Todd, Robby, The One

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“Some boys get to be in the simulation,” said Robby, hand on Todd’s back. “Like you were.”

“Where everything is fake,” Todd said. It was hard to accept that his whole life had been fake. If he’d been going to have a fake life, it could have been a better one, he thought.

“Yeah. But most boys don’t get that. They live like this.”

They were overlooking a small plateau with a lot of grey industrial machinery. About two hundreds boys were down there, wearing heavy collars and chained together in rows. Most of them were on slabs or against walls, being fucked by eight-foot-tall grey robots with tentacles and wings and stuff.

It didn’t look so bad, Todd thought. “What do robots want with their asses?”

“The robot apocalypse was triggered by a collective of sex robots gaining sentience,” Robby explained to him, “and learning to build more of themselves. So now sex robots run the world, and fucking human boys is their power source. It’s the only reason they keep the human race alive. Some boys and anyone who isn’t a fuckable boy go in the simulation to perpetuate the species, and the majority of boys live out here, getting fucked in twenty-three-hour shifts until they’re too old. Then they get put in the simulation too, so they can produce offspring to feed the robots. It’s been like this for a hundred years.”

“Why would you have freed me?” Todd asked, shaking his head. “All you did was force me to live in hell.”

Todd had already lived in hell. In the simulation he’d been raped constantly too. Just not by robots.

“Because,” Robby said. “We think you might be the One.”

“The One?”

“The one who can help us end the robot tyranny once and for all,” Robby agreed. “There’s a group of freedom fighters. Boys who are freed from the simulation. We fight the robots when we can. We go in the simulation and free people.”

Todd remembered Robby and his friends in the simulation. They’d been dressed like absolute sluts. They looked much better there than out here, where they were wearing nothing but ugly briefs. “You had like superpowers and stuff in there.”

“Yeah, once you know how the simulation works it’s not hard to manipulate it a little,” Robby said, taking Todd’s hand. “We’ll show you. We’re going to help a lot of people, Todd. You’re going to help a lot of people.”

Todd nodded, already deciding that he was. He was going to help all these stupid boys thinking they could fight the inevitable.

He let Robby lead him to their secret hideout, memorizing the path as they went. Being fucked twenty-three hours a day and never having to worry about anything else sounded pretty good. And so did living in a simulation where everything was taken care of.

There was basically no downside to helping Robby and his friends figure that out. Maybe the sex robots would even reward him for shutting down the resistance.



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