Villain, 94

Travelling Is So Much Work; it’s Fair to Want to Rest When You Get Home

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“Thanks for lending us your room,” Sam said to Laslow as he walked them down the stairs to the castle’s front entrance. “Hope having to sleep with your brother wasn’t too much hassle.”

“It wasn’t a problem,” muttered Laslow. Sam had spent an hour last night making him feel stupid by asking him questions about his clan’s spells that he didn’t know the answers to, and then a half hour this morning at breakfast making him feel weak by commenting about how impressive it was that he was able to hide that much of his power so easily, like it wasn’t even there.

Honestly, he was so easy to torment it wasn’t even fun. Sam was glad it was Levi who’d ended up in their bed. Laslow wouldn’t survive a day in Sam’s castle.

“It’s nice of you to say that, but I used to be someone’s little brother, so I know what a fucking pain in they are,” Sam said.

Laslow snorted. “Yeah. They are. Levi’s okay, though.”

“Is he?” Sam asked. “Guess you got lucky, then. Oh, sorry if your bed’s a mess. Henry gets needy.”

“Uh…it’s fine.”

Sam patted Laslow’s back as they came down to the bottom of the steps. “Thanks again,” he said, tagging him with a gentle spell to give him sex dreams about Levi for a few days.

Having god magic made it too easy. Sam barely even had to hide it.

One of the Lizards—the one Sam liked, maybe, he couldn’t remember—made a noise. “It’s a trap,” he muttered.

“Stop being stupid,” Sam advised. It wasn’t a trap, but a lot of sorcerers, maybe all of them, were waiting here for them. “If they were planning to trap us, they wouldn’t have used Laslow as the bait.” He stepped forward, letting Laslow decide for himself if that was an insult or not. It was.

“I’m glad we caught you before you left,” said Jakob, sounding a bit annoyed, as if Sam hadn’t fucking told him he was planning to leave. “We’ve spent the night discussing your proposal and we’ve come to an agreement that we hope you’ll find amenable.”

“I’ll find it amenable if you agree to my proposal,” Sam told them. “If you want to change some details and you’re expecting me to stay another two days to do that, you’ve made a serious error in judgement.”

“We have appointments to keep with other clans,” Henry added, sounding like he was softening what Sam had said but actually making it sharper. Sam approved.

“Yes, we know,” Jakob said, voice going stiff. “We’ve decided to accept your proposal, with one caveat.”

“Which is?”

“We’ll be sending a member of our clan to stay with you. Until we’re sure we can trust you. You understand.”

Sam made a face, shutting his eyes. “Fine. But there’s a difference between staying with me and spying on me. If I find out you don’t know that difference, I’ll be very angry at everyone involved, starting with your spy and ending with you.”

“He’s not a spy,” lied Jakob. “He’s only there to let us know how our alliances are progressing. And to study. The goal of this alliance is that we can all learn from each other, after all.”

That was not the goal of the alliance, but Sam sighed. “I already said it was fine, you don’t need to talk me into it. If this is what it takes then I’ll do it. Who are you sending with me?”

“My cousin Levi,” Jakob said immediately. “Laslow’s little brother. I don’t know if you met him or not, but he’s a very smart boy. And quiet. You’ll hardly know he’s there.”

“Fine. Is he ready to go now?”

“Y-yeah,” said Levi, in a nervous tone of voice that even Sam could tell was fake. “I already said goodbye to my parents and stuff, so…”

“Okay. It’s not like we’re kidnapping you, you can come back if you want,” Sam told him, letting Henry lead him to the door. He paused in front of Jakob. “Thank you for agreeing.”

“And for your hospitality,” Henry added. “We look forward to working closely with you.”

“As do we,” said Jakob. He clasped Sam’s hand far tighter than was necessary and for longer than he needed to before letting him go. “Our clans will do great things together.”

“No doubt,” said Sam. “I’ll get out of your way now.”

And he left, done being nice to these idiots. He walked out of their stupid fort that they pretended was a castle, down the winding path that they pretended was a road, and through the ruins of the town that they pretended were historically significant. The portal was where Sam had left it, the remainder of the Lizards already around it. “Last chance to hug and kiss your family,” Sam told Levi.

“I’m good.”


Sam stepped through the portal with Henry. They were soon followed by the Lizards, and Levi. Once they were all through, Sam snapped the portal shut and sighed. “Fuck, that took forever.”

“That last part went smoother than I expected,” Henry said. “How’d you convince them to do that?”

“Oh, well…” Levi chuckled a little. “I showed them my invisibility spell for the first time. They were…impressed with how good it was. I agreed to spy on you. I mean I’m leaving four hours of conversation out, but yeah. But I’m not going to spy, don’t worry.”

Sam snorted. “I know. I wouldn’t blame you if you did. I would cut your hands off, though. Clothes off.”


“I said get naked,” Sam told him, undoing his coat. “Clan rule, no clothes allowed in the castle. Keeps anyone from having secret weapons.”

“Except for those of us whose weapons are invisible,” Levi finished.

Sam’s coat fell to the floor and he lifted his shirt over his head. “Exactly. Sorcerers can do whatever they want. Anyone can. Everyone in Clan Arkhewer fends for themselves. If you don’t want someone doing this…” he grabbed Levi’s wrist, pulled him closer, then span him around to press him against Henry. He’d already lost his shirt too, and his pants were loose. “Then stop them,” said Sam, pushing Levi’s pants down, and his smallclothes too. “Sound easy enough?”

“Yeah,” Levi said, panting. He squirmed a little bit between Sam and Henry, but didn’t try to escape. “Yeah, makes sense to me.”

“Good,” said Sam, nipping at Levi’s neck as he freed his own cock. He rubbed it down Levi’s crack for a second. He had to bend his knees to get in position, but then he just pushed himself right into Levi. He’d been fucked enough not to need oil, and if he hadn’t, that was his problem now.

After the first few thrusts he found he didn’t need to crouch anymore. “Oh,” Levi said. “Oh.” It took Sam a second to realize that Henry was lifting him off the ground so he was at a better height.

“Of course,” Sam said, keeping his tone conversational even as he breathed on Levi’s neck and rammed Levi’s ass. “You can always go back, if you want to.”

“I…I’m good…” Levi panted, voice strained with pain. It just made Sam thrust all the harder. “I never want to go back there…”

“Good.” Sam drove into his ass again, and again and again. “Welcome home, Levi of Clan Arkhewer.”

Levi cried out like the slut Sam had made him into, his full name running a wave of libido magic through him and making him cum. He shuddered and clenched around Sam, which just made Sam ram him all the harder, giving his ass the treatment it had been built for. He pressed Levi hard against Henry as he came inside him with a grunt.

Then he stepped back, letting Levi hit the ground. “Feeling good?”

“Yeah,” Levi said, sounding out of it. “Can I have your clan secrets now?”

Sam snorted. “Not yet. Pick a dragon.”



Levi was quiet for a second, then he giggled, going over to one of the dragons. “I like this one.”

“Okay. You’re the boss,” Sam told that Lizard. “You can go first.” He snapped his fingers, running Chaos into the dragons’ cages, and they all fell off.

Levi audibly yelped as the dragons no doubt surrounded him, and Sam snickered to himself as he took his pants the rest of the way off and headed for the door. It opened before he could get to it. “Welcome back, your Majesty.”

Sam should not have been surprised to hear Derek. “What happened while I was gone?”

“Just a lot of letters. Some are from other sorcerer clans, but I think you’ll want this one first. It’s from James. He wants to talk to you, but he didn’t say what about.”

Sam sighed. “Probably the fact that Cassiopeia fucked up killing him.” Honestly, he couldn’t get five fucking minutes to enjoy being home. “I’ll answer it. This is Levi, in between all the dragons. He’s a new clan member, so when they’re done with him, show him around the castle and make sure he has a room.”

“Sure,” Derek said, sounding curious. Probably trying to figure out if Levi was a new Todd or a real person. He’d learn soon enough. Sam didn’t know if Levi was smart enough to avoid Derek’s bullshit, but at least he was powerful enough to put Derek in his place if Derek tried anything.

Sam pushed past him into the hallway, wondering how the fuck Derek’s skin could be that cold when he had all that fat on him. “I’m going to my room to have a proper bath and write back to James. I’ll hold court this afternoon. After being gone this long, no doubt everyone has forgotten who the king is again. And Levi had better be presentable by supper or I’m taking it out of your ass.”

“Yes, your Majesty,” Derek said, but Sam already wasn’t listening. He didn’t care that it was the morning. He’d worked hard in a lot of different ways that whole fucking trip. Now that he was back home, all he could think was that he’d earned a damn break.

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