Razor Rat/Soul Panther/Moon Scale/Shade Owl/Grey Rain, Guest Writer

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Hey everyone! I was sick this week and didn’t have time to write a chapter because I was sick, but it’s okay because my really great friend RazorRat11 said he’d write one for me! It’s really good and it’s also really special because he’s my first non-Snowball guest writer, and his writing is really good so you’d better all be nice to him and go read all his awesome fanfics on his page!!!

Chapter 78: Fucking Prison Rat

Soul Panther and Moon Scale were fucking Razor Rat hard from either end, slamming his holes like there wasn’t even a person attached to them. Moon Scale’s thick cocks were all the way down Razor Rat’s throat, but Soul Panther was setting the pace with his blistering fast thrusts, every one sending a shock through Razor Rat’s whole body that never quite faded before the next one showed up.

Razor Rat would never tell them how much he liked this, or else they’d stop doing it. As it was, they’d only been at it for five hours when the castle started to shake. “What the fuck is that?” Soul Panther demanded.

“I guess it’s the little wolf-slut’s rescue party,” said Moon Scale.

“Heh.” Soul Panther sped up and soon he was cumming in Razor Rat’s ass, the barbs on his cock flaring out to latch him in there while he pumped Razor Rat full of boiling-hot sorcerous cum that would make him five times as horny for at least a day. It was Razor Rat’s eighth load of the afternoon, not counting the three this morning. Soul Panther pulled out painfully, dropping Razor Rat’s back end to the floor so he almost choked on Moon Scale’s cocks, which started to spasm in his throat as he was filled from the other end with spicy, addictive serpent cum.

Then Moon Scale pushed him away too, squirting the last four shots on Razor Rat’s face. He put his arm around Soul Panther, his hood flaring proudly, and they headed off. “Shouldn’t be hard to beat them when we’ve got their kid hostage,” he said.

“And soon they’ll all be our fuck-sluts,” Soul Panther agreed, laughing to himself as they walked out of the room, leaving Razor Rat on the floor where he belonged.

Razor Rat waited until they’d left, then he looked up. The castle shook again. His mouth and ass were burning. He wanted more cock inside them right now. His caged dick wanted to be hard so bad that it hurt.

Soul Panther and Moon Scale had left the dungeon key on their table.

Taking a deep breath, Razor Rat grabbed it. He considered shoving it up his ass to hide it, but someone might want to fuck him on the way down. So he swallowed it instead, letting it stick in his throat.

And then Razor Rat, heart pounding, went to go do the right thing.

The trip to the dungeons was easy. The castle was shaking more and more and everyone was going to fight, so nobody molested Razor Rat as he went down to the dungeons. Lame.

There, he found the dungeon door unlocked, and the prisoner being thoroughly fucked by a bear with an enormous cock, and looking like he was loving it. Razor Rat didn’t blame Grey Rain for that; Shade Owl had the best cock in the castle.

“You took fucking forever,” said Shade Owl.

“Whatever,” said Razor Rat. “I got fucked a few times, spank me later.”

“I will. This is important, you could have stopped being a slut for two minutes.”

“Says the guy with his cock buried inside the underaged prisoner,” Razor Rat sneered.

That was a mistake. Shade Owl pulled his cock out of Grey Rain—and out, and out. And he walked over to Razor Rat, putting a hand on his head. He shoved Razor Rat’s head right down and Razor Rat barely had time to open his mouth before it was split wide by Shade Owl’s girth, slamming all the way down his throat in one go.

He held his cock there, and Razor Rat stared up at him. He didn’t move. Razor Rat’s throat spasmed, once, twice. Shade Owl held his cock there. Razor Rat looked away in deference.

Shade Owl pulled his cock back. “Love you,” he said. The key was stuck in his slit, and he removed it, giving it to Razor Rat. Razor Rat opened Grey Rain’s manacles, and immediately the wolfboy was on him, humping him. He looked so excited, and he had a question in his eyes.

Razor Rat had questions too, but he didn’t know sign language, so he just nodded. Grey Rain had been locked up here getting fucked constantly by Soul Panther for weeks, which would make the boost to his horniness permanent like it was for Razor Rat. Rumour was that he was already the horniest person on Fucklandia, too. Razor Rat swallowed. “How much time do we have?” he asked Shade Owl.

Shade Owl smirked, his cock coming to rest on Razor Rat’s face. “Long enough for you guys to make friends.”

Razor Rat grinned and spread his legs. Grey Rain was inside him in an instant, fucking him like it was his first time on top. The kissed and licked Shade Owl’s cock together, and Razor Rat was pretty sure they were already friends. Grey Rain was just like that.

And that was how he knew that when it came time to escape, Grey Rain wouldn’t object to taking him and Shade Owl with him to live with his friends. But that was for later. For now he had a werewolf cock in his ass and a bear cock on his face and that meant he had work to do. And Razor Rat loved his work.



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