Character Profile: Sharon

Name: Sheheren Janaj He’Sseri, Sharon Subair (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Sharon, Bone Raptor, Flicker

Title(s): The Dark Lady

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Build: Sturdy

Distinguishing Marks: N/A, typically wears a full-body veil

Vagina Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Mekran Janaj He’Tenndek (husband, deceased), Natalie anNadya (partner)

Family Relationships: Saska Takan Ma’Selin, Senyee Takan Ke’Netha and Eurok Takan So’Masta (parents, deceased), Gella Takan Lo’Sakka, Enva Takan Go’Erka, Stavaran Takan Ge’Ssenn (siblings, deceased), Rawen Janaj He’Matke (son), Nate anNadya (partner’s son), Pax anNatalie, Denver, Louis, John, the crew of the Coral Witch (family)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Standing

Kinks: Pain kink, food kink, fire kink, edgeplay

Orgies Attended: The Makt Ridge Oral Orgy, Masqued Mawri Orgies

Bio: Born into Clan Takan, a small death god clan in what is now southern Menechit, Sheheren internalized her clan’s need to remain isolated and to keep their powers a secret from as many people as they could, even the people in the city they ruled, who thought they were purity gods. But Sheheren was also interested in the world, and chose to study it as best she could as often as she could. She eventually married a fire god named Mekran and had a son with him, settling down for a relatively short time, until her son Rawen killed Mekran for the power he assumed Mekran had, then tried to kill Sheheren to obtain that same power before fleeing. Sheheren stayed mostly out of the war that ensued, even if she wasn’t officially a member of Clan Takan and bound by their isolation policy. She did attend the summit and Thunder’s Falls, mostly to try and stop Rawen from doing something profoundly stupid like ending the world, which he did in fact almost do. Sheheren was an outspoken opponent of the Catechism War that followed, especially after the Spider Corps found and murdered everyone in Clan Takan. She began travelling more and developed and maintained relationships with many gods, and was often considered neutral in most conflicts, though may viewed her with suspicion because her motivations were not clear. Over the centuries after the war, Sheheren has intervened a number of times, mostly to stop Rawen from destroying the world—again—and in the hopes of reconstructing the Web in order to repel the higher demons. These days, Sheheren, still persued by Rawen in hopes of gaining her power, poses as a human traveller named Sharon, using this alias to seek out rumours about stones, demons or ziggurats. She has recently been travelling with the crew of a trading vessel named the Coral Witch, and is romantically involved with its captain.


  • Sharon believes it is her responsibility as an immortal to do everything she can to protect the world—but not at the cost of her own life, because she also believes that dying would be irresponsible
  • Though most of Sharon’s old allies and contacts are now dead or vanished, she tries to maintain relationships with the ones who aren’t, just in case she ever needs them again
  • Sharon doesn’t believe that Rawen really understands the significance of most of what he does, and ignorance worries her because it leads to recklessness
  • Sharon is of the generation of gods who fought in the malenvar war. Above all, she is certain the creatures from the other realm must never be allowed to return
  • Sharon dated Odrick Dekath He’Matkar for most of the last portion of the malenvar war. She never thought she’d marry him because she didn’t think they’d both survive the war. They remained friends after they broke up
  • Because of the spell Rawen used when he killed Mekran, Sharon now has a secondary fire medium, which she uses far more often than her considerably more powerful death medium
  • Sharon has gone by her current human name for about two hundred years, and finds that she likes it more than her birth name
  • Sharon makes it a personal mission to preserve as many stories from as many cultures as she can, because she knows how easy it is for stories to get lost. It is for this reason that her personal pet project is to learn as much as she can about the ziggurat builders; because she wants to know their stories
  • Sharon has experienced considerable kindness and generosity at the hands of humans, but Pax standing up for her in Suder’s Port, followed by Natalie offering her a home on the ship, is easily the most significant such experience for her
  • Sharon was never in search of a new family given that all her previous experiences with families didn’t work out, but she is willing to give it a try with Natalie and her crew


  • “I’m afraid that I won’t allow this to end the way your employer wants. If you must murder me, you will do it here on the street.”
  • “You may call me Sharon if you like.”
  • “I suppose it depends on what you think is real, doesn’t it?”
  • “Where I’m from, philosophers used to say that the world was the dream of sleeping god, and it was our responsibility to make sure the dreams were good, because if they became nightmares, the god would wake up and we’d all vanish.”
  • “People often think their stories are not as interesting as they are, I’ve found.”
  • “My only regret is that I couldn’t save more of them. I couldn’t find you. And I couldn’t help Nate.”
  • “Out of curiosity, do any of you have duties aboard this ship?”
  • “Mine was a small clan of death gods. Hiding that fact was…necessary, as it made the other gods uncomfortable. I masqueraded as a fire god, married a fire god. I’d hoped that Rawen would inherit his powers instead of mine. He did not.”
  • “I think it’s foolish not to use a tool that can help us, given the present circumstances,”
  • “I’m not saying it’s impossible that we simply killed them, as that was something we were rather known for. But if we did, we also destroyed all record of them, including our own involvement in their downfall.”
  • “That war was devastating for us. We won, but barely. We couldn’t well have the humans, not to mention everyone else in the world, knowing we weren’t invincible. So we didn’t talk about it, ever. And as a result, large portions of our history are…unclear.”
  • “I’d very much appreciate someone of your considerable intellect aiding me in learning about these people.”
  • “Sometimes we think things are relevant because they’re the only thing we’ve found.”


  • The portion of Sharon’s hold visitors see is a small pavilion; in totality it’s five kilometres square, considerably larger than most holds. Inside it is a massive library with all the stories she’s collected, a concert hall with music and instruments from across the world’s history, an art gallery and a museum, and an observatory and laboratory
  • In her guise as a human, Sharon prefers to travel the world without magic whenever possible, both because it makes it hard for Rawen—and others—to find her, and because she can experience it better that way
  • Sharon’s first sexual relationship was with a human boy in Uphill named Don, who didn’t realize she was a god and was happy to swap oral sex with her
  • Once while she was mapping Tossec, Sharon became trapped in a fierce blizzard. She was going to teleport out, but a helpful penguin waddled out of the snow and led her to a cave where she could wait out the storm, which happened to be within sight of the Diamond Ziggurat
  • Sharon has invented several telescopes and astronomical calculations and shared them with various astronomers, which has resulted in considerable leaps in astronomy, especially in Yavhore, where astronomers are now sure that their world circles a sun along with at least four other worlds, perhaps five
  • Sharon and Mekran weren’t particularly sexually compatible and had sex only infrequently, especially after Rawen was born
  • Sheheren and Rawen fought over control of the sorcerer’s leystone for many centuries before they both lost it in a volcano, thanks to a boy named Bob. She doesn’t know who Bob was, but she’d very much like to meet him again
  • Sharon is mildly disappointed that she didn’t get to spend substantial time with the merpeople, but is confident in Natalie and Pax’s abilities to transmit information about them to her accurately
  • Sharon considers Natalie to be her most competent sex partner ever, and is somewhat embarrassed at how frequently she initiates sex with Natalie—but not embarrassed enough to not do it
  • Of all the inventions across the whole planet, Sharon believes buttons are the worst and refuses to wear anything that incorporates them

Modern AU: Modern Sharon is an archaeologist who grew up mostly self-sufficient after her father abandoned her at a young age. She teaches at the local university, though mostly to fund her archaeological expeditions to the Middle East, where she studies etchings in Sumerian ziggurats, about which she has authored dozens of papers and eight books. Recently, a shipping company lost six million dollars of artefacts that Sharon was having shipped to the university, and she spent considerable time tracking them down. Eventually, she hired another shipping company to find them and bring them to her, a logistical nightmare that kept her on the phone with the CEO of Seaworthy shipping every day for weeks. She and Natalie begun dating once her artefacts were found and hand-delivered, which was the first time they’d met in person. They now live together and Sharon has not lost a shipment since. When she’s not teaching, digging up old rocks, or spending time with her new family, Sharon enjoys botanical gardens, cruises to tropical locations, and TikTok.

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  1. “ She was going to teleport out, but a helpful penguin waddled out of the snow and led her to a cave where she could wait out the storm”

    what did you do

    what was this in service of


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