Character Profile: Neville

Name: Neville of Red Street, Neville Roberge (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Icepick

Title(s): Companion to Stephan Fyrhawk

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 69 kg

Build: Muscular

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Stephan Fyrhawk (companion), Hugh of White Oak (fuckbuddy), Horace Fyrhawk, Jensen and Cyrus (hoardmates), Cassius (dragon owner), Geoffrey DiSheere (ex-boyfriend)

Family Relationships: Lulu daughter of Leone and Norris of the Anvil (parents), Lorette of Red Street (sister), Dalton and Seraphima Fyrhawk (companion’s parnets, deceased), Sophia Fyrhawk (companion’s sister), Danica Fyrhawk (companion’s sister, deceased), Asteria, Selena, Xena (other Fyrhawk companions), Olivar (other Fyrhawk companion, deceased)

Sexuality: Fluid

Preferred Positions: On top, holding his partner

Kinks: Rough sex, butt plugs, role play, semi-public sex, biting

Orgies Attended: The Great Pelican Bay Orgy

Bio: The younger child and only son of a slave advocate and a priest, Neville grew up in southern Archer’s Rest and had a relatively normal childhood until he was selected to be the companion to the only son of House Fyrhawk, Stephan. They became best friends and Neville grew up wanting to protect Stephan from a world that he didn’t understand, often failing to do this and ending up doing damage control instead. When Stephan became king of Kyaine, Neville immediately created a plan to get him out safely, and now they two of them have been reunited and have become part of a dragon’s hoard in northern Merket, where they’re going to participate in ending slavery.


  • When he was first made Stephan’s companion, Neville didn’t understand how it was any different from slavery. After about a week he realized the difference. He didn’t belong to Stephan. Stephan belonged to him
  • Stephan gets stressed about making decisions, so Neville often decides what he’s going to wear or eat, and what Stephan is going to do that day. He resents anyone else who tries to make these decisions for Stephan, because he knows only he has Stephan’s best interests at heart
  • When Stephan’s father and sister died, Neville tried to convince him to run away from home, because he knew Stephan wasn’t capable of running his house
  • Neville opposed the coup plan from the beginning and considers it his worst failure that he wasn’t able to make Stephan see reason in the face of Ulrich and Margery’s promises
  • Neville knew Stephan’s plan to resolve the coup peacefully and have Francesca abdicate would never work. He also knew Stephan wouldn’t have the stomach to kill her, which is why he went into the trial planning to do it himself, because at that point, if she wasn’t killed, Stephan would be
  • Geoffrey was the first person Neville loved romantically, but he gave him up in service of protecting Stephan, which he knew Geoffrey would understand, but wishes Geoffrey had fought harder
  • The time he was away from Stephan was the hardest in Neville’s life; he spent all of it worrying about what would go wrong that he wouldn’t be there to fix
  • Neville refused to believe that Stephan was dead when Franz told him he was, because he believed that if Stephan had died, he himself would have died too
  • Neville has never been as attracted to anyone as he is to Hugh, but even though Stephan keeps telling him he should ask Hugh to be his boyfriend, he isn’t sure it’s a good idea
  • Neville doesn’t mind belonging to a dragon, because he understands that it means Cassius will protect him and Stephan if it comes to that


  • “I’m sorry, my king, but I can’t keep it up anymore. If you still need servicing, you’ll have to bring in a replacement for me.”
  • “You can’t be all pent up and trying to rule a kingdom. You have needs and I’m not going to be here to help you with them.”
  • “Ask Geoffery DiSheere. He’d probably give you a blowjob if you asked. He’s not anyone of consequence so it doesn’t really matter.”
  • “Habit that makes me defend myself when I can sense how much someone hates me from a mile away.”
  • “Yet. So you’ve sent someone to rescue Flora, then. Good.”
  • “Even terrible people can have a conscience, Franz.”
  • “I’m representing my companion’s interests.”
  • “You’re going to lie anyway. Say what you want. He escaped. I made sure he’d escaped.”
  • “Stephan! How did you…I was so worried about you.”
  • “He’s not doing anything illegal. He can fuck all the little boys he wants up where slavery is allowed. Even if he couldn’t, he’s too rich for the guard to stop.”
  • “I didn’t realize that masters did things like that for their slaves. From what we’ve heard, they don’t do much for you up here.”
  • “There are some slaves in the south as well. It’s dying out most places, but it still exists. It’s not the same as up here, though. Slaves have a lot more rights, they can go to court if they’re mistreated, and they’re only enslaved long enough to work off the amount that it cost someone to buy them.”
  • “We don’t know anything about Cyrus’s plan. We just work for him. If you want to ask about the things he asked you to do, you’ll have to talk to him.”


  • Neville never gets dressed until he’s dressed Stephan; he likes their outfits to complement each other
  • When Neville was eight, he ran a knife across a hundred-year-old painting of Stephan’s great-grandfather, because it was hung around a corner and always startled Stephan when he saw it. Nobody ever found out it was him who destroyed the painting
  • Like all companions, Neville was comprehensively educated in sex when he and Stephan were first discovered experimenting when they were ten. His education had begun two years before that when Stephan’s father’s companion Olivar started including sex in his private lessons, telling him that was how companions were educated
  • Over his time as Stephan’s companion, Neville has quietly gotten over a dozen staff fired for things like making Stephan’s bathwater the wrong temperature or cooking food Stephan didn’t like
  • Neville keeps a small box under his bed with a few knives and a few jars of poison and antidote, just in case he ever needs them
  • Fucking Stephan and then putting a butt plug in him so he has Neville’s cum inside him all day is Neville’s favourite thing to do
  • Neville has never been to Bevia, where his mother’s family is from, but sometimes he thinks about going to live there on a small island with just him and Stephan, and thinks that would make them both happy
  • Being in the north, Neville has found he quite likes snow
  • Neville doesn’t mind getting fucked by a dragon three times a day, but he does enjoy watching it happen to Stephan and, to a lesser extent, to the others. He really wants to watch it happen to Hugh, but not as much as he wants Hugh to start sleeping in his bed
  • Neville has always wanted to visit the Empire, just to see what it’s really like

Modern AU: Modern Neville grew up as Stephan’s best friend and then became his personal assistant once they were old enough, because Stephan needed one and Neville didn’t trust anyone else not to try and micromanage Stephan’s life. During Stephan’s brief tenure as mayor, Neville helped him implement several of his dream policies, before politics forced him to resign. The two of them got involved in trying to clean up organized crime and are now in unofficial witness protection with someone involved in a lot of organized crime, but they’re doing good work and Stephan is safe, so Neville is happy. When he’s not protecting Stephan or saving people, Neville is a physics major at his local university, and he also plays in a heavy metal band, and enjoys walking through urban areas and binge-watching prestige television.

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