Hey everyone! I’m on vacation for another week, but I’ve been thinking about reviews for the last little while and I’m going to change how often they appear on the site. I’m finding that I don’t enjoy writing reviews as much as I used to and I often end up reviewing stuff I don’t have particularly strong or interesting feelings about just for the purpose of having content. Because of this, from now on reviews will be sporadic and only appear when I’ve seen or read something I really want to review.

At this time I don’t really have any plans to replace reviews with anything, so in the weeks where there’s no review, there just won’t be content posted on Mondays. I’m not ruling out replacing reviews with something in the future (feel free to suggest anything you’d like to see, though I will warn that I’m going to be very picky about potential replacements, mostly focused on the time I’d have to put into any new feature), but for now lots of weeks, including next week, will just have the character profiles and lore posts.

I’m hoping this will increase the overall quality of the reviews when they do appear, so I hope everyone continues to enjoy them when they appear!

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