Slavery, 100

If You Put in the Work and Persevere, Eventually You’ll Get Everything You Want

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“You have to actually come visit us,” Simon said to Hugh, sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor. “Not just pretend you are.”

“I’ll actually come visit,” said Hugh, leaning on a bag. He’d packed up his clothes, the clothes Daniel had paid for, into a bag to take with him. He didn’t even need them. Apparently Cassius was going to make him stay naked for the rest of his life. Hugh even seemed excited about that. But he was bringing the clothes anyway. “You can come visit me too.”

“Yeah,” said Marcus. “We will.”

They wouldn’t. Daniel didn’t need to wait for it to happen to know that. Maybe Hugh would come visit them a few times. But Marcus and Simon weren’t going to want to go get fucked by a dragon just to see Hugh. They’d be sad about it at first, then they’d get over it.

Daniel had already gotten over it. If that was what Hugh wanted, then let him have it. Daniel was happy for him.

“I can’t believe he’s still making me sit here and wait, though,” Hugh muttered, shaking his head. “We all know he’s letting me go; why do I have to wait until he calls me?”

“Because you still belong to him and he wants you to know that,” Daniel muttered, looking at his feet. “He’s not going to change his mind. But he wants you to remember that he could. He’s just playing a game.” That was what Theodore did. He played games with them.

Hugh snorted. “I can’t say I’ll miss the games.”

Hugh wasn’t going to miss much about being here. Daniel wasn’t stupid.

But he smiled, made himself look up. “Yeah. I don’t think dragons are smart enough for them.”

“How many other dragons do you know?”

Daniel shrugged. “The same as anyone.”

“Daniel,” said Hugh, sighing now. “It’s okay to be upset, you know.”

“I’m not,” Daniel said, making himself not look away. “I’m happy for you.”

“Sure,” said Hugh. He moved and sat beside Daniel, and put his arm around Daniel’s middle. “But you also don’t like where I’m going and you don’t like that I’m leaving. That’s okay. I’m going to do it anyway, so I’d like it if we could at least not be all awkward for the last few minutes that I’m here.”

Daniel wasn’t being awkward. Everything had been fine and now Hugh was making it weird. The room was so quiet suddenly, crap. Crap. “I just don’t understand why you’d…I just don’t understand,” he settled on.

“And you don’t need to,” Hugh said, quiet. “But you do need to let me make my own decisions, even when you don’t agree with them.”

Yes, Daniel did, because he quite literally had no choice. But that wasn’t what Hugh meant. What Hugh meant was that Daniel was being an asshole and ruining what was supposed to be a good day. And he was right, too. Daniel sighed. “Okay. I’m sorry.” Hugh was happy. Even if he was wrong, he was happy, and Daniel being sour about it was just going to make Hugh remember him as a spoiled little boy who wasn’t worth coming back to. “I am happy for you, I promise.”

“I know you are. You’re just sad for you, which is fine. This is how I felt when Trevor and Al left. You feel lonely even though Marcus and Simon are here too, and Ozzy. You feel like people are leaving you. You understand that it’s not you I’m leaving, right? You all do, right?” He was looking at Marcus.

“Yeah,” Marcus said. Oh, shit, Daniel was so stupid. Of course Marcus was having a hard time too, he’d known Hugh the longest. He should have been comforting Marcus, dammit. “We know. But we love you. And we have each other.”

“Exactly,” said Hugh. “And I am literally just moving down the road. You’ll still see me.”

It sounded like he really meant that. Daniel had known Hugh for a year and a half and he was sure Hugh actually meant that. And that did something stupid to his stomach, which did something stupid to his eyes, and he started crying. “I’m going to miss you,” he whimpered, holding Hugh.

“I know. I’m going to miss you too. All of you. Come here.” Hugh choked up, and pulled all of them into a hug, even Ozzy, who’d been kind of sitting awkwardly in the corner.

They all hugged each other, and all of them were crying, and that made Daniel feel like less of an idiot and more of an asshole. He wasn’t the only one who’d been upset. Nobody was happy. Even if they were all happy. Hugh was so happy.

And Daniel had no right to tell him not to be that.

When they were all finished crying and holding each other, Hugh sat back, wiping his eyes. “You guys will be okay without me, I promise.”

Daniel nodded, they all nodded. “We will,” Marcus said.

“Yeah, we will,” Simon agreed.

“Yeah.” Daniel got himself under control, rubbing his arms. “Yeah, we’ll be okay.”

The knock at the door startled all of them, and Hugh stood up, bag over his shoulder. “Okay,” he said. “It’s time.”

“Hugh,” said Benedict’s voice at the door, just like they’d been waiting for for over an hour, for three days. And then, “Marcus, Simon. The Master requests your presence in the sunroom.”

A knock at the door had Greg looking up from his cards. Sorry to bother you, said Eddie, one of his ears flopping down like it did when he was tired. It’s late. Did you guys need anything before I head out?

Grey Rain shook his head, looking at Greg. No, Greg told him, putting his cards down. We’re okay. Goodnight, Eddie. It was nice of him to ask.

Grey Rain waved goodnight too, and Eddie smiled. Goodnight. Your dads are already in bed.

Greg knew that. He could hear them and Edwin now that the door was open. “Thank you. See you tomorrow, Eddie.”

He nodded and shut the door behind him, and Greg took a breath, picking his cards back up. Grey Rain grinned at him. They were playing a game called Dead Boy, where they had to use the cards they drew to move pieces on a board, and Greg had been winning until a half hour ago. They’d agreed to play so that every round, whichever of them lost had to take some of their clothes off. Greg had been doing so well at the beginning, but was now pretty sure Grey Rain had lost the first few rounds on purpose so he’d have an excuse to take off the clothes Greg had made him put on so they were even.

He played a card, moved one of his pieces to block Grey Rain. Immediately Grey Rain played a card of his own and won the round. He grinned. I win!

Greg nodded, and because it was the rules, he stood up and took his smallclothes off, handing them to Grey Rain for safekeeping. Grey Rain was also naked, because his necklace counted as clothes. You’re really good at this game, Greg said.

You’re getting the hang of it too! said Grey Rain, after he’d put Greg’s smallclothes in a box with his other clothes. Want to play one more?

Greg did, but the only reason to play one more would be so that he could lose again and then Grey Rain could ask for sex, which he’d be uncomfortable doing. No, he said.

Grey Rain’s tail drooped, but only for a second. Okay! Let’s do something else! I’m not tired yet.

Me either, said Greg, and he pulled Grey Rain into his arms and kissed him, holding him in place until he felt Grey Rain get a boner against him. Then he let him go. But let’s go to bed anyway.

Grey Rain nodded, following Greg to the bed. They climbed in, and Greg started kissing Grey Rain again, rolling with him into the bed until Greg was on top of him, pressing their naked bodies together.

They held each other like that, kissing and touching, and every touch made Greg feel so good, and he knew exactly what he wanted to make them both feel even better. So he stopped kissing Grey Rain for just a second, looking down at him. Instead of talking, he slid his hand between Grey Rain’s legs, then down, getting him to spread them.

Grey Rain’s eyes went wide, and Greg nodded. Grey Rain reached and grabbed a bottle of oil from under their pillow, handing it to Greg.

Suddenly nervous, Greg opened it, put the oil on his fingers. He knew that having anal sex wasn’t the most important thing in the world, but it was something he’d been too afraid to try for a long time, and it was Grey Rain’s favourite thing, and they were both ready for it now. They were both…

Greg slipped a finger inside Grey Rain and felt wrong. Not bad wrong, not dangerous wrong. He still felt good. But it felt like…something felt off. Like this wasn’t what Greg wanted. But it was what Greg wanted, wasn’t it?

What’s wrong? Grey Rain asked.

Greg pulled his finger out, took a breath. I’m not sure. I feel a bit weird.

We can stop! That’s okay, I promise!

Greg knew it was okay. I don’t want to stop. I want to keep going, really. It was just a stupid thought in his brain, telling him not to be happy. He had those sometimes. They usually went away. But it didn’t feel like that. It didn’t feel quite the same. I just feel like something’s wrong.

“Something’s wrong,” Daniel muttered, as the room went still. “Why would he…”

“He’s not…he wouldn’t be freeing us too, right?” Simon asked, voice quiet, like if he said it aloud that would make it wrong.

“He…I don’t think he would,” said Marcus. “He never said anything about it.”

“He never frees anyone alone,” Hugh said. “But…”

“He’s not freeing you,” Daniel said. “He’s selling you.”

Simon blanched. “But he, he wouldn’t sell us to Cassius too, right?”


“I’m going to kill him,” Daniel said. If Theodore thought he was going to get away with selling all of Daniel’s friends to some fucking dragon asshole who wanted to kickstart a harem, Daniel was going to actually kill him.

Daniel pulled the door open, came face-to-face with Benedict. “What does he think he’s doing?” he demanded, which was a waste of time, because Benedict wasn’t going to answer.

“I don’t know,” Benedict said, surprising Daniel. “I was not aware he was planning to summon anyone but Hugh today. He told me you and Ozzy were invited to join them if you were so inclined.”

He sounded upset, which made Daniel even more angry. “I’m very inclined,” he growled. “You guys stay here. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“No,” said Simon.

Daniel looked over his shoulder. “Simon.”

“This is about us,” Simon said. “And you tend to say you’ll be back in a few minutes and then disappear for a few days. We’re coming too.”

“I…” That wasn’t fair, that wasn’t fair at all. Daniel had always told them when he was going to be gone. Except for when he hadn’t known, but it wasn’t fair for Simon to hold that against him.

Hugh put a hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “We’re stronger when we’re together,” he said. “That’s the point of being friends. Let’s go see what he wants.”

That was so easy for him to say when he already knew his future. But Marcus and Hugh both looked determined, and even Ozzy was nodding.

Daniel knew when he was defeated. “Okay,” he said, and he let them all follow him out of the room.

On the walk there, he glanced at Benedict, who only shook his head. Daniel looked away, and tried to spend the walk thinking about what he was going to say to Theodore. He didn’t know what game Theodore was playing, but whatever it was, he needed to stop playing it with Daniel’s friends’ lives.

Maybe he’d say it like that. That might work.

The sunroom door was open, and inside, Theodore was sitting with Cassius. “Ah, there you all are.”

“What the hell are you doing?” Daniel demanded, pushing into the room. “These are their lives you’re playing games with.”

“Yes,” Theodore said, nodding. On the couch opposite him were three sets of clothes and bags of money. He had papers in front of him. “You’ve very aptly explained this to me several times. And I think it’s time I stopped playing games with your friends’ lives. Hugh, your writ of sale is right here. I understand Daniel has taught you to read. You may look at it, if you wish.”

“I…okay,” Hugh said, coming forward. “But Marcus and Simon. You can’t sell them too, it’s not…”

“I am not selling them.” Theodore looked past Daniel, at them. “Come in, boys. You’ve lived here a long while now. Well, not so long for you, Simon. But Daniel has convinced me that you are able to live your own lives and make your own decisions. I’ve manumission papers here for both of you.”

Manumission. “You’re…freeing them?”

“You’re freeing us?” Simon asked, voice quiet.

“Why?” asked Marcus.

“As I said. Daniel has convinced me you are ready.”

“No,” said Daniel, feeling his stomach dropping farther and farther. “No, that’s not what I said. I said you had to let them decide when they were ready. You can’t just decide that for them.”

“I am not. I do not have manumission papers for you, so if you would allow me to conclude a sentence, Daniel, I would appreciate it.” Theodore took a breath, looked back at Marcus and Simon. “The decision is yours. If you’d rather remain enslaved for longer, you merely need say you aren’t ready to go and I shall not sign the papers. Of course, you need not leave, either. You are more than welcome to remain here if you do wish to be free. I can help you find employment if you wish.”

“You can’t do this,” Daniel hissed, moving closer to Theodore and lowering his voice. “That’s not a fair thing to ask them. They’re not ready…”

“You have done an admirable job convincing me that they should decide when they are ready,” Theodore told him. “Not me. And by extension, not you. I’m afraid I’m rather at a loss as to your objection, Daniel. You have spent months deriding me for owning your friends and telling me they would be happier without my collars on their necks. I am giving them—and incidentally you—everything you have been insisting on having. What else, Daniel, do you need from me?”

Okay. What do you need from me? Grey Rain asked immediately.

“I…” Greg didn’t know what he needed. He sat back, shutting his eyes for a second, just breathing. What did he need? He didn’t really need anything, right? He was comfortable and warm and safe and happy and Grey Rain was here and Owen and Gavin and Edwin were in the other room and everything was fine.

Greg didn’t feel fine, though. He felt like he needed something, like he wanted something. He’d started to feel that way when he’d started using his fingers on Grey Rain just now, but he wanted it, he wanted anal sex with Grey Rain so much right now, it was the only thing he wanted, so badly he could see it with his eyes closed, them kissing right here on the bed, their bodies pressed together, Grey Rain hard inside him, and…

Oh. Greg opened his eyes. I think I want you to be on top.

Grey Rain blinked up at him, ears perking. Are you sure? I thought you were scared of being on bottom.

Greg nodded. I am a bit. But…I know I’ll like it if you do it. He would. He was sure of it. Grey Rain wasn’t Ray. He wouldn’t hurt Greg, he’d never do that. And the more time Greg spent with him, the more he was sure. He’d hated what Ray had done to him because Ray had wanted to hurt him, and he had. He wouldn’t hate the same things with Grey Rain. He wouldn’t.

Grey Rain had the most serious expression that Greg had ever seen on his face. If you want, he said. But you have to promise to pinch me if you want me to stop.

I promise, said Greg, nodding seriously. But I also promise this is what I really want. As long as you want it too.

I want to make you happy, Grey Rain said simply, and then he picked up the oil, showing it to Greg and smiling.

Greg smiled too, and he lay down, spreading his legs. Grey Rain got the oil on his fingers, and he touched Greg gently, oiling up his hole too. He kissed Greg’s belly, sniffing him as he slid a finger inside. Greg tensed, and Grey Rain slowed. Then Greg relaxed. It wasn’t bad. It was good. He liked it.

He liked it when Grey Rain added a second finger after a few minutes, and he liked how Grey Rain was touching him all over, how he was kissing him and licking him, every where he could reach. He looked the way Grey Rain looked when he was checking up every half minute to make sure Greg was okay. He liked how loved he felt.

He didn’t know how long it was before Grey Rain asked if he was ready, but it didn’t matter, because he was ready, and he was sure of that. He wasn’t afraid anymore. Grey Rain crawled up to face him, still having to look up as he angled his dick into position. Are you extra-sure? Grey Rain asked.

Greg nodded. Extra-sure, he promised.

Okay. I love you.

I love you too, Greg said, because it was the truest thing he’d ever felt.

Grey Rain took a breath, and slowly slid himself inside Greg. Greg had long since given up the worry that it would hurt, but it was so easy, like they’d just been waiting to do this for the whole time. Maybe they had.

It was slow, and gentle, and soft and all the things Greg wanted. Grey Rain was more careful touching Greg than he’d ever been with anything else, his fang necklace resting on Greg’s chest like a protection charm.

Greg didn’t need protecting, not from anything right now, not as long as he was here in this room on this bed holding Grey Rain. He was so focused on how good he felt everywhere that he didn’t even stop to think about how good he felt in a few specific places. It was so amazing, and Greg felt like he was on fire and it was all pooling and pooling in his belly and until it couldn’t go anywhere but out.

He clung to Grey Rain and whimpered as he came, Grey Rain’s hair in his face, his ear right there and fuck it. Greg bit Grey Rain’s ear, earning a loud yelp from him and a hard thrust that had him cumming too.

Grey Rain looked up at him, eyes wide. Was it good? he asked. Did you like it?

Greg nodded, and kissed him. It was perfect. Did you like it?

Grey Rain nodded so fast. It was perfect, Snowball. Just like you.

Greg smiled, and he pulled Grey Rain closer, and Grey Rain just lay there on Greg’s chest, and Greg held him in place, just…happy. He was just so happy.

And they fell asleep like that, and Greg didn’t think there was anything else in the world he needed.

Daniel didn’t need anything. This wasn’t about what Daniel needed, it was about what Theodore was doing.

But he didn’t even have time to say that before Simon spoke. “I want to.”

Daniel turned to look at him. “Simon…”

“Don’t,” Simon said, shaking his head. “I want to go. I don’t want to be here. I…I hate living here. I love you, Daniel, but I hate living here.”

Daniel nodded, feeling dull. Of course Simon would want to leave. “Where are you even going to go? Your parents will just sell you again.”

Simon looked away from him. “I don’t know. But I’m not going to stay here.” He’d probably go stay with his girlfriend, the one he’d known for ten minutes. “And it’s not fair for you to try and make me feel bad about that.”

“I’m not,” Daniel muttered. “Go if that’s what you want.” It was good. He tried to smile, because it was good. Simon would be happier this way.

Daniel had never wanted him here anyway. He’d just gotten used to him.

Simon nodded and went to stand in front of Theodore. Marcus went with him. “Marcus…”

Marcus shrugged. “I…I want to be a person, Daniel. I’m going to stay here with you and Ozzy…but I’m tired of being a thing.”

“Yeah,” Daniel said, the dullness spreading. He looked at Theodore, who wasn’t even looking at him. He looked at his friends, his friends who were all leaving him.

They were all happy. They were all going to be happy now. This was what Daniel had wanted since he’d gotten here. It was good. It was a good thing.

He was happy for them. He was so happy for them. He stood there and watched Theodore sign all their papers, and he hugged them all and smiled and laughed and told them he was happy for them. He was. He really was.

This was good. It was what they all wanted. It was what Daniel wanted.

He was so happy.

He was so alone.

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