Character Profile: Hugh

Name: Hugh of White Oak, Hugh Silver (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 59 kg

Build: Long-limbed

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Below average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Gabe (boyfriend), Neville (fuckbuddy/crush), Marcus, Daniel, Simon, Will, Charlie, Darian, Trevor, Al (fellow slaves, former) Ozzy (friend), Cassius (future owner), Cyrus, Stephan, Horace, Jensen (future hoardmates), Theodore Silver (master), Denny (fellow slave, deceased)

Family Relationships: Hardin of White Oak (uncle)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Seated in his partner’s lap

Kinks: Public sex, temperature play, marking

Orgies Attended: Regular Slave Orgies

Bio: Born in the small city of White Oak an day north of Merket, Hugh was raised by his uncle Hardin, a smuggler who didn’t really have money to take care of a kid but did anyway, at least until Hugh was old enough to sell into slavery. Hugh ended up being bought by Theodore Silver and serving him as a sex slave, at least until Theodore got bored with him and replaced him with a younger boy. Lately, Hugh has been waiting to be freed, spending time with his friends, and exploring dating, ending up with a boyfriend and a fuckbuddy he’d like to make a boyfriend, all in a few short months. Hugh is now awaiting his sale to a new master, which will let him be with his new partners, and make him part of Merket’s first dragon hoard, a prospect he’s very excited by.


  • Hugh doesn’t know what happened to his parents. His uncle only ever told him that they didn’t want him anymore. As he got older, Hugh began to notice that he didn’t overly resemble his uncle
  • Hugh wasn’t to interfere with Hardin’s work, so he wasn’t allowed outside and whenever there were people over he had to stay in the attic with the bags of food and other goods and not make any noise
  • Hugh knew he was destined to be a slave from a young age. Hardin periodically told him throughout his childhood that he’d have to sell Hugh once he was old enough
  • Hugh was initially bought by a rich merchant who wanted a friend for his son, but the merchant’s wife made him return Hugh, so he ended up being sold to Theodore two days later
  • Theodore always called Hugh thoughtful. Hugh didn’t know how to tell Theodore he wasn’t thinking of much, just being quiet
  • Hugh’s biggest regret is that he never took time to get to know Denny. Denny didn’t like him much, and Hugh just thought he was a jerk, until Benedict told them that Denny had killed himself
  • Meeting Marcus made Hugh angry, until about two months into Marcus living in the house, at which time he started to see what Theodore saw in Marcus—which made him hate himself until Trevor convinced him that was okay
  • Hugh tried to be kind to both Daniel and Simon when they came to the house. He’s never been convinced he did enough to help either of them
  • Hugh first spoke to Neville as a distraction. He was planning to just ask him about Kyaine, and isn’t quite sure how they ended up having sex. He also isn’t sure how they ended up having sex every day after that, but he’s not complaining and is very happy to keep that up—especially if Neville agrees to be his boyfriend
  • Hugh was expecting to enjoy the horny play Daniel and Ozzy took him to; he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the main actor and end up dating him a day later. He especially wasn’t expecting to want to live with him in a dragon harem for the rest of his life
  • Hugh’s crush on Marcus was accidental and long-lasting. He really thought they’d get together once Daniel came to the house, and was really upset when Marcus developed feelings for Daniel instead of him. It wasn’t until Marcus got together with Ozzy that Hugh realized he had no chance and made himself move on, and he’s happy he did
  • Hugh knows he’s supposed to want freedom, but he doesn’t. He’d happily stay a slave for his whole life. He just wants certainty, and not knowing what will happen to him if Theodore frees him upsets him


  • “No he doesn’t. Slaves don’t have rights.”
  • “He always frees his slaves eventually.”
  • “No fair. Marcus, I’ve been trying to get you to kiss me for a year. But you kiss Daniel the first time you’re close enough?”
  • “The guy before me never said it to me, Marcus. Denny hung himself from a lamp bracket after Theodore got bored with him and acquired me, so I never even knew him.”
  • “Was God really that invested in us taking it up the ass?”
  • “Fuck Theodore.”
  • “Yeah, slavery sucks. We should let people know.”
  • “Why’d you even come back? If you really are some cool assassin whatever, you could have just…left.”
  • “I know. I’m so, I’m so happy for you guys.”
  • “Okay. It’s weird. I’m the oldest now, so I feel like I have to…take care of everyone, you know. Even you.”
  • “Do I really need to explain that sometimes people who want to hit each other only want to hit each other because they have a boner?”
  • “Hey, your name’s Neville, right? Would you mind giving me a hand in the library? There’s a book I want but it’s on too high a shelf for me…”
  • “Thank you so much. That was the literal best thing I’ve ever done.”
  • “Daniel, I know you’re having fun, but this is important and I need to talk to the real you.”
  • “I’m the next one who’s going to get freed and I’m not ready for that. And I want to be with Neville,”
  • “I can’t say I’ll miss the games.”
  • “You do need to let me make my own decisions, even when you don’t agree with them.”


  • Hugh liked his first few days in the slave pens in Merket, because it was the first time he’d ever gotten to talk to boys his age
  • Hugh is left-handed
  • From the time Hardin deemed Hugh old enough to practice, Hugh had to give Hardin blowjobs regularly. He never knew what he was practicing for until he’d been sold
  • Hugh counts things when he’s waiting for something to happen. The highest he’s ever count has been twenty-four thousand and ten, while he was waiting for Theodore to call on him shortly before Theodore bought Marcus
  • Hugh no longer remembers his first time fucking Theodore. It blended into all the other times
  • Though he was never comfortable messing around with the other boys while he was Theodore’s favourite, Hugh quickly took to it after Marcus was purchased, especially with Trevor
  • Hugh isn’t quite sure which of them invented the concept of boy rules, but he finds them to be a profoundly useful way of navigating his relationships
  • More than anything, the thing Hugh wants to have someday is a pet dog
  • Hugh was worried that his relationship with Neville being mostly sexual with emotions coming after said something negative about him. Gabe convinced him that it was okay as long as the emotions were real
  • Hugh’s dreams are always in reverse chronological order

Modern AU: Modern Hugh is one of many wards of Theodore Silver, and has spent his adolescence in Theodore’s dubious care. Now that he’s older, Hugh has been spending more time away from Theodore, mostly in the company of his new boyfriends, guitarist Neville Roberge actor Gabe Saltpeter, and is considering moving into a horny commune with them. Hugh is a recent high school graduate and isn’t planning to go to university, instead pitching in with various activist causes pertaining to children’s rights and sexual assault survivors. When he’s not doing that, Hugh spends time with his brothers or his boyfriends, somehow managing to end up in the tabloids either way, and is also a big film buff who enjoys film festivals and the theatre, as well as zoos and random hookups in the bathrooms of all of those places.

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