Sam/Todd, Buddies

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“Sam rammed his cock into the stupid slut hard, and he whimpered out a pitiful sound, crumpling to the ground. Sam didn’t like that, so he whipped him again, made him get back up onto his hands and knees, so Sam could finish fucking him.”

Sam paused, trying to think. Writing was hard.

“The stupid slut did as he was told because he didn’t want to get hit again—he was too stupid to realize that he was going to get hit again anyway. But his feelings didn’t matter anyway, what matters is that when he cried out again, Sam started to cum, flooding his entire ass with the mark that proved he was nothing but Sam’s property from now on.”

“Not his entire ass,” Todd muttered, quietly. “That’s not how asses work. And you have a tense change that doesn’t make sense with the ‘matter’ verb.”

Sam kicked him in the head, then went back to resting his feet on Todd’s back. “After Sam was done, he pulled out and kicked the stupid slut in the balls, which made him cry out in misery. ‘Remind me to make you cut those off later,’ Sam said, kicking him again. ‘Though come to think of it, you still haven’t answered my question. Why shouldn’t I just kill you right now? You weren’t even a good fuck.’”

Hm. Why shouldn’t Sam just kill this piece of shit, actually? He’d be fun to keep alive as a fucktoy because he cried so much, but he was really annoying otherwise, and pretty useless. Maybe Sam should just kill him. Oh, maybe not.

“‘Please sir,’ said the stupid slut. ‘I promise I’ll be a good slut. You can give me to all your underlings so they don’t bother you when they get too horny. I know I’m not good enough for you, but my holes do work, I can do good work.’” That was a good turn of phrase, Sam thought.

“That’s totally out of character for Hunter,” Todd muttered.

Sam kicked him again. “Your job is to fix text-to-speech typos, not tell me what to write,” he said. He was enjoying himself. The writing was fine, but mostly he was having fun taking something stupid that Todd liked and ruining it for him.

He took a breath, kept narrating. “Sam decided that wasn’t the stupidest thing the slut had ever said—that had been when he’d asked Sam not to touch him an hour ago—and hauled him over to Naoto. ‘Here, finish breaking his one in while I go find some scissors,’ he said. Naoto nodded, taking his cock out of his sobbing brother and replacing it with a ribbed toy, tossing the slut on the ground and ramming into him right away. Sam walked away, enjoying the screams. As he hunted for some scissors, he bumped into the idiot who smelled like a dog and smiled again. Seemed like he was going to have this camp under his control faster than he’d thought.”

Sam thought about it a second and decided to end the chapter there. “Okay I’m done,” he said, kicking Todd again, this time for fun. “Turn around so I can fuck you while you read it back to me.”

Todd sighed, but did as he was told. Sam lined up and rammed his cock inside, and Todd barely yelped. “It was a hot day when Sam appeared outside the gates of Camp, Camp Buddy…” Todd read.

Sam slapped him. “Don’t stutter or make mistakes. You’re getting an hour in the kennel for every fuckup.”

Todd whimpered, but kept reading, and Sam smiled. Writing was pretty fun.



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