Character Profile: Jerry

Name: Zsnahgyjr’mmekn-hrchk’nkkjdr’hkathznz, Jerry Allen (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Jerry

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: N/A

Eye Colour: Yellow

Height: 609 cm

Length: 1615 cm

Weight: 15,343 kg

Build: Long, draconic

Distinguishing Marks: Red scales, tail scar

Dick Size: Average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): N/A

Family Relationships: Wvnxxk’tayshzjn-cknekjt’nvrkl’nmjr (sire), Krnyln’oljka-skssnjl’tchkkhc’ktakkck, Hthcik’shesthethk-rngyou’szze’katc, several others (siremates), Kzarr’nnevethk-hngyou’eeen’tekth, several others (offspring), Kjznyyr’dzjkkran’yyghethkkn, (dam, deceased), Gavin ven Sancte (treasure), Owen Sanct (slayer)

Sexuality: Dragon

Preferred Positions: Mid-flight

Kinks: Biting, dominance, power

Orgies Attended: N/A

Bio: The oldest of a clutch of eight in the Amaran colony, Jerry had a normal dragon childhood, adolescence and adulthood. He left his sire’s cave at seven, survived adolescence with the help of an older siremate, and, when that siremate left the colony, took over his prime cave and hoard at the top of an important mountain. Jerry established himself as a higher-up member of the colony’s hierarchy, expressing considerable dominance over most of the other males in the colony, and mating with the matriarch on a number of occasions to produce several offspring. The youngest of these offspring was a shapeshifter whose abilities weren’t properly formulated, trapping him permanently in humanoid form. Jerry decided that it was incumbent on him to protect this offspring and make sure he survived into adulthood. Unfortunately, Jerry later came under the influence of a mind-altering artefact that compelled him kick his offspring out of the cave, fly to Three Hills and kidnap a human prince named Gavin ven Sancte, who was very pretty and fit very nicely into Jerry’s hoard. This resulted in Jerry’s death at the hands of an embarrassingly unskilled anonymous human warrior.


  • Jerry’s sire, several of his siremates and many of his and their offspring were and are shapeshifters, and Jerry was always displeased that he wasn’t
  • For several years after his adolescence started, Jerry was protected by his older siremate Krnyln’oljka-skssnjl’tchkkhc’ktakkck, whose cave and hoard he took upon his departure from the colony
  • Jerry maintained a slightly higher than average level of contact with all his surviving offspring throughout his life
  • When his youngest offspring was born with almost completely human characteristics, Jerry, rather than letting him die, chose to protect him, taking his survival as a point of pride
  • Prior to Jerry’s death, he was briefly attacked by a monster that, unbeknownst to him, was scouting dragons for the Sorcerer King to use in his plans
  • The memories from the last few months of Jerry’s life are a blur, he remembers being increasingly compelled to be alone, then becoming dissatisfied by his hoard, then feeling compelled to go out searching for something to add to the hoard to make it better, then seeing a human in the distance and wanting him very intensely. He was aware that tradition would require him to kidnap a female human instead of a male, but he, being a dragon, did not give a shit about their outdated gender stereotypes
  • Jerry never told Joey that he’d had another clutch of eggs when Joey was near typical adolescent age; he raised these offspring in another cave. They had not quite reached adolescence before he was killed, but three were still alive
  • Jerry’s last three thoughts before he died were a sudden clarity that his actions had been being controlled by someone else, followed by gratitude that he’d been freed from whatever had enslaved him, followed by regret that he’d mistreated his favourite offspring  

Quotes: N/A


  • Once his position in the colony was secured, Jerry used to leave the mountains once every few years to search around for new treasures for his hoard
  • Jerry was not the only survivor of his clutch; he had a clutchmate until just five years ago, when his clutchmate was killed in a fight
  • Jerry was fucked by Krnyln’oljka-skssnjl’tchkkhc’ktakkck for the first time less than ten minutes after being evicted from his sire’s cave. Krnyln’oljka-skssnjl’tchkkhc’ktakkck had warned him a few weeks earlier that he’d be waiting for Jerry’s independence
  • As he grew his hoard, Jerry was always on the lookout for an artefact that would grant him shapeshifting powers
  • Jerry used to occasionally see people in the vicinity of his cave, apparently searching for something. They would always disappear when he went to investigate. Not all of them were human
  • Jerry had heard from shapeshifting dragons that sex with humans was fun; he wanted to have it with his human treasure and tried to approach Gavin whenever he seemed to be horny, but couldn’t figure out how to communicate what he wanted to Gavin without killing him
  • Jerry’s favourite hobby was to fly as high as he could until the air got thin, then get lightheaded and dive all the way down to the ground
  • Jerry thinks that part of what snapped him out of his confusion was that the human who eventually killed him resembled Krnyln’oljka-skssnjl’tchkkhc’ktakkck’s shifted form so much

Modern AU: Modern Jerry is an investment banker who was really only close with one of his six sons, but due to complications with some of his clients, has been forced to suddenly move to Norway, where he is spending most of his time working, getting rich, and trying not to get arrested, all while hoping he can go home eventually. He is grateful that he taught all of his boys to be self-sufficient so they can survive without him, because he’s not sure Joey will forgive him for abandoning him, even if it was for the good reasons of making a lot of money and not getting killed by the mob. He hopes to come home soon, but for now, when he’s not working, Jerry likes to go to underground clubs and fuck strangers, go to normal clubs and fuck strangers, go to museums and fuck strangers, and buy expensive things to have in his house so that the strangers he brings back there will be impressed and want to fuck him.

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