Character Profile: Elias

Name: Elias Aerchon

Aliases/AKAs: Frankie, Wire Sail

Title(s): Fleet Admiral of the Dolovin Navy

Hair Colour: Grey

Eye Colour: Blue

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 74.2 kg

Build: Sturdy, wiry

Distinguishing Marks: Knife tattoo on his left pectoral

Dick Size: Very large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Callum of Shasta’s River (husband, deceased)

Family Relationships: Esther of Knoll’s Hill (mother, deceased), Cecil of Knoll’s hill (brother, deceased), Adrian of South Port (master/mentor, deceased), The Dolovin Navy (found family)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Preferred Positions: Seated

Kinks: Watersports, feet, somnophilia

Orgies Attended: The Big White Cape Fuckfest, Offshore Naval Orgies

Bio: Born in a poor area of White Cape to a drug dealer, Elias grew up roughly, rebuffing all attempts to sort him out. He had a history of violence and aggression, and was addicted to different drugs from a young age. He had various habits including stealing, breaking into people’s houses, hitting people he didn’t like, and touching people sexually in their sleep without their permission. After his seventh arrest, Elias mouthed off to the wrong prisoners and was nearly killed in prison. After that, he decided to turn his life around, stopped doing drugs and hurting people, got an apprenticeship with a shipwright who was willing to give him a chance, and ultimately joined the Dolovin navy. Elias’s career in the navy was marked by several commendations for bravery and valour, a series of rapid promotions, and a short-lived marriage to another officer named Callum, who died in the battle with several pirate ships, after which Elias was promoted to vice-admiral. As the threat of Imperial aggression grew larger, Elias grew more and more concerned, and took as many steps as possible to focus the navy on eventually combatting it once he was given command of the whole navy, even allying himself with the Sorcerer King to do so. The experiments he participated in were discovered by Gavin ven Sancte, who arrested him. Elias plans to use his trial to convince everyone that he was right to do what he did.


  • Elias cannot remember a time in his life when he didn’t know how to use a knife. He was in regular fights by the time he was eight years old
  • Elias nearly died when he was beaten in his prison cell as a boy. He believes the only reason he survived is because God thought he was worth giving a second chance to
  • After he decided to turn his life around, Adrian was the only person willing to take a chance on Elias. Elias never forgot the care Adrian showed for someone he didn’t even know, and resolved always to take chances on people when he could
  • Elias decided to join the navy after hearing that a trio of merchant ships, one of which had been constructed by Adrian, had been sunk by pirates
  • Callum was the morale officer on the first ship Elias was assigned to, and Elias thought Callum hated him for the first six months, because it took Elias that long to fuck him
  • Elias and Callum were married two days after he received his captaincy, and Elias made Callum his quartermaster. Callum died in combat against a pirate fleet fifteen years later
  • As a captain, Elias had tense stand-offs with Imperial ships no less than ten times, which became more frequent as the years went on. He has noticed an increase in pirates speaking Gronnde in the last fifteen years
  • Elias met the Sorcerer King shortly before he was promoted to full admiral, and came to agree with his plan very quickly, believing that giving people extra-human abilities would be the best way to combat the military might of the Empire
  • Elias spent his admirality overseeing a huge restructuring, rebuilding and re-training effort focused on combatting the Imperial navy for when it inevitably came to war between them and Dolovai
  • Elias does believe that he deserves to be punished for what he’s done. He also believes that what he’s done was the right thing to do


  • “You may continue to protest if you wish, but the decision has been made. If you have an issue, appeal to a higher authority than I.”
  • “There is a battle going on, your Highness,”
  • “That was the plan?”
  • “I see. In that case, thank you for your help, Sir Edwin.”
  • “I have every faith that you’d have managed to commandeer a pirate ship, your Highness.”
  • “It seems far more appropriate for the prince to remain on the Queen Geneva.”
  • “We should be back in Pelican Bay within the week.”
  • “I daresay a few of my marines would pose a challenge for Sir Owen.”
  • “The work that was being done down there may have been distasteful, but it was for the security of Dolovai.”
  • “Scarcely innocent. They were taken from stockades and jails. If they were going to be reprobates, at least they could be useful reprobates. It’s no different than putting prisoners to work hauling logs or digging in mines.”
  • “You’re young, your Highness. Youth breeds idealism. I too would have liked to think this was unnecessary at your age. I suspect your father will see this my way.”
  • “Who sent you?”
  • “I have no regrets. And if I had the chance I’d continue the experiment. Start it again, even.”
  • “Sometimes, a thing needs to be damaged to realize how to repair itself.”


  • Elias doesn’t know who his father was, which bothered him because he did know Cecil’s father, a local guard sergeant. Esther only told Elias his father was a travelling mercenary who rescued her one day and who she fucked in exchange
  • Elias’s mother wouldn’t give or sell him drugs, but she never stopped him from getting them elsewhere
  • Elias used to see people fucking in alleys and whatnot when he was very young. When he got interested in sex, he decided the easiest person to try it on was Cecil, and the easiest way to do it was to wait until Cecil was sleeping. When he started wanting to fuck Cecil, Elias started drugging him so he’d sleep deeper. His mother came home early one night and caught him doing this, kicking him out of the house
  • Two months after being kicked out, Elias was surrounded and nearly beaten up by some older boys he’d stolen from. He staved them off beating him up by letting them gangbang him in a church
  • Given all the sexual misadventures in his youth, Elias often wonders if he has illegitimate children. He has made a point of never finding out
  • As Adrian’s apprentice, Elias did, of course, have sex with him, but only a few times, and mostly because Adrian was trying without much success to convince Elias that it was still okay for him to enjoy himself, a lesson it took him meeting Callum to internalize
  • Elias received a captaincy of his own ship at the age of twenty-six, making him one of the youngest captains in the history of the Dolovin navy
  • It took Callum six months of dating Elias to get him to loosen up, have sex where people could see (sometimes), admit when he was horny (always), and attend ship orgies (monthly). When they married, however, Callum requested that they be monogamous—with the (weekly) exception of any morale officers the ship might have
  • Elias has a deadly peanut allergy, which he discovered when he was eleven and broke out into a rash when he touched a peanut
  • The only strikes on Elias’s naval record were uniform code violations for not wearing smallclothes, which he’d always hated. When he became admiral, the first thing he did was revise the uniform code so it no longer required them

Modern AU: Modern Elias is an admiral in the Canadian navy, who works mostly in politics, advising the minister of defence and prime minister about matters of naval security. Recently, his connections to certain mob bosses have come to light, leading to his arrest and court-martial, which has become a highly-publicized media sensation and has thrown much of the advice he has given to various politicians into serious doubt, despite the apparently spotless record he had prior to his arrest, and the apparent benefits to national defence his advice had. Prior to his incarceration, Elias spent most of his time working, but when he wasn’t doing that or committing crimes, he enjoyed recreational sailing, building boats, tacky legal dramas and opera.

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