Noble, 45

Nobody Knows How to Hurt You Like Someone You’ve Spent Your Life with

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Giacomo’s hair fell to the floor in strands, pooling in his lap and around him in a curling lake of brown. Geoffrey made each cut carefully, not wanting his brother to look like an idiot.

He’d used the razor to shave up the sides of Giacomo’s head, everything below his eyes. Everything above that he’d trimmed, letting it be a little longer as a compromise, but not so long that it looked stupid. He snipped the last lock of hair and sat back, examining it. It seemed even on both sides, and it looked cute.

Geoffrey smiled, kissed Giacomo’s lips gently. “Okay, you can swallow now.”

Giacomo let out a breath and swallowed the load of cum Geoffrey had fed him before his haircut—but after facefucking him using his hair as handles. “I remember the first time you did that to make me stop talking. When you broke that window and didn’t want me to tell Dad, remember?”

Geoffrey laughed. “I remember. You stayed quiet long enough for me to blame the guy delivering the eggs.”

“I guess sticking cock in my mouth is forever an effective strategy,” Giacomo said with a small smile. “Can I see my new haircut?”

“Sure.” Geoffrey helped Giacomo to his feet, walked him over to the mirror, and stood behind him, hands on Giacomo’s upper arms. “What do you think?”

Giacomo looked at his reflection and smiled one of his smiles, and Geoffrey couldn’t help but throb against his back, kissing his neck. He’d been so stupid and nervous about coming to see Giacomo again, and he’d convinced himself it would be better if they didn’t talk. But all it had taken was waking up this morning holding his brother for Geoffrey to remember the way things were supposed to be. This was how it was supposed to be. The two of them, naked, fucking as much as they wanted, talking when they felt like it. Happy.

“It looks really good,” Giacomo said, touching it. “I think it’s going to start a trend.”

“Of course it will. Everyone follows the king.” Geoffrey kissed Giacomo again, grabbed the razor and some water. He started scraping it down Giacomo’s arms, getting rid of the small amount of hair he had there. Then he lifted Giacomo’s arms up, started shaving under there. Giacomo was making a face in the mirror. “Don’t pout,” Geoffrey told him.

“I’m not pouting,” said Giacomo. “Just wondering how many of history’s most famous kings didn’t have armpit hair.”

“Who cares?” Geoffrey finished under one arm, kissed there, then started under the other one. “You’re the only king who matters, and regnal portraits aren’t done in the nude anyway.”

“They should be, though,” said Giacomo, standing still while Geoffrey shaved him. When Geoffrey was done under his arms, he cleaned the razor off, then wrapped his arms around Giacomo’s chest, holding the razor away from Giacomo as he positioned his cock against his brother’s hole. “You can’t fuck me and shave me at the same time.”

“Why not?” Geoffrey asked, sliding a hand down to aim himself.

“Because shaving is foreplay.”

Geoffrey chuckled, pressed his cock easily into his king. “Everything is foreplay if you’re horny enough,” he told Giacomo, holding the razor between his nipples.

He didn’t want to hurt Giacomo, so Geoffrey fucked him gently, slowly, while he shaved his chest, making sure not to move him much. Then he moved the razor down, and Geoffrey stopped moving entirely, carefully shaving Giacomo’s pubic hair off. Giacomo’s breathing picked up. “You seem nervous.”

“No,” Giacomo muttered. “Why would I be nervous?”

“Don’t know,” Geoffrey said, gently shaving Giacomo’s balls. “You’re safe with me. I’d never hurt you.”

“I know that,” Giacomo whispered. “I love you, Geoffrey.”

“I love you too,” Geoffrey promised, balancing Giacomo’s dick on the razor for just a second. “From now on, I want you to make one of your servants do this for you once a week, got it?”

“I can do it myself.”

Geoffrey kissed him. “No,” he said. “Get a servant to do it. You deserve to be touched, all over. I want you to let a servant touch you everywhere, hold a razor to your balls, like this,” Geoffrey said, holding it under Giacomo’s. “And make you all smooth and touchable. Because then, when I see you, I’ll know someone had their hands all over you,” Geoffrey said, putting the razor aside carefully. He pushed Giacomo up against the mirror. “And it’ll make me do this.”

He fucked his brother then, rough this time, breath clouding the mirror as he slammed Giacomo into it, and Giacomo gripped the sides of the mirror, half his face reflected in it as Geoffrey ravaged him, his face a mask of pleasure as he enjoyed being dominated, like the slut he was.

Like the slut Geoffrey had raised him to be.

The mirror rattled as Geoffrey came inside his slut brother, resting there for a second. “Wonder how many of your servants will think to do that to you while they have you,” Geoffrey muttered aloud.

“Don’t know,” Giacomo said, sounding happy. “Not many.”

“But you want it to be all of them, right?” Geoffrey asked.

“Yeah,” Giacomo admitted, nodding. “I do.”

“Thought so,” Geoffrey said, pulling Giacomo back from the mirror. He’d cum on it. He stepped away, went to open the balcony door to let some fresh air and light into the room. “When do you have to go back to the castle?”

“Tomorrow morning,” Giacomo said. “I wish we could stay longer.”

Geoffrey did too, but that was how it went. This was what they’d wanted, right? This was what he’d wanted. “It’s okay. There’s still all of today left.”

“Yeah.” Giacomo came over and put an arm around Geoffrey. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” It felt weird to say that. It was true, and Geoffrey knew it was true, but there was so much between them now. So much more. “Did you really bring me here just to see me?”

“Yeah,” Giacomo said, with a sigh. He leaned on Geoffrey. “I just miss you. And I can’t have you come to the castle yet. So I figured I’d make you my secret mistress in the city. That’s okay, right?”

“Yeah, it’s okay,” Geoffrey said, feeling a little chilly. “I’m meeting with Franz soon.”

“Good, because Dahlia and I have to make a decision about going to his wedding soon.”

Geoffrey nodded. “Does she know you’re here?”

“Yeah. I couldn’t disappear for a day and a half and not tell her why.”

“Okay,” Geoffrey said, stepping out onto the balcony.

Giacomo came out with him, looking down at the street below. “You can’t get mad every time you remember Dahlia exists. I’m not mad about Janus.”

“I know,” Geoffrey muttered, looking down. Ordinary people, going about their lives. None of them were looking up. He wasn’t mad about Dahlia DiGorre. She didn’t matter. “We married people who let us be together. That’s the best we could have hoped for.”

“Yeah,” Giacomo agreed. “We should go back inside, it’s cold.”

Geoffrey nodded, but he grabbed Giacomo’s wrist and pinned him to the railing, kissing him possessively. “Geoffrey…”

“Giacomo,” Geoffrey said, spreading Giacomo’s legs for him. He pushed himself right back into Giacomo, Giacomo’s ass on the railing.

“People are going to see us…”

“Only if they look up,” Geoffrey muttered. “And so what if they do? They’ll just assume you’re a whore.”

Giacomo made a noise, arms around Geoffrey’s neck. Geoffrey held him in place, fucking him hard against the railing. “Or that you are.”

Geoffrey gave a hard thrust. “Yeah,” he agreed, panting on Giacomo’s face. “I’m the one who’s fucked half the city.”

Giacomo closed his eyes. “One time,” he said, between breaths. “I do it daily.”

“Yeah?” Geoffrey asked, gripping Giacomo’s back hard enough to bruise. “You’ve fucked who? All the nobles in Kyaine?”

“Yeah,” Giacomo whinged. “And their guards and servants.”

“And your servants,” Geoffrey added. “And Dahlia’s. Who else. Hans? Come on, no secrets.”

“Yeah. Hans. Been fucking him since I got back. Uh.” Giacomo sounded a little pained. Good. “Henry and his husband. And their servants. That’s how I got the alliance. F-Felix DiGorre.”

Geoffrey blinked, looking at Giacomo. “Really?”

“For a few weeks before the coup,” Giacomo muttered. “He was rough. Cliff and Antoine.”

“Their master?” Geoffrey prompted. If he’d known Giacomo was fucking Felix DiGorre, they might have been able to prevent Stephan’s coup.

“No, he won’t touch me. Uh…I fucked Jorge before I slit his throat.”


“Yeah, he sucked at sex. I fucked, I fucked most of our household guards, servants. Uh…”

Geoffrey could see the secret on his face, see him not wanting to say something. He kissed Giacomo, capturing his lip between his teeth for a second, biting just short of drawing blood before letting go. “Who else?”

“S-some merchants, some tradesmen, some knights,” Giacomo said, looking away. “Going to fuck the ven Sanctes at the wedding. The Imperials when they send their ambassador in the summer.”

“You’re leaving someone out,” Geoffrey accused.

“Am not. That’s everyone.”

Geoffrey released his hold on Giacomo, giving a hard thrust and letting him fall backwards. Giacomo yelped, loosing his grip on Geoffrey’s shoulders. Geoffrey caught his wrists, still fucking him over the railing. Below, people were talking. He hadn’t noticed them watching. “Come on,” Geoffrey said, smiling. “Tell me. Neville? Stephan? Ulrich? Who was it?”

Giacomo looked up at Geoffrey, eyes smouldering. “Dad,” he said. “I fucked dad.”

Geoffrey stopped fucking for a second, looking down at Giacomo. Had his eyes always been that colour? “Why?”

Giacomo pulled himself up, locking an arm around Geoffrey’s neck again, and then another one. “Because I wanted to prove that he loved me more than he loved you. It was why he was going to send you back east. So he could have me to himself.”

Unbidden, Geoffrey snorted, then laughed. “Of course it was. Of course it fucking was. How long?”

“Does it matter?”

“It does.” Geoffrey started moving again.

Giacomo shook his head. “A few months before he died.”

Dad had raped Diego around then too. Geoffrey knew how Giacomo operated. There’d have been weeks, maybe months of teasing, of breaking down Dad’s resolve, riling him up and making sure he was horny all the time.

And Dad had taken it out on Diego before he’d finally given in with Giacomo. Because Geoffrey wasn’t the son he’d loved the least.

Geoffrey fucked Giacomo wordlessly from there, thinking about Dad and Diego, and Dad and Giacomo, and what Giacomo must have looked like speared on Dad’s cock. It had been big, Geoffrey knew. For all that he’d seen Giacomo grow up, he’d never seen his brother fuck an adult, had he?

Geoffrey came inside Giacomo with a hard thrust that almost had him toppling over the side of the railing again but for his iron grip on Geoffrey’s neck. Giacomo had cum again at some point as well, a mess between them, and he was panting. He looked at Geoffrey, and Geoffrey looked at him. “Are you mad at me?” Giacomo asked, in a quiet voice.

Geoffrey kissed him hard. “No,” he promised. He didn’t have it in him to be mad at Giacomo. He never had.

“Good. Because I still love you.”

“I still love you too.” Geoffrey set Giacomo down, walked him back into the room with a wave at their audience. “Let’s go have a bath. You’re filthy.”

“So are you,” Giacomo said, taking Geoffrey’s hand. Naked, they walked out of the room and downstairs. The inn was still locked, and Geoffrey could hear screaming from outside the doors, but it wasn’t real. The innkeeper was behind the bar, apparently waiting for them. “Is the bath ready?” Giacomo asked him.

“Yes, my king. In the back.”

“Don’t call him that,” Geoffrey said. “He’s here in disguise. And unlock the door, let that mob inside.”


“Sh, it’s okay,” Geoffrey promised, kissing Giacomo’s hand. “They’re for you, not me.”

“For me?” Giacomo looked nervously at the door. “You want me to…”

Geoffrey pulled Giacomo towards the bath as the innkeeper went to unlock the door. “I want you to do what makes you happiest, Giacomo. We’re going to be in the bath in the back,” Geoffrey said over his shoulder, to the first people coming into the inn. “He costs a copper a cock.”

Giacomo’s hand tightened in Geoffrey’s, but he nodded and let Geoffrey lead him into the bath. “Is this my punishment for what happened in the plaza?”

Geoffrey kissed his forehead. “Why would I need to punish you for something that wasn’t your fault, baby brother?”

“So it’s my punishment for Dad, then.”

The first client was coming into the bath, and Geoffrey smiled. “You keep talking about punishments like you want one. If you’re so hard up for one, next time you bring us here for a meeting, bring a paddle and I’ll give you one, okay?”

“Okay,” said Giacomo quietly. “I really do love you, Geoffrey.”

“I really do love you too, Giacomo.”

“I know.” Giacomo stood up, smiled at the man. “Hi!”

Geoffrey sat back and watched, idly stroking his dick while the first stranger fucked his brother, and then the second, and the third. By the seventh, he was almost able to see them without picturing his dad doing the same thing.

By the tenth he could hear them without screams echoing in the background.

By nightfall, all Geoffrey was watching was Giacomo. Exactly like he had been for Giacomo’s whole life.

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