fuck. He was so young. “Why does your dad say that?”

“Because it’s true, I guess,” said Hansl with a shrug. “He says that my mom is a slut who fucks her own cousin, so she earned a slut son who gets fucked by her husband and all his friends. You don’t have to look sad! It’s okay, because this way I’m useful. When my dad wants to make a deal with someone but they won’t agree, he lets them do whatever they want to me for a night and then they do as he asks! My family is prospering thanks to me.”

“Prospering, huh?” Hansl’s mother was Helene Fyrhawk, a cousin of Stephan’s father Dalton. Her husband, if Geoffrey remembered right, was a slave merchant named Eugene. Had Helene fucked Stephan’s father? That would make Hansl Stephan’s half-brother, and a potential heir to House Fyrhawk.

“Yeah! And now that I’m here, I can make deals with lots of other noble families from across Kyaine! Then we’re going to get super important and we’ll kill Cousin Sophia, and then Cousin Hugo will be the leader of the house and he has to do what my dad says on account of my dad knows what Cousin Hugo likes to make me do with ponies. Oh, but sorry, all that’s a secret so can you pretend I never said it?”

That was the most Geoffrey had heard Hansl talk since he’d gotten here, and all of it had been alternately hot and terrifying. His dad had really gotten a head start on fucking him up, hadn’t he? “Promise,” Geoffrey said, with a sigh. Giacomo must have known about this. He must have done all this on purpose.

“Thanks. Um, are you sure you don’t hate me?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Why do you keep asking that?”

“It’s just your cock is hard but you haven’t put it inside me yet,” Hansl said. “I know I’m really ugly, but you can put it in me without looking at me if you want.”

Oh, for…Geoffrey stopped walking, took Hansl by the shoulders. “Hansl, I don’t hate you, and you’re a very, very cute boy. I haven’t put my dick in you because my dad told me it was rude to do that to someone who hasn’t asked for it.” Gerhard hadn’t said it quite like that, and had more said that it was morally degenerate of him to put his dick in a boy as young as Giacomo, but Geoffrey didn’t give a flying fuck what self-serving bullshit his rapist father had said about consent and would happily twist his words into something useful to help this poor boy.

“Oh!” Hansl nodded now, smiling. He got down on his knees. “Lord Geoffrey, could you use me, please? I’d like it a lot, I promise.”

Eugene Fyrhawk was clearly a piece of shit, but it was hard not to admire what a thorough job he’d done of utterly ruining his son. He was at mouth level with Geoffrey’s dick, and it was so easy to just…slide it inside Hansl. He hadn’t even meant to, really. But once he was down there, there went Geoffrey’s cock. Hansl started sucking immediately, a look of contentment on his face. Geoffrey touched a clean part of Hansl’s hair. “You really are good at this, aren’t you?”

Hansl beamed at him, and Geoffrey kept stroking him, noticing the small way that Hansl leaned into it. He wondered how often anyone had been kind to him during sex. Hansl kept sucking him without pause, and Geoffrey had been hard since he’d first seen him stretched around Ben’s cock but he only got harder.

They were still in the middle of a hallway and Geoffrey couldn’t bring himself to care, and he had no idea if Hansl actually wanted this or if he’d just been brainwashed to think he did and he couldn’t bring himself to care, and Geoffrey was certain that Giacomo had set all this up as some sort of fucked-up apology to him and he could not bring himself to care about that. He bit back a gasp as he started to cum in Hansl’s mouth, and he tugged a lock of Hansl’s hair, just gently.

Hansl swallowed him expertly, of course, and Geoffrey looked down at him. He looked so proud. His father had ruined him so thoroughly.

Geoffrey had a passing thought that Costa and Ben had been right. All their fathers had ruined them. But no, he wasn’t going to do that. Gerhard was dead and he wasn’t making Geoffrey do this.

As Hansl started to pull back, Geoffrey tugged him forward, lodging his cock in Hansl’s throat. The boy looked up at him, excitement in his eyes. Geoffrey smiled. “You’re coming back with me to my room and we’re going to have a bath,” he said, stroking his cheek. Maybe Hansl wanted this. Maybe this really was why he was here. Not in the world, but in this house. At the moment it didn’t matter. What mattered was the way he was looking at Geoffrey, the way he felt on Geoffrey’s cock. “But not until I’m done ruining you just a little bit more…”

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2 thoughts on “Noble, 43

  1. Everyone involved in this scene except for Hansl needs to die as slowly and painfully as possible.

    That includes his father, who is present indirectly in the form of Hansl’s conditioning.

    Child rapists (and I don’t care how much Hansl asked for it, he is clearly incapable of informed consent) do not get to live.

    And that goes double for hypocritically self-righteous child rapists, /Geoffrey/.


    1. Yes I think everything in this comment seems very reasonable, honestly. Hansl’s father is definitely a huge piece of shit and Hansl himself is both too young and way too fucked up to have given informed consent to anything that’s happened to him.

      And yes, of course, no matter how much self-righteousness Geoffrey hides behind, he’s only fooling himself, I think. Wild how he almost starts to be sympathetic and then pulls something like this, haha.



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