Character Profile: Janus

Name: Janus of House DiCrawe, Janus DiCrawe (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Blank Cheque

Title(s): Lord of the Bone Way

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Build: Tall, sturdy

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Geoffrey of House DiSheere (husband), Dalton (companion), Javier Wettel (husband’s companion), other noble boys of Kyaine (fellow hostages)

Family Relationships: Jasmine and Heinrich DiCrawe (parents, deceased), Hester DiCrawe (sister, deceased as an infant), Johannes and Tarmon DiSenne (uncles), Hoster and Katarine Ochkar (uncle and aunt, deceased), Kristophe Ochkar, Julio, Jean and Tato DiSenne (cousins), Alejandra and Luis (parents’ companions), Diego the Short, Giacomo of House DiGorre (brothers-in-law)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Atop a tied up partner, on the floor

Kinks: Bondage, incest, voyeurism, helplessness, blindfolds, anonymous sex, pimping his partner out, humiliation, public sex

Orgies Attended: Giacomo’s Sleepover Orgy, House DiSheere Hostage Orgies, High Summer Service Orgies

Bio: The only child of the former ruler of House DiCrawe to survive infancy, Janus grew up poised to inherit his mother’s lands and titles, which he did at a much younger age than he expected when she succumbed to brain cancer. With his father having also died at a young age, Janus was left having to control his family’s fortunes, and ended up drawn into the web of national politics by a usurper king who wanted his help, and got stuck amid the nation’s scheming nobles. Having schemed his way into a marriage with his favourite of those nobles, Janus is now a hostage to the crown, managing his affairs and lands—and the other nobility surrounding his lands—from afar and trying to keep his husband alive, healthy and safe from another would-be usurper king.


  • House DiCrawe’s lands are primarily farmlands that contain a quarter of Kyaine’s coffee crop, but they are also known for breeding warhorses
  • Janus has known Stephan Fyrhawk since he was a little boy. As soon as he heard Stephan had become king, he knew it wouldn’t last and that he had to side against him
  • Once Janus took over House DiCrawe, the first thing he did was hire spies to find out dirt about every other southern noble family, and begin blackmailing all their leaders. He now has more power than any other southern lord save Sophia Fyrhawk, though he has sufficient dirt to blackmail her too if it comes to it
  • House DiCrawe’s lands contain the most enslaved people per capita anywhere in Kyaine, and Janus grew up owning slaves, and still owns over a dozen, though most of them are still in the south  
  • The thing that first attracted Janus to Giacomo was his brazen sexuality. The thing that first attracted him to Geoffrey was his bravery at the banquet where he protected Flora DiGorre
  • Janus claims not to remember his father, but he does, in considerable detail
  • House DiCrawe has no other members who can take over in the event of Janus’s death, only Janus’s cousins and second cousins who are all members of other families. He is extremely aware of this information at all times. His marriage contract with Geoffrey states that their first child will be the heir to House DiSheere and the second will be heir to House DiCrawe. Only once their second child comes of age and can take over House DiCrawe will Janus’s name change to Janus of House DiSheere
  • A year ago, Janus was accused of impregnating a female slave. Because that meant the child was theoretically the heir to House DiCrawe, considerable tests were performed to prove the veracity of their claim. These tests proved Janus to be permanently infertile
  • Not long ago, Janus’s mother and Dalton Fyrhawk were in talks to marry Janus and Sophia to each other. These talks halted when Dalton and then Janus’s mother died, and Sophia showed no interest in Janus’s attempts to resume them
  • Janus thinks Geoffrey should be king. This is at war with his ideal vision of the future, in which he and Geoffrey live in a manor in the countryside and never engage with politics again


  • “I’m sure you probably don’t want to waste your whole night talking to me, my king.”
  • “Whatever you’re planning to do…we’d like in.”
  • “Do we have to do the thing where we act like neither of us knows what we’re talking about? I find that kind of tiring.”
  • “I’ve been known to be persuasive.”
  • “It’s pretty great. We’re really good at chastity.”
  • “If people are screaming that means something dangerous is happening. You want to rush out there in your skin without even a boner to fight with?”
  • “Excuse me? How we’re going to pay? We’ve been protecting the queen from the usurper. You expect us to apologize to him?”
  • “You want to stop being an asshole?”
  • “I know you don’t love me. And I don’t think I love you either. And I know you think I only married you for the politics and to get close to Giacomo. But honestly, I only became friends with Giacomo because I had a crush on you.”
  • “I’ve always wanted a cool older brother. I guess I idolized you a little. I really like you a lot, Geoffrey. And you were being an asshole lately, and that made it a lot harder to like you. But it made me realize that I still wanted to like you, the real you, not the version of you I’d invented in my mind before we knew each other. And I want you to like me too. Which maybe is selfish, but I want you to like me as much as I like you. I know you love Giacomo more than anyone, and I know we’re already married, but I can’t spend my whole life wishing that you cared about me.”
  • “I’m the one who sold you out to Giacomo. I agreed to let him kidnap you so the war would end. He, he promised he wouldn’t hurt you, Geoffrey. I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “You don’t have to be gentle. He likes it that way.”


  • At Janus’s father’s funeral, a little commoner boy threw a rock at the coffin during the procession. Janus made a point of finding him, and rapidly became best friends with him. He is rare among Kyainese nobles in that he chose his own companion in Dalton
  • Janus always found it funny that slaves were forbidden clothing, and when he was young, he used to like going up to slaves while they were working and touching them everywhere because they weren’t allowed to make him stop
  • Due to his absence of a father, Janus’s mother made sure he had male role models amongst their household slaves. She even got two of them to teach Janus about sex. When Janus ordered them to teach him everything about sex, including all the things he’d seen his father doing to different little boys, the two slaves very thoroughly educated him in it, following his orders and his mother’s. Janus was pretty sure he didn’t enjoy it, but made the two slaves do it with him and Dalton the next day just to make sure. Then, a week later, he made them to it to an enslaved boy in the house, who happened to be one of their sons
  • When Dalton discovered his love of being tied up, Janus was fully supportive, as he had discovered his love of tying Dalton up. They particularly enjoy having others fuck Dalton while he’s tied up, sometimes without telling him who they are
  • House DiCrawe’s main manor is outside a small town called Costla. Janus doesn’t like big cities, especially Hawk’s Roost
  • Janus’s mother once wanted him to get a real sense of what the people in their protection did for a living, so he was sent to pick coffee beans during a harvest one year. Some of his household slaves went with him and after they spread the word about what he was like at home, everyone there decided Janus was bad at picking coffee beans and assigned him the role of the farm’s pleasure boy. Though he objected, Janus fulfilled his role perfectly for six weeks, and reported to his mother his new understanding of hard work
  • Janus has multicoloured loincloths that he likes to match with his shirts. He’s a bit sad that he can’t have any of them as Giacomo’s hostage
  • Janus’s favourite place in the world is an island in his territory called Wok’s Beach, which is sandy, has some light tree cover but no dangerous wildlife, and is uninhabited. He likes to vacation there because he can do whatever he wants
  • Janus loved Giacomo’s parties and sex with him was great, but Geoffrey is the person Janus feels is really his equal in depravity. He hasn’t quite worked up the courage to admit that to Geoffrey yet
  • Janus has regular sex dreams about being fucked by four-legged, dark-skinned monsters

Modern AU: Modern Janus is the heir to Craw, Inc, a conglomerate that supplies most of the North American market with coffee and other agricultural products. His mother’s will stipulated that he would take over the company upon coming of age or upon getting engaged, so he got engaged to Geoffrey DiSheere to avoid his distant relatives taking over the company. Though the wedding can’t happen for a while, Janus spends almost all his time living in Geoffrey’s house and sleeps in Geoffrey’s bed. When he’s not keeping the world awake or supplying necessary food products to them, Janus likes to knit, interfere in local elections, convince his friends to engage in extreme kink with him, and ballroom dance.

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