Villain, 92

There Is More Than One Way to Rape A Boy

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“That went better than I thought it would,” Henry said, as they stepped into the tackiest room Clan Cween had in their objectively tacky fort, which they self-importantly called a castle. The whole thing was smaller than Arkhewer Manor and they only owned it because it had been derelict and nobody else had wanted it, which was apparently something sorcerer clans just liked to do. But they called it their castle and had decorated it with a lot of swooping black curtains and wrought iron.

Sam snorted, pausing just perceptibly as Henry shut the door. He held out his arms for Henry to undress him. “It went on forever,” he muttered, sounding tired rather than angry. “It shouldn’t take four hours just to talk about an alliance.”

“No, but it might take four days at this rate.”

“Kill me now,” Sam grumbled. Henry undid his shirt laces and pulled it over his head, tossing it aside. Sam had opted for a buttplug instead of an undershirt this morning, so Henry got started on his pants. “They’re so fucking old-fashioned and ridiculous. Is it that awful to consider that a union of clans might be good for all of us?”

That was the line they were feeding Clan Cween, and quite possibly what would end up happening, after all the demons were banished. But they hadn’t included that part in their pitch, knowing it wouldn’t fly. Henry started unlacing Sam’s pants. “People like things to be the way they always have been.”

“That’s fucking nice. The way they always have been is stupid and it keeps getting people killed. Fucking old men are going to ruin the world, I swear to God.”

That was such an un-Sam-like thing to say that Henry just made a noise, moved to his boots. “No,” Sam said, stretching. “Just do my pants. I want a blowjob.”

It was also very unlike Sam to want to keep any clothes on when he didn’t need them. “Okay,” Henry said, wondering what was up. Sam was acting strangely. Why would he do that? Henry pulled Sam’s dick from his loincloth, giving it a lick.

Sam put his hands in Henry’s hair, grabbing hard enough to tug. “Whose room was this again?”

Henry gave another long lick. “Jakob’s cousin. Second cousin, I think. Laslow.”

“Hopefully Laslow’s not sleeping on a floor somewhere,” Sam said, sighing. “Was he at supper?”

“Yeah, he was pretty far down the table. Didn’t say anything. Seemed a bit bored.”

“I don’t blame him.”

“Yeah. He’s like my age.” Unless Henry was confusing him with his younger brother. It had been a lot of people to remember all at once.

“Okay. Well, hopefully he doesn’t mind us fucking on his bed. What the fuck is a second cousin? The cousin you like less than the first one?”

Henry snorted. “Do you want me to explain human kinship to you or do you want me to put your cock in my mouth?”

Sam just tugged Henry’s hair, so Henry smiled and got sucking, rolling his tongue over all of Sam’s length, teasing him now and then with his teeth, hollowing his cheeks to get Sam leaking precum. Sam moaned happily, barely even moving his hips, letting Henry do all the work. He’d done well during the endless meeting today, so it was work Henry was happy to do.

When he came, Henry swallowed it all down, resting his forehead against Sam’s belly so he could feel it tighten, though Sam only let him have that for a second before he pulled Henry’s head back down.

Henry waited a minute until he was let off Sam’s cock, then he stood up, picking Sam up and laying him on the bed. He crawled on top of Sam and kissed him, letting Sam taste the last of his cum inside Henry’s mouth. “I hate it when you do that,” Sam muttered.

“Sure. Where is he?” He asked it quietly, barely a whisper.

Sam’s lips ticked upwards for just a second. “Corner behind you and to your left. Don’t you dare let him go.”

Henry kissed him again. “I won’t,” he promised. Whoever was in here spying on them—probably Laslow—wasn’t going to get away from Sam, and there was no point in trying to save him. He’d done this to himself.

“Okay. Don’t be rough, though. We’re not going to rape him.”

“We’re not?” That was unlike Sam.

That smile was all Sam, though. “No reason to ruin our negotiations. Go get him.” He raised his voice then, “And for fuck’s sake, take off your clothes.”

Henry kissed Sam again and got up, taking off his shirt. “This is a teenage boy’s room,” he said. “I’m sure there’s oil somewhere.”

The corner Sam had indicated held a small wardrobe, at a weird angle. Henry kicked his boots off as he went, and started undoing his pants as he opened the wardrobe with one hand. It was full of normal looking clothes that looked well-made but would be a little too big for Sam.

He closed the wardrobe. “Okay, I guess the wardrobe was a stupid place to look for oil.”

On the bed, Sam sighed. “Will you stop fucking around? I’m horny.”

“Right,” said Henry, reaching into the gap between the wardrobe and the wall. He found something warm and grabbed it, pulled it out.

“Eep,” said a boy who was definitely too young to be wearing any of the clothes in that wardrobe. Following that, he said, “Hey, fuck off! Let me go!”

Holding him by his collar, Henry looked at him. He was skinny and short, which made him look younger than he probably was. Half of his head was shaved and he had a piercing in his nose that was clearly clipped on. “You’re Levi,” Henry said. Laslow’s little brother.

“No shit,” Levi muttered, crossing his arms. “No fair, how’d you even know I was there? I thought you weren’t a sorcerer, and all my invisibility spells were covalent, so they should have been undetectable.”

“They almost were,” Henry assured him. “Much better than the ones the rest of your family tried on us this morning. Do you spy on your brother every night, or are we special?”

“Whatever, I was just curious.” He gave a huff. “Laslow kicked me out of my room so he could jerk off or whatever, so I just wanted to see if you were as scary as everyone says. I’m sorry, okay?”

Henry took him around to the bed, stood him in front of Sam. “Are we as scary as everyone says?”

Levi was quiet for a second as he considered Sam’s smile. “No,” he decided. “You’re just normal perverts like everyone else.”

“Oh, are we?” Sam asked. “Henry, let him go. I don’t know about you, Levi, but where I’m from, people who have sex with their husbands aren’t that weird. Little boys who spy on other people having sex, though? They’re perverts.”

“I’m not!” Levi protested, holding his arms out. “I didn’t want to see you do blowjobs! I didn’t even watch! It’s not my fault you just started doing it right away before I could leave!”

“Are you telling me you couldn’t have left without us noticing you?” Sam asked him, with barely a flicker of the fire usually in his voice when he’d been insulted. Henry couldn’t help his double-take. Where had he heard that before? “Your invisibility spells were that good but you can’t walk through a wall? That is how you got in, right?”

Henry wondered for a second how Sam had known that, but one of his dragon bodyguards—he was named Lizard, because of course he was—was standing outside the door, so there was no other way for Levi to have snuck in.

“No. I teleported in before you got here,” Levi said.

“At your age? You’re like five years old or something.”

“I am not! I’m—”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sam said, gliding across the bed to him. Henry wondered when he’d found time to practice that move. “You’re a very good sorcerer.”

“Well…yeah, I guess.” Levi looked proud now, if uncomfortable.

“And yet with all your talent, you couldn’t figure out how to get out of the room, huh?” Sam asked, voice turning teasing now. Oh, thought Henry. Sam had never stopped practicing though, had he? “You were just going to hang out in there and watch us fuck, right?”

“N-no! I don’t want to see that!”

“Oh, so you didn’t like watching before?”


“Really?” Sam asked. Henry couldn’t feel his new magic the way he could his sorcery, but he had to be doing some version of his favourite libido spell on Levi as he brought his hand up. “So if I touch you right here, I won’t find a boner?”

“You—hey, don’t do that!” Sam grabbed him, not roughly, through his pants.

“I don’t know about you, but I only get boners when I’m enjoying myself,” Sam said.

Levi’s eyes moved down to Sam’s boner, then back up to his face. “It’s not…that’s not what…”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Henry said. The room felt dark, closed in, cold, so he put his hand on Levi’s back, rubbing circles there. “We’re not your brother, or any of the rest of your clan. We’re not going to get you in trouble. There’s no reason anyone has to know what happened in here.”

“I…I promise I won’t tell anyone,” Levi said, squirming uncomfortably. “I promise, okay?”

“Neither will we,” Sam said. “Here, you have my word.” He let go of Levi’s dick, held out his hand, and Henry felt a small crackle. “We’ll make a sorcerous oath. Not to tell anyone outside this room about anything that happened just now.”

Henry had only learned recently about sorcerous oaths, since this was the first time Sam had needed to interact with another sorcerer, and it was probably how he’d end up sealing any agreement with Clan Cween. Both sorcerers used a little of their magic to bind the oath, and if one of them broke it, they’d be surrendering some of their power to the other party. It was a less intense version of the binding spells they put on demons.

Levi looked nervous, and didn’t say anything, which was the smartest thing he’d done all night.

“I mean, we can tell Laslow how you’ve been sneaking into his room if you want…” Sam said.

“Okay, okay, fine,” Levi said, taking Sam’s hand. Had it always been that easy? There was a lash of power. “I give my oath not to tell anyone, okay?”

“Wording is important,” Sam told him sternly. “Repeat after me. On my power, I, Samson of Clan Arkhewer, give my solemn oath that I will not tell anyone about what happens between the three of us tonight.”

“Uh.” Levi took a breath, glancing at the window. “Okay, okay. On my power, I, Levi of Clan Cween, give my solemn oath that I will not tell anyone about what happens between the three of us tonight.”

Another lash cut the air, and that was that. “There we go, no need to worry,” Sam said, uncoiling from around Levi.

“Wh-what about Henry?”

“He does what I tell him to do,” Sam lied, and Henry had to cough. “Now, tell me the truth. When you were watching us, what part got you hard?”

“I…I don’t know, okay? I’m going to go.”

“Why?” Sam asked, stretching as he leaned back. “You have to be able to talk to someone about stuff like this as you get older. Maybe you and Laslow get along better than it seems, but I know when I was your age I’d have died before asking my older brothers about blowjobs. Or worse, my dad.”

Levi made a face. “Whatever. I mean, it’s self-explanatory, isn’t it?”

“Sure is. You want to try one?”

“What?” Levi tried to step back, bumped into Henry. “Why would I?”

“You keep asking about them,” said Sam. “You’re obviously curious.” How stupid did Levi have to be not to notice Sam doing this? Telling him what he was thinking and feeling.

The more he let Sam get away with it, the harder it would be for him to remember what was real, until eventually the only thing he could steady himself against was Sam himself. Henry’s cock ached in his pants.

“I mean, I guess, but…”

“Come here,” Sam said, tugging him onto the bed. “Henry will give you one. Trust me, it’s even more fun than you think.”

“But, but he’s your husband!”

“Yeah, and he does what I tell him to,” Sam said, smiling. “Come on, we both know if you go back to your room after this, Laslow’s going to make fun of you for being horny, and you’re always going to regret it. I always say you should never regret anything.”

“Well…okay,” Levi said, voice small. “I guess it’s okay.”

Sam was so good at this. It helped that Levi was young and stupid, but Sam was pushing him, over and over, convincing him that things were okay that he knew weren’t. And Levi was fucking falling for it.

And how could he not? Sam was a god. It was hard not to worship him.

So Henry knelt before both of them, undoing Levi’s pants for him, pulling them all the way off because he knew that was what Sam would want. He was wearing smallclothes instead of a loincloth, and Henry slipped a finger inside them. “These are cute,” he said. “Where’d you get them?”

Looking embarrassed, Levi didn’t make eye contact. Sam was rubbing his shoulders, which probably wasn’t helping. “Bought them from a merchant. No big deal, it’s just smallclothes.”

“Sam used to wear smallclothes too,” Henry told him. “He still has a few pairs.”

“Does your family tease you for them too?” Sam said, practically singing. There was no way anyone was stupid enough to see that eagerness and misread it as empathy, was there? If Levi’s family hadn’t taught him better than to be this stupid around strangers, then Sam and Henry were doing everyone a favour, teaching him this lesson.

“I guess. But who cares?”

“Exactly, who cares what they think? It’s not your job to be like them,” Sam agreed. As he said that, Henry tugged the smallclothes down, freeing Levi’s dick. Levi gasped a little, and Henry took it between his fingers.

“You’re bigger than I thought you’d be,” Henry said thoughtfully, giving Levi a stroke. That one wasn’t even a lie; he had no hair, but he was big for his age.

“Whatever,” Levi said, leaning back and not looking at Henry.

Henry smiled and put his mouth over Levi’s dick, and Levi gasped. “Told you you’d like it,” Sam said into his ear, as Henry got to sucking. “It’s fun, right? Henry’s really good at it, which helps, but I can’t say I’ve ever not liked a blowjob, even when it was from a girl.”

“Y-yeah,” said Levi, obviously not really hearing Sam. “Yeah.”

“Yeah,” Sam agreed. “You could have more of these, you know. I mean, a sorcerer as talented as you? You should have people sucking your cock whenever you want. Bet you think about that sometimes, right? You think about making the other boys in the clan suck you off like this?”

“No,” Levi whispered, shaking his head just a little. Henry gave him a hard suck. “No, I…ah.”

“Sure you do. Your brother, at least.” Sam snorted, then punched his arm, the idiot. “They’d all be sucking your dick every day, if the world was fair.”

“Uh. Yeah,” Levi agreed. He didn’t know what he was saying, but that didn’t matter. “Yeah.”

Henry kept sucking, playing with Levi’s balls as he went. He gave them a gentle squeeze, just a small one, and Levi gasped out loud, and started to cum. He shot four squirts of thin cum into Henry’s mouth, and Henry let him do it, swallowing easily. It wasn’t much.

He looked up at Levi, who was panting, chest moving up and down. “Wow,” he said. “Wow, that’s so cool. That was so cool.”

“Told you. Everything feels better when you stop acting like a baby and just say what you want,” Sam said, back to rubbing Levi’s shoulders.

Levi nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, that was great. Thank you.”

“Of course. Now you can suck Henry’s.”

Levi went stiff. “What?”

“I think you heard me. Come on. Henry, up on the bed.”

Finally, Henry thought, sitting. He did Levi the favour of taking his own cock out, enjoying the face Levi made. “I can’t,” Levi said. “I can’t suck on that!”

“Of course you can. Henry did you, so it’s only fair for you to do him, right?” Sam asked.

“I don’t…that’s not…”

“It’s fine if he can’t,” Henry said. He knew just what his part was in this dance. “He doesn’t have to.”

“Of course he doesn’t have to,” said Sam, scowling just a little. “I guess I just overestimated him.”

“You didn’t!” Levi said, looking from Henry to Sam. “You didn’t.”

“It’s okay, Levi,” Henry assured him, hand on Levi’s knee. “There’s no shame in being afraid.”

“I’m not afraid!”

Henry shook his head and started to put his dick away. “Really, it’s fine.”

Sam snorted again, turning away. The room got even colder.

Levi took a deep breath, and he crawled between Henry’s legs. “Fuck you. I can do it just fine. It’s just a dick.” And he put his mouth right on Henry’s throbbing cock, pausing there for a second, eyes going wide when he realized how much of his mouth it took up. But he hardened his eyes, and started sucking, trying to take more of it in.

“Guess I was…wrong,” Henry said, cock twitching in Levi’s mouth. “He’s no coward.”

“Of course he’s not,” Sam said, sliding around, hand slipping up Levi’s shirt. “How could he be? He’s what, a half or third cousin of his clan? And he’s smarter and more talented than all of them. He has to be brave.”

“Yeah,” Henry grunted, as Levi’s teeth accidentally brushed too hard against the underside of his cock. “Someday he’ll be their leader, though.”

“No,” Sam said, with a sigh, hand on Levi’s ass now. He licked a finger on his other hand. “He won’t. They’ll never let him, you know that. The old fuckers in charge of Clan Cween don’t appreciate him and they never will.”

“I guess not,” Henry said, trying to sound disappointed. “Well. I appreciate him.”

“Me too,” Sam said, sliding a finger into Levi.

Levi choked on Henry’s cock, and Henry let him pull off, even though that was the best he’d managed to do so far. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Something you’ll like,” Sam told him. “Come on, at this point isn’t a bit stupid to pretend that you weren’t curious? You were going to watch me and Henry do it.”

“I wasn’t, I didn’t know that was…” Levi trailed off. “I wasn’t.”

“Sure,” Sam said. “You’ve liked everything else we’ve done. Maybe you could just man up and trust me for five minutes?”

Levi was pouting, but he swallowed. “Okay. Fine.”

“Just tell me if you want me to stop,” Sam said, sliding the finger further in. “And don’t neglect Henry.”

“Okay.” He was starting to look a little sullen, but he put his head back down on Henry’s cock.

Henry smiled, put a hand on his head.

Levi sucked at blowjobs, but that hardly mattered when Henry could watch Sam finger him with patience he’d never seen his king exercise with anyone else. He was really committed to this plan, and Henry could see why—it was working. He’d have to ask Sam later how much libido-enhancing magic was flowing around the room, because Levi clearly wasn’t thinking straight with how clouded his judgment was.

And that worked just fine for Henry, who pushed him downwards slowly. Not enough to choke him, just enough to get him to take more in his mouth. Sam took his fingers out of Levi, and Henry held him still as he lined his cock up.

Levi made a sound as Sam pushed inside him, trying to move his head up, but Henry didn’t let him, keeping him in place, his tongue’s movements as he tried to talk working better than his sucking had been. After a few seconds of it he flailed and freaked out, and that’s when Henry started to cum. Levi’s cheeks ballooned outwards and cum started to leak out around and down Henry’s cock, and then he eventually swallowed, with no choice.

As if he’d had a choice about any of this.

Henry let him up, wiping his cheeks, the cum that was dribbling out his nose. “I’ve never met a boy your age who could swallow on the first try,” he said, running his hands through his hair.

Levi just nodded, squeezed his eyes shut with a particularly hard thrust from Sam, which made him whimper. He didn’t seem to have much to say, so Henry just held him, angling his leg so that Levi’s dick would rub against it once in a while.

That proved enough for his overstimulated, inexperienced body, full of sex magic as it was. He came with a near-sob, clinging to Henry, who held him tight and hummed, rubbing circles in his back. Sam smirked and fucked him harder, picking up speed that he kept for the rest of his round, another five minutes at least before he came with a loud sigh, filling Levi up with his first load in the ass.

But definitely not his last. Sam pulled out and repositioned Levi, holding him under the arms and leaning Levi back against himself, legs apart for Henry. “You don’t mind if Henry takes a turn, right?” Sam asked. “Since you’re having fun?”

Levi nodded, limbs so loose he nearly slipped out of Sam’s grip. He had tears in his eyes. “Y-yeah. Sure, that’s fine.”

“Only if you’re sure,” Henry stressed, hand on Levi’s belly. “You seem a little out of it. If you’re tired…”

“No,” Levi said, words slurring a little. “No, it’s fine. Put it in, I like it.” His dick was twitching like crazy. Henry wondered if it was possible to overdose on sex magic. Would Clan Cween realize who had turned their most distant cousin into a little slut overnight?

Would they even care, was the better question. Henry just nodded and positioned himself, pushing right inside Levi with a grunt that Levi echoed. He started at the same speed Sam had finished at, leaning down to kiss Levi a few times for extra stimulation. “Feel that?” Sam asked. “I get to feel this every night. Because I know how to take what I want. Aren’t you so much happier now that you’ve finally taken what you wanted?”

“I…y-yeah,” Levi agreed, voice distant. His breathing was rhythmic, his eyes mostly closed.

“You could be like this all the time,” Sam muttered quietly, watching Henry. “Nobody ever got anywhere in life by listening to people stupider than them, you know.”

“I don’t…know what…you…ah! Mean!”

Sam kissed his ear. “Yes you do, Levi of Clan Cween.”

That was all he said, because Levi came again, and then he was clearly too far gone to hear anything else. Henry kept fucking him, kissing him, touching him everywhere. Levi came again, then one more time, Sam’s magic overloading him hard. It was at least an hour before Henry was ready, and he pulled out to cum on Levi, who was half-passed out in Sam’s lap.

With a sigh, Henry wiped sweat off his brow and came to rest beside Sam, helping him hold Levi, who wasn’t totally unconscious. He kissed Sam, whispered, “Good plan.”

Sam just pinched Henry’s nipple. “You made a mess, didn’t you?”

Henry chuckled. “Yeah. But more importantly, it’s possible I broke him.”

“Nah, he’s fine,” Sam said, thumb rubbing up and down Levi’s cheek. “He’s stronger than you think he is. I bet he’s stronger than most people think he is.”

“Probably. Kind of too bad he’s stuck here.”

“Yeah, but sometimes smart people get stuck in stupid families. Happened to me.”

Henry sometimes wondered what Sam’s family were actually like. His parents had sucked, but his siblings weren’t coming home, so they weren’t total idiots. “You escaped.”

“Yeah, well.”

“I can hear you,” Levi muttered. “Not sleeping.”

“Okay. You should sleep, though,” Henry told him. “You’ve had a long night and we’re all going to have a long day listening to your cousins lecture us tomorrow.”

“Ugh. Assholes,” Levi yawned. “Laslow told me to sleep in the stable. Staying here instead.”

“Fine.” Sam rubbed the shaved side of his head. “But you have to leave in the morning. If anyone realizes you slept here, they’ll start asking us about what we were doing, and we don’t want anyone to have to lie to keep their oath.”

“Yeah,” Levi said. “Okay. Did you…trick me into…”

“No,” Henry assured him. “You practically forced yourself on us, Levi.”

“Oh. Sorry. Horny.”

“It’s fine,” Sam said. “You can stay with us tomorrow night, too.”

Levi nodded, and then very clearly dropped off, breathing slowing with sleep. “He’s out,” Henry said, heartbeat finally slowing.

Sam smirked, kissed Henry again. “You did a good job. I didn’t even need to tell you what to do.”

Henry positioned Levi on the bed, then pulled Sam down so Henry could slap him for that or something. “Of course you didn’t,” Henry said, deciding to kiss his neck instead. “It’s exactly what you did to me.”

Sam put his arms around Henry. “Not exactly. There was more blood with you. And way less sex magic.”


“Fuck you.”

“Gladly.” And Henry kissed Sam’s neck. He wondered, though, about what they had done tonight. If Sam ever could have done it alone.

But Sam’s thoughts, as always, were one still one step behind. “I only used that spell on you two or three times. Never as powerfully as I did tonight.” Henry rolled his eyes. As if it took more than one night for a world to change.

But it was as close to an apology as he would ever get. Henry bit Sam’s collarbone. “Then why the fuck am I so addicted to you?”

“Because you’re fucked up,” Sam said, gleeful, taking Henry’s head in his hands.

“Thank God,” Henry breathed.

Sam laughed now, a giggle. They weren’t going to be getting to sleep anytime soon. “You’re welcome.”

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