Requests Are Now Open!

Hey guys! I’m ready to re-open requests, but to make the process easier for everyone, myself included, I got a friend to provide me a template to put some rules into!

📜Silas’s Standards for Safe Scribery📜:

It turns out there’s no school for scribery or safe, sane, and consensual play, which is pretty messed up. Boey is probably going to fix both of those things soon, but there’s no reason I can’t practice writing public policy now! Frederick helped me write these and I helped him spell a couple words nobody’s ever said to him, like “unsatisfied” and “tired,” so I think they ended up in just about the perfect place. I’m sure there are a lot of scribes out there who would benefit from using mine as a template, but that’s all it is! Customize it for what works for you and your readership. Anyway, the rules start below:

As of now, I, AntagonizedPenguin, am re-open for requests. But as of today, the 12th of May, the below new Request Rules also go into effect: 

🛑Red🛑 Rules

1. There are a lot of people to please, so everyone can only have their names on my ‘dance’ card five times max. This is a hard limit. If you already have five requests that haven’t yet been filled, all I can put out beyond that is a rain check until I’ve filled some of your other requests.

2. I’m the life of the party and I want everyone to have fun! After three rounds with the same person, I kind of want to move on to someone else for a while. Please don’t make more than three requests at a time, thanks! 

3. A good short session is a lot better than one that goes too long; if your idea is so deep it requires multiple Moments to fill it all the way, you’re going to have to make it over multiple requests. Please don’t make a multi-part request as one request, unless you want me to leave you unsatisfied by only writing one part.

4. Just because a rule isn’t on this list doesn’t mean I don’t have other boundaries! I reserve the right to reject requests that don’t work for me. Please don’t ask me to explain myself if I reject your request, because I won’t! 

5. I’m very versatile, but that doesn’t mean I’m into everything! I only write requests for content related to How Best to Use a Sword and my characters that live there. My other stories didn’t consent to participate in this scene!

6. Threeways are fun! I also reserve the right to pair up and merge any two (or more!) ideas on my list that seem like they’d click.

🟡Yellow🟡 Guidelines

A. I’m not that into longer sessions? They’re fun sometimes, but the best Moments are less than a thousand words and work in isolation, so as Gus always does with his paddle, please keep things moving and avoid making an overly sore spot.

B. My AUs are my favourite toys, and I love knowing you had fun watching me get into them! But sometimes when I get a lot of requests for sequels in a row, I get tired out. If you ask me for a sequel to something and I’m not feeling it that night, I might ask you to hold onto the idea for a while and make sure you really want to try that one again more than something new! 

💚Greens💚 I’m Into

α. I’m into knowing what you’re into! The clearer you are, the more fun we’ll both have! Just be careful, if you’re really detailed and I start to think your idea is going to wear me out, I’m likely to skip parts of it! I get around, but I mean I write ten Moments and six chapters a week, one hour per Moment is all I have!

β. I really like knowing what characters you like! I can work with requests that are for “any characters I want” if I have to, but I have to make a lot of decisions every day; I’d really prefer if you made this one for me! That said, requests that are just for concepts or to see new parts of the polyverse are also fun, so you shouldn’t feel shy about making those if you want to! 

ω. Shame is for the straights, so don’t be afraid to get freaky! I love creativity and Nova is huge and full of people, and it’s surrounded by a massive polyverse where anything is possible! The stuff you request doesn’t have to be even close to the canon of vers-0, because it takes an infinite amount of them to contain all possible Good Content™! I’d never kinkshame you for requesting to see Owen and Gavin fuck again if that’s your jam (or for anything else, for that matter)! But don’t feel bad about asking for something that we’d never get to see in the main storyline! 

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