Villager, 11

Not Every Small Town Villager Is Destined to Be a Hero, But That Doesn’t Make Their Adventures Any Less Grand

Here we are at the final chapter of this story! Thanks to everyone who read it, everyone who voted for it on Patreon, and everyone in general! I hope you all enjoyed Odin’s adventure!

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“Hey,” said Murph, arms wrapping around Odin from behind.

“Hey!” Odin hadn’t noticed Murph there in the kitchen, and he dropped the glass he was holding.

Murph’s hands were already there to catch it, and he sat it on the counter as he kissed Odin’s neck. “Hey,” he said again. “I had a feeling you might be horny, so I came to see if you were.”

“Mm,” Odin agreed, liking Murph’s hands on his mostly bare chest. “Yeah, I am, actually.”

“Great, me too,” Murph said. Odin decided that as Murph’s pretend boyfriend, not mentioning that he already knew that because he could feel Murph’s boner grinding against his ass was the right call. He started undoing Odin’s pants, and Odin helped by pushing them down. “Turn around?”

Odin nodded, doing that so he could also undo Murph’s pants. “Hey, uh, I was thinking.”

“Yeah?” Murph asked, busy taking off his shirt. “What about?”

“I was wondering if maybe sometime when we have sex if you’d maybe want to be on top?” Odin asked, all at once. “Just if you want to and I mean I really like being on top and everything and I don’t want you to think I’m getting bored because I’m not but also I’ve never been on bottom before and it would be cool if my first time was with you is all but if you’d rather…”

Murph kissed Odin, so Odin stopped talking, and then he was backed up against the counter. “I think that’s a great idea,” said Murph, who possessed the superhuman ability to talk between kisses, which was way cooler than Odin’s dragon horns.

It had turned out that Grandpa Lionel was a secret dragon who’d been living as a human in Great Scar for decades, and Odin was the only one of his descendants who’d inherited any draconic traits. Which seemed fake to Odin, but he was willing to roll with it because it felt really nice when Murph touched his horns, which he was doing while they kissed.

He stopped doing that to hoist Odin up onto the counter, grabbing a bottle of cooking oil and haphazardly pouring way too much on his dick. “Maybe we could do it now if you want?” he asked.

Odin nodded, thinking that now was one of the times when that would be an awesome thing to do, yes. Also maybe all the other times, but Odin would bring that up when those happened.

Since the oil was already on Murph’s dick all that was left was the part where there was fucking, and Odin thought that should take a long time, even though actually he was at work so they had to do it fast. Someone, he thought, as Murph spread oil on Odin’s hole and poked his fingers inside to get him ready, should invent a word for when people had sex quickly because they didn’t have a lot of time. Maybe like…fastball. That would be good, because the balls were moving fast. Odin liked that, and wow, Murph’s dick was pressed against his asshole now, when had that happened?

Well it was happening now and it was awesome, and then it went inside and that was even more awesome, like actually the best thing that had ever happened to Odin’s asshole and maybe the rest of his body too, definitely way better than when he’d been stabbed a few weeks ago, that had easily been the worst penetration ever whereas this was easily the best. He put his arms around Murph’s neck, trusting Murph to hold him up, which Murph did, one hand on his back and the other on one of Odin’s horns, feeling all the ridges slowly and sending pulses of happy through Odin’s body as he did it.

Odin’s happy was leaking right out his dick onto Murph’s belly, and that rubbing also felt awesome. He felt awesome everywhere, actually, it was kind of amazing. Well, actually if he was being super honest Murph’s dick in his ass felt good and okay but not necessarily awesome, but that just told Odin that he needed more practice, and he’d make sure to get it every day forever from now on. Odin felt so good everywhere that he couldn’t help but cum even before Murph did, which he decided was impressive since Murph was the one fucking him, which usually also felt amazing and Odin knew that from experience and also short term memory because he’d just fucked Murph at breakfast all three of those long hours ago.

And when Murph did cum, he did it with his face buried in Odin’s neck, and that was a really nice thing that Odin liked a lot, so Odin rested his own head on Murph’s shoulder, taking in his scent just above the most recent bite mark he’d given Murph.

Odin could have just rested there for hours, but someone cleared their throat and he had to look up. “Oh. Hi.”

“Hi,” said Paulie, which had turned out to be what Crossbones’s real name was. He was growing his hair out and wearing a shirt with sleeves under his apron, but he was still scowling a little bit. All the Brotherhood of the Wrinkle guys had been given lodging and food in Great Scar so they didn’t die, and also jobs so they could pay back their debt to society. After they’d all gotten their big spanking in the town square and apologized to everyone, nobody was really mad at them anymore, but Paulie still sometimes acted like people were. “I came to get those glasses you were getting. A half hour ago.”

“Oh, right!” Odin nodded, pointing at them on the counter. “They’re right here. Sorry, I got distracted having sex with my boyfriend. I’ll grab them…”

“I’ll get them,” Paulie muttered, just coming over and grabbing them all easily. “How did you run this place before I was here to do all the work for you?”

Odin shrugged as Murph let him down. “Badly?” he said, taking a dish rag and using it to wipe them clean.

Paulie rolled his eyes. “Don’t put that back in the sink, you loser,” he muttered, then he yelped. “Ow! Don’t hit me!”

“It’s not hitting, it’s spanking,” Pierre said, appearing from behind Paulie. “It’s disciplinary. Go take those to the bar.”

“I’m going, I’m going,” Paulie said, sighing as he left the kitchen. He wasn’t a bad kid. Just an orphan who hadn’t been able to find somewhere to keep him warm and fed. He had those things in Great Scar now. They all did. And Odin thought maybe they’d remember how to be happy soon.

Pierre sighed, shaking his head. “Honestly, I take my eyes off him for a second and he’s in here slacking. Odin, you’re supposed to go to dragon lessons with Grandpa, remember?”

Odin did remember now that Pierre had said that, and he stepped back into his pants and pulled them up, grateful that he didn’t have to wear shirts anymore ever since he’d torn four in a row trying to get them over his horns. “I’m going.” Hopefully this time Grandpa Lionel would be dressed. And not in the middle of having sex with Grandma Ophelia on their kitchen table. Last time he’d asked Odin if he wanted to go next and Odin wasn’t totally sure he’d been joking. Then he’d thrown Odin off a roof to see if he’d grow wings, which Odin hadn’t.

“Good. I’ll keep things under control here,” Pierre said, flexing his arm. He’d also stopped wearing shirts, because he said if Odin didn’t have to, neither did he. Which now that Odin thought about it, also explained why he’d spent the whole week trying to convince Odin to stop wearing pants too.

“Don’t hit Paulie too much,” Odin said, patting Pierre’s head. “He’s sensitive.”

“I know, I know.” Pierre rolled his eyes. “I know how to micromanage an older boy’s life, Odin.”

Odin chuckled, and Murph patted Pierre’s back. “You sure do.”

Pierre nodded. “Hey, speaking of that, uh. I’m really happy you guys are dating now and everything and I’m glad you’re happy. But it’s been like two weeks and I was just wondering if you’re planning to only fuck each other or if I can be there sometimes? It’s okay if I can’t, but…”

Odin took a cue from the smartest person he knew and kissed Pierre to shut him up. “Sure you can,” he promised. He didn’t want Pierre to feel left out. He was one of the most special people Odin knew and there was more than enough dick to share with him. And more than enough feelings too.

“How about we all have a bath tonight after supper?” Murph suggested, giving Pierre the horny looks he deserved.

Pierre beamed, and even if he hadn’t gotten any of the dragon traits, he’d still gotten all the cute ones. “Okay! I love you guys!”

“We love you too,” Odin promised. Pierre darted out of the kitchen.

Odin grinned and took Murph’s hand, following him. The common room was pretty full, but Paulie was doing a good job keeping everyone happy. Rodrigue and Lev came up to them. “There you are, son,” Rodrigue said, patting Murph’s shoulder. “Sorry, Odin, hate to cut in on boyfriend time, but he’s in the middle of daddy time.”

“Dad,” Murph said, going red.

Don’t try to weasel out of your share, Murph, said Lev. We’ve all got a lot of pounding and hammering to do. Come on. Odin can come too, if he wants.

Thanks, said Odin. But I have to go do dragon stuff. Maybe next time.

Sure. Once the house is built you’ll have to come over for supper at least, and let us stuff you.

“Promise,” said Odin, with a chuckle.

“Okay I’ll be there in a second, bye, Dad!” Murph pulled Odin over to the front door, sighing. “You know, they really do mean it. You’re totally invited to come to our family gangbangs whenever you want.”

Odin nodded. He did know that. They’d made him feel super welcome in their family. “Thanks, that means a lot to me. Hey…” he trailed off at a crash. Paulie had dropped a glass, and was looking really embarrassed. But Pierre was already all over it, pointing him to the broom.

“He’ll get the hang of it,” Murph said.

“Yeah, breaking stuff gets a lot easier the more you do it,” Odin agreed, focusing his attention back where it belonged. “Anyway, uh. I was going to say, I was thinking about how we’re pretending to be boyfriends.”


“Yeah. And like, I don’t know. I feel like it’s super mean to be lying to everyone?” Odin asked.

“Oh.” Murph looked at his feet. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Yeah. But it would also be so awkward to tell everyone we lied, so I was thinking maybe we could just actually be boyfriends? Then nobody will ever know and everything will be fine.”

“Oh!” Murph smiled now, putting his arms around Odin. “Odin, you’re a genius! Yeah, let’s do that!”

“Awesome,” Odin said, hugging Murph back. “Because, uh, I love you.” Which he’d already said before, but when he’d been bleeding to death, and this time he was saying it with all his blood in his body.

“I love you too, Odin,” Murph said, and he kissed Odin. There was a spring breeze coming in through the front door. People were talking and laughing. Everyone in Great Scar was happy.

Murph may not have come to take Odin away on a huge adventure, but Odin was having the very best adventure he could possibly want, right here at home.

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