Prince, 95

Inspiration Really Can Strike From Anywhere at Any Time

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“Do you think they’ll let me redecorate the castle after I’m king?” Franz asked, looking around at the ugly décor.

Boey looked up at the tapestry they were passing, which showed one of the ven Sancte monarchs fighting an invading army. It was probably from the Flame War; the Dolovins loved the Flame War. It had established the ven Sancte monarchy, though House ven Sancte had spent most of the war following smarter peoples’ orders, no matter what their tapestries said. “No,” said Boey.

“Damn. I just think it would be nice if a few things weren’t tacky.”

“You like things that are tacky.”

“I do,” Franz agreed, admiring a vase blown from translucent pink glass made in the shape of rose petals, which was holding actual roses. It was quite pretty. “But I don’t want everything to be tacky, you know? Just some stuff. Like that statue. That can stay.”

It was a statue of a woman holding three crowns, each equally impractical. Franz couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a Catechism saint or a ven Sancte monarch. It was probably both. The first ven Sancte queen had four names, but one of them was Geneva the Saint.

Boey rolled his eyes. “Of course it can,” he said, turning towards their apartment.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means of course you want to keep the statues of hot people around.”

That was not what Franz had been getting at. He declined to acknowledge the hotness of artistic depictions of Gabrielle’s ancestors, as a rule. “That wasn’t what I was getting at.”

“It’s what I’m getting at.”

“Well, we’re getting at different things then and my thing is more important, because it’s a critical commentary on the social nature of taste, and your thing is just you being horny.”

“I am a bit horny,” Boey reflected, as they got to the apartments.

“Same,” said Franz, hand on the door. The guards seemed normal and didn’t report anything, so Franz very normally opened the door. “It’s about time you showed up,” he said, voice steady.

The room was empty, and Franz sighed.

Boey patted his back. “One of these days he’ll be there.”

“I just think he could have the decency to actually show up to this meeting he’s so vaguely and ominously scheduled with me,” Franz complained, wandering into the room, noticing plates and crumbs on the table. “Frederick and Silas shouldn’t be back yet, right?”

“No,” Boey said. “Frederick is supposed to be at the academy all day and Silas is going to pick him up when he’s done in the library. Jacob took Donny shopping, though God only knows for what.”

Franz nodded. “Okay,” he said. The plates couldn’t have been there long or the servants would have cleaned them up by now.

Then he heard a muffled sound from his bedroom. “That’s not Dominic, right?” Boey asked.

“It would be very unlike Dominic to hide in the bedroom,” Franz thought aloud. “And also very unlike him to be giggling, if he were.”

He went over to the bedroom, the door to which was ajar. He pushed it open quietly. And there, on his bed, were some naked boys doing the things naked boys did in beds.

He’d have stepped out gracefully, but one of them saw him. “Iago,” said Julian quietly, touching Iago’s face with the hand that wasn’t occupied sticking fingers up Iago’s ass. “Look.”

Iago looked over his shoulder from his position between Julian’s legs, saw Franz, and looked just a little nervous. “Hi!” he said. “We were exploring the castle and we got hungry, so we came here for a snack!”

“Uh-huh,” said Franz, leaning on the doorframe. Julian, at least, looked a little embarrassed. “And were you already naked when you had your snack?”

Iago smiled shyly. “We didn’t think you’d be back for a while and we really wanted to try putting fingers up each other’s butts. It’s harder than it sounds!”

“But we can stop,” Julian said, pointedly. “Now that you’re back.”

“Nah, it’s fine,” said Franz. Who was he to tell boys not to be horny with each other? “You can keep going. I just wanted to know who was in here.”

“It was us!” Iago assured him. “Sorry if we were loud. Uh. You’re not going to tell my moms about this, right?”

“No,” Franz assured him. “There’s never a reason to tell anyone’s mom about naked companion games.” Franz came into the room, opened the bedside table drawer, and set a bottle of oil on top of it. “Use some of that on your fingers, they’ll go in easier.”

“Thanks, Franz!” Iago said, waving at him with the four fingers not in Julian’s ass as Julian grabbed the bottle. “Uh. We’ll let you know when we’re done!”

Franz just nodded and left the bedroom, shutting the door. He sighed. “Cordelia and Isabella are good parents, right? They’ll talk to their own son about sex and not make their closest adult male relative do it for them?”

“I guess we’ll find out,” Boey said with a shrug. “But they’ll probably ask you to at least help, seeing as you’re an expert in putting things up your ass and are also Iago’s godbrother. Also, you don’t get to hand a kid his first bottle of oil and then pretend you have no responsibility for talking to him about sex.”

Franz sighed, having also thought that. “Great. Kids are getting horny at younger and younger ages these days.”

“They are not. You and I were fucking when we were barely older than them.”

“You think they’re not going to be fucking in a few weeks?”

Boey shrugged. “If not a few hours. At least they’re not old enough to make a mess with anything but the oil.”

“Yeah, we’re getting the sheets changed anyway,” Franz said, shaking his head. “Anyway, you know what I think we should do?”

“Let me guess. Have sex?”


“Our bed’s a little full.”

Franz shrugged, pulled Boey towards the other room. “We’ll use Frederick and Silas’s room, and finger each other on their bed.”

“You’re literally just going to do the exact thing Iago and Julian are going?”

Franz nodded. “I was inspired by the horny children, yes.”

“Okay well let’s never say that out loud again.”

“Why not? You’re the one who said there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Boey rolled his eyes as they went into Frederick and Silas’s room, which was immaculately clean and empty. Franz started undressing, giving Boey a kiss. Boey kissed him back, taking his own clothes off. “And what are Frederick and Silas going to do when they come home and we’re in here?”

Franz shrugged his shirt off. “Fuck on the dining room table, probably. They’re into that. Plus if Iago and Julian come out and see them, I can credit them as their horny inspiration and then I can make Silas talk to them about sex.”

“Not Frederick?” Boey asked, taking off his pants.

“No, because I’ve already scheduled him to talk to Donny about it when he’s older and as much fun as it is to torment him, it really is a violation of the brotherly bond we have to make him give the sex talk twice. Besides, Silas deserves it.”

“Good point,” Boey agreed. He went over and found Frederick and Silas’s bottle of oil, sighing as he came back. “You just made me see all of their toys.”

“We all had to see things today we didn’t want to, but I’ll make it up to you,” Franz promised.

“Putting fingers up my ass is not going to cut it.”

“I was thinking I’d fuck you after?”

“That sounds like a present for you.”

Franz nodded. “It is.” He took the bottle from Boey, oiled up his fingers, then oiled up Boey’s, then put the bottle on the table.

Boey lay back on the bed, and Franz crawled between his legs, getting close enough that their cocks touched. He reached between Boey’s legs, finding his hole, pressing a finger inside.

Boey slid a finger inside him, which Franz accommodated easily, but Boey immediately went for a second, which made him gasp. Boey was smirking at him, hand snaked between Franz’s legs, teasing but not yet pushing in a third finger, and how could Franz not rise to that challenge with a second finger of his own?

Their cocks kept rubbing together as they fingered each other, Franz having an easier time sliding in and out of Boey than he assumed Boey was having from that angle, not that Boey ever showed any signs of strain.

Boey managed to drive his fingers in deeper, and Franz’s cock twitched against his. Franz’s breath kept catching, Boey feeling amazing inside him. Boey’s face was slack with pleasure as Franz assaulted his prostate, holding nothing back. He slid a third finger inside Boey just to stretch him a little more, and after a second, Boey did the same to him.

Franz wanted so badly to pull his fingers out and replace them with his cock, but no, this wasn’t about fucking. It was about the longer, more haphazard stimulation, about their cocks barely touching, about them being warm inside each other, exploring each other like they had when they’d been little.

They weren’t little anymore; but Franz never tired of mapping out every part of Boey, every dip and curve and warm place, never tired of visiting all those places again and again. Every time he did, it felt like the first time, like they were still little boys driven entirely by the desire to make each other feel good.

And make each other feel good they did. Franz got Boey to cum after ten or fifteen minutes, and Boey shuddering and moaning underneath him made Franz crazy, and he had to rest his head on Boey’s shoulder, whimpering as Boey kept working on him.

Boey went as slowly as he possibly could, really making Franz wait for it, want it. And Franz did want it, he wanted Boey, he wanted Boey to take all of him, to give him everything and Boey did that, bringing Franz with him over the edge into white and flying.

Pulling fingers out of each other, they rested together a second. Franz kissed Boey’s collarbone. Boey kissed the top of Franz’s head. “You were right,” he admitted. “The horny children were an inspiration.”

Franz nodded. “I’m always right but even if that weren’t true, horny children are always right.”

“We’re definitely better than them, though.”

“Definitely. But they’ll get there.”

Boey nodded. “We should really stop talking about them, though. We still have time before Frederick and Silas get back.”

Franz grinned, looking up at Boey. “Good. Let’s not talk about them either. Just you and me.”

“Just you and me,” Boey agreed, and he kissed Franz, and for a few hours after that, the world was just the two of them.

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