Gavin/Lloyd’s Boys/James, First

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Brat was in a bad mood, but he was hiding it well and that was all that mattered.

“You’re doing it wrong,” he told Lloyd, one of Sir’s new boys. They were weeding the garden together and Brat was in charge because he’d been here the longest, obviously. “Don’t just pull out huge clumps. Pay attention to what you’re doing.”

“Sorry,” Lloyd said. He still had a person name, and Brat didn’t know why. Sir was always right, so probably it just meant he wasn’t worth caring for.

Brat ignored him and went over to Ven, who was weeding near Sparky. “Be more gentle,” he said, arms crossed. “You’re bumping into the plants.”

“Sorry,” Ven said, less contritely than Lloyd had. Brat narrowed his eyes. All of the new boys were hot, muscular mercenary types, and he really liked looking at them while they worked. Sir had promised that if they did a good job weeding the garden, he could have sex with them today. So he was making sure they did a really good job. But they also had to get along, so he was making sure that happened too.

So he didn’t say anything, since Ven had apologized. He looked to make sure the others were doing well. Andy was just sitting there not working. “What are you doing?”

“Just taking a break.”

“No,” Brat told him, pointing at the weeds. “Get back to work and stop being lazy.”

Sir’s hand appeared on his shoulder and Brat turned around, a grin coming to his face even before his knees hit the ground. “Hello, Sir.”

“Hi,” said Sir, hand moving to Brat’s head. “Are you all getting along?”

“Yes, Sir,” Brat said, before anyone else could answer. “And we’re almost done the garden.”

“I see that, and it wasn’t what I asked. It sounds to me like you’re being bossy.”

Brat scowled, looking at the dirt. “I’m not being bossy. I’m making sure everyone does a good job.”

“I’m sure you are. But it’s not your job to tell your friends what to do.”

They weren’t Brat’s friends. They were just the other boys who lived here. “I know that.” The silence from above him made it clear that he’d made a mistake, and Brat closed his eyes. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You always are,” Sir sighed. “After you misbehave. Okay, boys, come over here. You’ve all been doing a good job today, so I’m going to let you have a break to show me how well you get along. You can all help with Brat’s punishment.”

“Wh—” Brat looked up, but Sir’s fingers were in his mouth as soon as he did, cutting him off. He appreciated that, because it would stop him from saying something stupid, like words. He’d misbehaved, but they couldn’t punish him! That was Sir’s job and he’d been here longer than them!

“What…do we have to do?” Lloyd asked.

“Nothing you won’t enjoy,” said Sir. “Brat needs to be reminded that he’s not the boss of anyone. So you’re all going to fuck him and then for the rest of the day he’s going to do everything all of you say.”

“But…” Brat said, around Sir’s fingers.

“For the rest of the week,” Sir corrected, and Brat lowered his eyes, which were watering. He’d been here first. Sir was supposed to like him best. “I’m not interested in you boys fighting, so you’re all going to get along if I have to make you get along. You, you’re One from now on. Come over here and set a good example for the other boys.”

“Uh.” The boy who’d been Lloyd until a second ago looked at them, and nodded, coming over. Brat didn’t have to look up to see it, holy shit. “Yes, sir.”

Sir took his fingers out of Brat’s mouth, and Brat obediently turned towards One, mouth open. “What hole would you like?” Sir asked.

Brat was so upset. But…but not with Sir. Not with One or the other boys. With himself. He should have known better. He shouldn’t have misbehaved. He shouldn’t have tried to be in charge. Everything was better when Sir was in charge. He knew that.

And now was his chance to show the other boys that. To show them that everything was better when they were all good boys.



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