Slavery, 98

Everything Is Just So Much Easier When You Do As You’re Told and Let Everyone Take Care of You

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Daniel hummed to himself as he went back to the room, a silly song he’d made up about horses while looking at one of the huge paintings in the Master’s room. He was in a good mood because he’d been allowed to have cake after supper since he’d been such a good boy all day.

It was so easy to make the Master think he was a good boy! All Daniel had to do was do everything he said, eat what he was told and sit where he was told and go to bed when he was told and not talk back, and suck the Master’s dick when he wanted and let the Master put his dick in Daniel’s bum. It was so much easier than where he’d used to live. The Master never yelled at him or hit him and he always told Daniel he was smart and pretty and gave him desserts.

Daniel hoped he could live here forever. The Master was the nicest person he’d ever met. Way nicer than all the stupid people at the docks who’d used to laugh at Daniel and make him do chores for them but then not pay him for them. He was glad he wasn’t stuck there anymore. It was nice and warm here and the Master had promised they could have cookies with breakfast tomorrow if Daniel was good and obedient for the other boys tonight while they were babysitting him.

Daniel was too old for a babysitter, he was at least…how old? He looked at his fingers, trying to remember, but it was hard, so he shrugged to himself and kept humming. Whatever. He was too old for a babysitter, anyway. He’d been taking care of himself since he could walk. But if the Master wanted him to have one, Daniel would let the other boys do it because he wanted cookies.

He wouldn’t tell them about the cookies, though. Then someone would make him share them. They were his cookies. He’d done all the work to get them. If the other boys wanted cookies, they should try doing what the Master asked too. It wasn’t like it was hard.

Except for the Master’s dick sometimes. Daniel giggled. More than sometimes. It got hard all the time, when he was reading Daniel stories—Daniel could read on his own, but it was more fun when the Master read to him—and when they were eating supper, and when they had baths together and always when they were in bed. Daniel’s dick even got hard sometimes, which the Master said was because he was growing up, though Daniel hoped he didn’t grow up too fast, because the Master always said Daniel’s dick was pretty when it was soft, but he’d called it handsome when it had been hard earlier and being pretty was better than being handsome.

He’d finally come to his room—the Master’s house was so big that it took forever to get everywhere—and paused outside the door. There were voices inside. “We sure he really is okay with it?” Marcus was asking.

“Sure he is,” said Ozzy. “If he wasn’t, he’d have taken off the collar. He knew what the side effects were. Guys, we’re his friends. If he wants to be a baby for a week, let him.”

“I guess,” said Simon.

Daniel wondered what they were talking about, so he listened a little more, touching his own collar. Nobody was allowed to take their own collar off. Only the Master could do that. And who would want to be a baby?

The door opened, and Hugh was standing there, smiling. “Hi, Daniel. Spying isn’t a very nice thing to do.”

Daniel stepped back, heart racing. How had they known he was there? “I wasn’t spying! I was coming in!”

“Sure. We could hear you humming.”

Oh. Oh, snot. Daniel was so dumb. He’d forgotten he was still humming the horse song. He looked away from Hugh. “I didn’t know you were here,” he said, trying not to scowl because it made him look sour. “You’re always with Neville or Gabe, so I thought you weren’t home.”

Hugh sighed, took Daniel’s hand, and pulled him into the room. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to make you feel left out. You know I still love you, right?”

Daniel didn’t know that. Hugh was never home anymore. He obviously liked stupid Neville and stupid Gabe more than he liked Daniel. “I guess.”

“You guess? Here, I’ll prove it,” Hugh said. He got down on his knees—he wasn’t that much taller than Daniel, though—and he kissed Daniel. Daniel gasped a little and tried to move back, but Hugh kept kissing him, even putting his tongue in Daniel’s mouth like the Master did and putting his hands on Daniel’s bottom like the Master did, and Daniel pressed against Hugh, hugging him and kissing him back really hard.

Hugh stopped just as Daniel started to feel that his dick had gotten hard, and he smiled at Daniel. “There. Would I kiss someone like that if I didn’t love them?”

Daniel shook his head. “Please don’t go away again,” he said, arms still around Hugh. “I missed you. “

“I know. I’ll be here for a few more days, okay?”

“Okay,” Daniel said, taking a breath. That was good. He kissed Hugh again, and giggled. “Your dick got hard.”

“Yeah, that’s what happens to big boys when they kiss pretty boys,” Hugh said.

Daniel blushed. Only the Master was supposed to call him pretty. “That’s not true.”

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you go kiss Marcus and see if his gets hard too?”

Daniel could feel that he was being tricked, but he nodded because he wanted to kiss Marcus, who was waiting for him. “Hi,” he said, crawling into Marcus’s lap with Ozzy, who took Daniel’s hand.

“Hi,” Marcus said, wrapping a big arm around Daniel and pulling him into a kiss. He kissed harder than Hugh and the Master, taking all of Daniel’s breath away with it. He pressed Daniel right against his body, and Ozzy held his hand so tight, and they’d barely been kissing at all before Marcus’s dick started to be hard against Daniel’s leg. Marcus kept kissing him for another minute or something, though, which was nice of him. Then he smiled at Daniel. “You should kiss Ozzy too.”

Ozzy was naked except for a pair of silly smallclothes that didn’t fit him but that were a colour of green that Daniel liked, and his dick was already hard. But Daniel liked Ozzy and if he was nice, Ozzy might let him wear the silly smallclothes someday for the Master, so he smiled and kissed him. Ozzy kissed Daniel too, still holding his hand. Ozzy was the only one whose hands weren’t bigger than Daniel’s, so holding them was different and Daniel liked that because not all the boys were bigger than him, even if Ozzy was older.

“Hey,” Simon said, tapping Daniel’s shoulder. “Don’t I get a kiss?”

Daniel grinned, turning away from Ozzy and falling onto Simon, ending up on the floor with him. “Hi, Simon,” he said, kissing him now too. He put his tongue in Simon’s mouth first to show that he was mature, and they kissed on the floor for a while.

As he was kissing Simon, Hugh lifted up Daniel’s shirt and touched his bum. “Looks stretched,” he said. “Guess Theodore already fucked him.”

Daniel giggled, interrupting his kiss with Simon. Simon put a hand on his face and he kept kissing Daniel, so Daniel tried to pay attention to him. His dick was hard against Daniel’s belly, so Daniel guessed Hugh had been right, it was just what happened when older boys kissed someone.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Marcus asked. “Go ahead and fill that ass up.”

Daniel giggled again. “What’s so funny?” Simon asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Nothing,” Daniel said.

“Hey, we’re not going to fuck you if you lie to us,” Simon told him.

“I’m not lying!” Daniel said, though he kind of was. “You guys are all saying bad words.”

“Oh, really?” Marcus asked, sitting Daniel up. “What bad words?”

Daniel frowned at him. He wasn’t stupid, Marcus wasn’t going to trick him. “You know,” he said.

“No, we don’t,” Ozzy assured him. “What words are bad words?”

Daniel just shook his head and tried to go back to kissing Simon, but Simon was sitting up and smiling now. “Come on, Daniel. If you want us to stop saying bad words, you have to tell us which words are bad.”

“You already know,” Daniel pouted, covering his eyes. “You’re just being mean to me.” They were always so mean to him. They were trying to make him say bad words so that Daniel wouldn’t be allowed to have cookies tomorrow and they’d get to hog them all.

“No we’re not, we’re just confused,” Simon promised, but he was lying.

Daniel felt himself starting to pout, and Hugh put a hand on his head. “Hey, guys, don’t be mean. Daniel doesn’t have to say bad words if he doesn’t want to.”

“Yeah,” Daniel agreed, glaring at the other boys. Hugh was the only one who was nice to him.

“Yeah,” Hugh said. “Come on, let’s get you ready for bed.”

“Huh?” Daniel looked up at Hugh. “But the Master said I could stay up for another hour!” That wasn’t fair!

“I know, but he told us to take care of you, and you seem pretty tired to me, so let’s go to bed. Come on, take your shirt off and lay down.”

“But, but I’m not tired!” Daniel said. He hadn’t seen his friends all day and now he’d only been here for two minutes and he had to go to bed? That super wasn’t fair. “Can’t I stay up for just a little bit?” None of them had even put their dicks in his bum yet!

“I don’t know, it’s kind of time for little boys to be in bed,” Hugh said. He was thinking about it, though, Daniel could tell. “Only the big boys are going to stay up now.”

“But, I’m a big boy too!” Daniel insisted, holding his arms out. “I’m bigger than Ozzy!”

“Wait, this was supposed to be fun,” Ozzy said.

Before Daniel could ask what he meant by that, Hugh turned Daniel’s face back towards him. “If you’re a big boy, then you can stay up and play cards with us for an hour. But you can’t hide your face every time someone says a bad word.”

“I…” Daniel felt like he’d been tricked again. “I won’t.” He had to show how big he was. “You can say f…fuck if you want.” He snapped his mouth shut, pretended he didn’t see them all laughing at him. Daniel hoped he wasn’t like any of them when he grew up. He wanted to be like the Master instead. He was nice.

Hugh kissed his cheek. “We will. Now since we can say it, let’s also do it. I’m going to fuck you before we play, okay?”

Daniel nodded, and let Hugh take his shirt off. Hugh undressed too, and he had Daniel lay on his back with his head on the pillow, and he pushed Daniel’s knees up and put them on his shoulders. “Hold your knees here.”

Daniel did as he was told, watching Hugh put oil on his dick. It was so big. He was so big, and he had hair on his arms and legs and around his dick like the Master. His dick wasn’t as big as the Master’s, Daniel didn’t think, but it looked really big, and Daniel was struck by the familiar worry that it wasn’t going to fit inside him. He was never going to fit in his bum, he was too small for it, and it was going to hurt so much.

He turned his head to the side so he wouldn’t have to see Hugh coming towards him dick-first. Marcus had pulled Ozzy’s silly smallclothes to the side in the back and had slid his dick into Ozzy’s bum, and Simon was rubbing his dick on his hand while he watched Hugh and Daniel, sitting really close. He was almost close enough to put his dick in Daniel’s mouth if he wanted, but he didn’t come closer, even after Daniel opened his mouth.

And then Hugh’s big dick was pressed against Daniel’s hole, and Daniel yelped. It went in and it didn’t hurt, though. It just felt nice like it always did, and Daniel had been silly for thinking it wouldn’t. Hugh touched Daniel’s dick, squeezing and pulling on it, and Daniel was surprised to realize it was already hard.

He looked back up at Hugh, who was smiling down at him. “You’re so cute, Daniel.”

Daniel wasn’t cute, he was pretty, those were very different things and the difference was important, but all he could do was blush, because his hands were full of his legs so he couldn’t cover his face like he wanted to. “You’re very handsome,” he muttered, even though only the Master was handsome. Maybe Hugh was handsome too. Daniel would have to look closer once he wasn’t distracted.

Hugh leaned down and kissed Daniel, then started moving. He slid in and out of Daniel. Fucking Daniel. Daniel knew that was what it was called, even if it was a bad word. How bad could it be when it was such a good thing to do? It was the best thing to do, Daniel knew that even without the Master telling him. It made everyone happy. Even Daniel, who was getting lots of good feelings from Hugh’s hand on his dick and Hugh’s dick in his ass.

He had so many good feelings that he forgot to pay attention, and forgot to notice how long everything was taking. He had so many good feelings that he just lay there really happily and let Hugh take care of him, like a good boy. He forgot all about playing cards or staying up late or cookies or being mad at Hugh for having a stupid boyfriend and he forgot all about Marcus and Simon and Ozzy and the Master and everyone except for Hugh, who was on top of him, pressing hard into his bum, fucking him so much.

And when Daniel came, he forgot all about himself too, just squirting white gunk all over his belly while Hugh kept fucking him. “Hugh…” Daniel complained, riding on how good it felt. Hugh was all he could think about. “I love you…”

“I love you too, Daniel…” Hugh kissed him one more time and then he started to squirt gunk into Daniel’s bum like he was supposed to, holding Daniel tight in something that felt like a hug but wasn’t quite.

Then he took his dick out of Daniel, which was sad, but there was Simon, right beside him. “My turn?”

Daniel nodded and Hugh came and sat next to his head, petting his hair. “You did so well, Daniel.”

“Thank you,” Daniel said, leaning over and giving Hugh’s dick a lick. He wanted to suck it. “I liked that a lot. Oh!” Simon had slid his dick in. It was smaller than Hugh’s, but Daniel knew it was rude to say that. Simon also didn’t have any grown-up hair like Hugh or Marcus or the Master, which Daniel liked about him.

Simon snickered, leaning down to kiss Daniel. “Why were you surprised? You knew what I was doing.”

Daniel blushed. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“I can make fun of you just a little bit. You’ll understand when you’re older.”

Daniel didn’t want to be older. After Simon was finished, Marcus fucked him, and then so did Ozzy, and then he got to sit in Hugh’s lap and help Hugh play cards, though he fell asleep after the first few hands.

Daniel didn’t want to be older. He liked being just the age he was, taken care of by so many people who loved him.

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