Character Profile: Javier

Name: Javier Wettel

Aliases/AKAs: Omelet

Title(s): Companion to Geoffrey DiSheere

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Build: Skinny

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Geoffrey DiSheere (companion), Janus DiCrawe (companion’s husband), Dalton (companion’s husband’s companion), various noble boys and their companions (fellow hostages), Arianne (ex-girlfriend)

Family Relationships: Josef and Elle Wettel (parents), Earl and Jorge Wettel (brothers), Uster, Alfie (other DiSheere companions), Diego the Short, Giacomo DiSheere (companion’s brothers)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Missionary

Kinks: Blindfolds, underwater sex

Orgies Attended: Giacomo’s Sleepover Orgy, House DiSheere Hostage Orgies

Bio: Born to the former mayor of Ginsm and his accountant, Javier and his family fled Ech’kent not long after the Sorcerer King invaded. They ended up in the city of Demlin’s Wake, where his parents got jobs working for House DiSheere and, shortly after, Javier was selected to be Geoffrey DiSheere’s companion. Very shortly after that, Lord Gerhard took his children and moved to Hawk’s Roost, and Javier was separated from his family. He grew up in the DiSheere house in the capital, supporting Geoffrey and the family through considerably more than he bargained for. He has no regrets, though, and wants to continue supporting Geoffrey and protecting him from as many people as he can—including Geoffrey himself.


  • Javier doesn’t write to his family as often as he knows he should, but he never knows what to say to them
  • When he was young, Javier didn’t like Giacomo much and tried to encourage Geoffrey not to pursue him sexually. When he realized Geoffrey wasn’t going to be swayed and that Giacomo enjoyed the attention, Javier chose to support them and he grew to like Giacomo because of how happy he made Geoffrey
  • Javier has lived his life with a severe anxiety disorder that causes panic attacks when he gets too anxious. Loud noises, especially shouting, are a common trigger for him, but he’s also triggered by other people’s anger or frustration, and by his own feelings of failure
  • Javier has a very close relationship with Giacomo’s companion Alfie, and considers him like a little brother
  • Javier always hated the way Gerhard treated Geoffrey, and privately wasn’t upset at all when he died
  • Javier has taught himself to be okay with a lot of things he didn’t originally like, mostly things that Geoffrey likes sexually, and he sometimes worries that he’s a bad person because of that
  • Javier dated Christina DeThane’s companion Arianne for half a year, starting before Christina and Geoffrey were courting. They broke up about three weeks before Stephan’s coup, but decided not to tell Christina and Geoffrey that
  • Despite what everyone said, Javier liked Stephan Fyrhawk, thought he would be a good partner for Geoffrey and thought he would be a good king
  • Javier is frequently afraid that the Sorcerer King is going to and invade outside the plateau, because he knows Demlin’s Wake is the first place he’d go. He is a rare native of Ech’kent who believes things would be better there if the Kyainese crown took more direct control of the region
  • Increasingly Javier realizes that in addition to protecting Geoffrey, he also has to protect people, particularly young boys, from Geoffrey. He still hopes that he can teach Geoffrey not to be a danger to the people around him


  • “They’re going to be closing the gates soon. I’m sorry, but there’s no time for a long goodbye.”
  • “I…I fucking lost Stephan, Geoffrey.”
  • “I could be a lot fucking better.”
  • “You were always going to have to marry someone eventually.”
  • “We don’t have to if you really don’t want it. But you know when Giacomo gets back and finds out that you didn’t have sex the whole time he was gone, he’s going to headbutt you in the balls.”
  • “You’re a fucking idiot. Don’t you dare be an asshole to Janus or I’ll cut your dick off, and not in the fun way.”
  • “Alfie wouldn’t have betrayed us unless he had a really good reason.”
  • “Yeah, what the fuck, Geoffrey? I come in here and find you groping a servant while he tries to run away?”
  • “No. No excuses, Geoffrey. You’re being an asshole, full stop.”
  • “I know. I…I don’t believe you, right now. But I probably will later.”
  • “You’re going to kill her, aren’t you?”
  • “It’s okay, it’s over now. You can come inside, come on.”
  • “I’ve known you your whole life and it’s given me more time to love you, Geoffrey.”
  • “I know something that I think you should know but I also don’t think it’s a good idea to tell you.”


  • Chez’n was Javier’s first language, but his ability to speak it has diminished the longer he’s been away from the plateau
  • Javier is nervous around most animals, but he does think rats are cute
  • Javier’s first sexual experience was playing a game with Geoffrey where they started wrestling, then started rubbing their dicks together when they realized it felt nice, then kept going until they fell asleep
  • Javier prefers to wear northern smallclothes, but mostly wears loincloths because they’re easier to find in Kyaine
  • Instead of getting the sex talk from a servant, Javier got it from Gerhard himself, in a shared bath where Gerhard explained many things to him in graphic detail. Gerhard didn’t touch Javier, but the erection he had through the whole talk made Javier very uncomfortable. When it was time for Alfie to have the talk, Javier had it with him first so Gerhard wouldn’t have an excuse to
  • It was a year into Geoffrey’s relationship with Giacomo before Javier participated in sex with Giacomo or Alfie
  • Javier can’t eat sweets, even a little bit of them upsets his stomach
  • Javier once accidentally got stuck in the DiSheere cellar for a whole day during a game of hide and seek with Geoffrey, during which he found a secret tunnel. When he went back with Geoffrey to explore it later, he couldn’t find the tunnel entrance
  • Though most of Javier’s sex is with boys, he has a slight preference for girls. He and Arianne had a great deal of sex when they were together, and his other two relationships outside the DiSheere family have both been with girls as well
  • Javier would have liked to be a wrestler if his life had been different, though he thinks he probably would have been too scared to be good at it

Modern AU: Modern Javier is the HR manager for DiSheere Aeronautics, a job he feels very underqualified for but was given because he’s the CEO’s best friend. But regardless of his qualifications, nobody has been able to complain about the quality of his work, especially the rigour in his hiring process. He is also an amateur wrestler, which he’s quite good at, and a cooking hobbyist who sporadically makes YouTube cooking tutorials, though he’s never sure if people watch them because his recipes are good or because he does the videos in his underwear. Though he lives with his family, he spends most of his time at Geoffrey’s house, hanging out with him and his other friends. He also enjoys painting, long-distance running and has fourteen pet rats.

2 thoughts on “Character Profile: Javier

  1. oh wow, so javier really is one of the few characters who recognises that pedophilia is bad, that consent is important, and that insest is incredibly distasfeful? kind of disappointing that he seems to be one of the very few good people in geoffrey’s life (which is really saying something) and is pretty much in charge of keeping geoffrey from being a complete dick on top of his normal companion-y duties


    1. He really is! He has a lot of what might be called normal opinions about sexual boundaries, which makes him not the kind of person Noble really focuses much on, haha. I think he might be the only person in Geoffrey’s life who fits that criteria, to be honest. It’s definitely not fair that in addition to all his companion duties (which have themselves increased lately thanks to all the political stuff going on), he also has to be the only person keeping Geoffrey acting like some semblance of a person. Maybe someday he’ll get his wish and Geoffrey will just start acting better all on his own, who knows?



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