Knighthood, 97

A Night Alone with Your Big Brother Can Be Rejuvenating

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“We’re going to go to bed after this,” Edwin told Nigel, who was cleaning up the bedroom.

“Okay,” said Nigel, who went about getting a hot water bottle for the bed.

Edwin watched him do it with half an eye, mostly focusing on being in the bathtub, leaning on Erik. Erik held him in place, resting his head on Edwin’s. “Stop stressing,” he said quietly.

“Not stressing,” Edwin said. “Just enjoying the bath.”

“Sure,” Erik said.

Nigel finished with the bed, and departed. “Goodnight, Sir Edwin, Sir Erik.”

“Goodnight, Nigel,” Edwin told him, waving. The door shut. “Let’s sleep in the bathtub.”

“We’d drown.”

“Seems unlikely,” Edwin decided, moving closer to Erik. “We wouldn’t have to get out, dry off, get cold, get in bed.”

“And we’d drown. Or our skin would start to fall off, like what happens to dead bodies in the water.”

Edwin looked up at Erik, trying to glare. “Don’t be gross, I’m trying to be lazy and romantic.”

“How is it that you have ten boyfriends and you think asking someone to sleep in a bathtub with you is romantic?” Erik teased.

“Hey, shut up. There are only five of you.”

“Not helping your case much, Ed.”

Edwin huffed. “Leo would think it was romantic.”

“So date Leo.”

“Can’t, he’s busy.”

“He’d make time for you.” Erik pressed a kiss to Edwin’s temple.

“Maybe.” Edwin sighed. “Probably not right this minute, though.”

“Maybe.” Erik slipped an arm underneath Edwin’s armpits. “Guess you’re stuck with me, then.”

“Not stuck with you, you’re my favourite,” Edwin yawned. “Except when you’re making me get out of the bathtub.”

“I’m literally not making you get out of the bathtub.”

“Oh.” Edwin thought about that for a bit. “Then I’m not getting out.”

“Okay. But if you fall asleep I’m lifting you out.”

“So you’re making me get out?”

“Are you planning to be a pain in the ass all night?” Erik asked.

Edwin thought about it. “Just until you get the hint that I want you to shut me up by tossing me on the bed and having your way with me.”

Suddenly they were standing up, Erik pulling him to his feet. “As if that’ll actually work,” he said, his free arm under Edwin’s knees, pulling him up into a carry. He walked right out of the bathtub, dripping water on the floor, and threw Edwin on the bed still soaking wet.

“Hey, I’m still wet!”

“The sheets will dry you off,” Erik said, climbing on top of Edwin and kissing him. “Besides, water is a good lubricant.”

“It’s kind of not,” Edwin protested, reaching out for the normal oil on the table.

Erik grabbed his wrist, then the other one, and pinned both his hands above his head. He went back to kissing Edwin, controlling him with that, keeping him in place while his other hand roamed down Edwin’s chest, across his belly, between his legs. He used that hand to guide his cock, and soon he was pressing inside Edwin.

Water was a shit lubricant, but Erik slid in okay. It made Edwin a bit sore, but that was fine. He liked to be a bit sore and it had been a while since Erik had been properly rough with him.

He was rough now though, pressing in relentlessly, and Edwin could barely breathe without Erik stealing it from him, pushing him for more and more with every movement. Edwin had a lot in him and he gave it all to Erik, spreading his legs and letting Erik take him. He didn’t resist or fight, just let him do what he wanted, because it was what Edwin wanted too.

Erik bit Edwin’s lip with his hardest thrust, but then slowed down, kissing down Edwin’s neck, his collarbone. “Erik,” Edwin complained, even if he’d just promised himself he wouldn’t complain.

“Shh,” Erik said, nipping his collarbone, sucking to leave a mark there. “No sounds from you, Sir Edwin.”

Edwin nodded, tried to stay quiet as Erik fucked him slowly, gently, marking his neck and shoulders up the whole time. His cock ached but Erik didn’t touch it, letting just their skin touching and his cock in Edwin’s ass be their stimulation.

Edwin wanted to scream the longer Erik left him hanging, but he knew it couldn’t have been that long, maybe ten, fifteen minutes. It felt like so much longer and it occurred to him that this was what he’d done to Grey Rain after the full moon and really, he kind of deserved it, didn’t he? Edwin could be patient. He could wait.

And Erik really did make him wait, touching him roughly in some places and gently in others, confusing his body with what it was getting, fucking him slowly and kissing him hard, pressing him into the bed but caressing his skin with the lightest of touches.

When Edwin came it was almost a violent thing, something ripped out of him in a sea of softness, even his quiet whimper not matching the strength of the orgasm wracking his body. Erik kissed his cheek and stroked his face, and Edwin shook and clenched around him, wishing his hands were free so he could hold Erik, and settling for looking up at him, need in his eyes.

Erik let him go once Edwin was done, and he rested his forehead against Edwin’s. “Feel better?”

Edwin nodded. “You didn’t cum.”

“In a minute. Let’s talk about the thing you’re stressing about.”

“I’m fine,” Edwin muttered, kissing Erik. “Come on, let’s…”

“No. You said I could have my way with you, so I am. I want you to talk. You’re worried about what the knight commander said the other day.”

Edwin sighed, glaring up at Erik. But Erik just looked down at him with all the patience in the world etched on his face, and Edwin nodded. “Yeah. He threatened Robby, and you and everyone else. He can’t do anything to me because of Gavin. But he can do stuff to you.”

“He won’t, though,” Erik promised. “You know he was bluffing.”

“I don’t know that. I’m clearly breaking the law by having Rudy here and he knows that. He’d be right to do something about it.”

Erik shook his head, just once. “It’s not right to enforce a law that’s wrong.”

“We don’t get to decide what laws are wrong.”

“So what, you’re going to give Rudy up?” Erik asked.

“What, no,” Edwin said, trying to sit up and not succeeding with Erik on top of him. “Of course not.”

“Of course not,” Erik agreed. “You know what the consequences are, and you’ve chosen what to do because it’s right. We all know what the consequences are, and we’ve chosen to be with you anyway. Stop worrying about us and do what you know is right.”

Edwin looked down. “I can’t do that first thing.” If something happened to Erik or Robby, Edwin would never forgive himself.

“I know. But you can do the second thing, and you can trust us to protect ourselves, okay? We’ll be fine, even if you’re right about the knight commander.”

Edwin sighed. “Okay,” he said. He wasn’t sure they would be. “This wasn’t as fun for me as the sex part.”

“Yeah, we’re getting back to that,” Erik promised. “If I let go of your arms do you promise to behave?”

Edwin nodded. “Some night you should invite your friends over for dice. You haven’t done that in ages.”

Erik looked down at him, smiled, and kissed Edwin. “Okay. Some night I will. But for now, I have my baby brother all to myself and I’m going to do whatever I want to him all night.”

“Good,” Edwin said, keeping his hands above his head when Erik let them go. He was more than happy to lay there for the rest of the night, letting Erik have his way. Letting Erik take care of him.

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