Sam/Henry/Gavin, Negotiation

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“If he tries anything, we kill everyone but the prince and leave,” Sam told Henry, as they approached the field where Gavin ven Sancte had asked to have their negotiation. He’d written Sam several letters over the last few weeks, and once they’d cut through the bullshit, it had come down to one basic fact.

Gavin was never going to be king of anything unless he killed a few members of his family. And he thought Sam could help him do that and then also win the ensuing war. Which Sam could. Having a like-minded king in Dolovai would help him a lot.

“Got it. Scouts haven’t found any sign of traps or a hidden army,” Henry reported. “He’s got a retinue with him but it’s no bigger than ours and only about half of it seems to be knights or guards. The rest are his servants.”

Sam snorted. He’d brought exactly two servants, and it was so the guards could have someone to fuck while they were travelling. “So he’s pampered. Perfect. He’s not getting his alliance until after we’re done fucking his spoiled little brains out.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for any servants of his you might want to keep too,” Henry said. “We’re here.”

“Is he here?”

“Yeah, he’s standing there looking like a loser.”

“Good.” Sam stepped forward. “I’m Samson of Clan Netzer, the Sorcerer King.”

“Nice to meet you,” came a voice, getting closer. His Kyn was really good. “I’m Gavin of House ven Sancte. I think we’re going to work well together, Sam.”

“Well, that hasn’t been decided yet.”

“Not yet,” Gavin agreed, closer still. “Calm down, I’m just coming for a handshake. It’s the traditional way to start a negotiation in Dolovai.”

“In my kingdom, it’s traditional to start a negotiation with a blowjob,” Sam said, smirking.

“Okay.” And then there was a thud as Gavin’s knees hit the grass, and Gavin was undoing Sam’s pants for him. Oh. He was a slut. Well, Sam could work with that. He took Henry’s hand while Gavin pulled his cock out, and it was in Gavin’s mouth right away.

Sam couldn’t help but grin, hand on Gavin’s head, pushing him all the way down onto his cock. “Well, I guess this isn’t going to be as hard as I’d thought,” he said.

“Yeah,” said Henry, sounding suspicious.


“Just seems a bit weird that he’d accept that so readily.”

“Whatever, he’s obviously a slut. It’s a good trait in a prince,” Sam said, thrusting into Gavin’s mouth. He hadn’t bothered to fuck Todd this morning, so he was all pent up, and he ignored Henry for a few minutes while he fucked Gavin’s face, harder and harder, wondering what his daddy would think of his son’s negotiating technique. Sam should tell him, and tell him about what Gavin was planning, and see if he could get the prince of Dolovai publicly whipped or…

Something cold snapped around the base of Sam’s cock, and Sam tried to step back. And couldn’t. “What the fuck?”

Gavin took Sam’s cock out of his mouth, and stood up. “Negotiating tactic,” he said, patting Sam’s shoulder.

Sam batted his hand away, reached for his magic, and couldn’t touch it. The Forces were gone. “What the fuck did you do?”

“Took your toys away until you learn to behave,” Gavin told him. To Henry, he said, “You can kill me if you really want to, I can see you planning. But I never told anyone where the key to this ring is, so Sam will never get his powers back if you do.”

“Then we’ll torture you until you tell us where it is,” Sam growled. “My guards outnumber…”

“They sure do,” said Gavin, as Sam realized what he was saying. He raised his voice. “Hey all of you! I’ve taken your king’s powers away. You can come fight for him if you want.”

There was no sound. A wind blew across the plain.

“That’s what I thought,” Gavin said. Wings flapped. “Didn’t even need my trump card.” Now there was gasping and screaming. “They’re on my side. Don’t worry, they won’t eat anyone who’s also on my side.”

“Fucking…dragons,” Henry whispered.

Sam’s heart couldn’t sink any farther so it just slowed down, making him cold all over. “You played me,” he said, reaching for his knife. He was going to kill Gavin. He was going to kill everyone here, all of them.

“Yeah,” Gavin said, hand on Sam’s wrist. “Don’t feel bad. I had time to plan. And I’m not going to torture you. Just introduce you to some people who have problems with your leadership. I’ve found that a few straight days of dragon gangbangs makes people pretty receptive to feedback…”

Sam fought, of course. He fought as hard as he could, but in the end there was nothing he could do. The reign of Samson the Sorcerer King was over. The reign of Gavin the Dragon King had begun.



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