Character Profile: Marcus

Name: Marcus of Merket, Marcus Silver (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: N/A

Title(s): N/A

Hair Colour: Auburn

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Build: Burly

Distinguishing Marks: Small scar on his right foot

Dick Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Ozzy (boyfriend), Daniel (crush), Hugh, Simon, Trevor, Al (fellow slaves, former), Theodore Silver (former master)

Family Relationships: Maria daughter of Martine, Donald son of Dean (parents, deceased), Martine daughter of Deacon (grandmother, deceased), Charlie, Will, Darian (fellow slaves, former)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Seated

Kinks: Dominance, role play, rough sex, wrestling

Orgies Attended: Regular Slave Orgies

Bio: Born to a carpenter and her husband in Merket, Marcus live with his mother until he was six, when she cut herself at work and ended up getting a serious infection, which first took her arm and then her life. Distraught, Marcus’s father committed suicide. Marcus was taken in by his grandmother, who was ill and didn’t have a lot of money, so he found himself trying to make his own money to help her out. Increasingly, Marcus acted out and behaved inappropriately, stealing or picking fights with other people, never sure why he was so angry. One day he tried to steal from a vegetable stall and ended up climbing over it to evade the owner, ultimately destroying the entire stall. The guard required Marcus’s grandmother to pay for the stall, and she couldn’t afford it and had to sell Marcus into slavery to do so. There, Marcus was bought by a wealthy investor named Theodore, who appreciated how strong Marcus was. Marcus has spent the subsequent years thinking that he isn’t nearly as strong as he pretended to be, and now that he’s accepted that, he’s much happier. Recently freed, Marcus has chosen to continue living with Theodore so he can be close to the two people he loves most.


  • Marcus was supposed to start apprenticing for his mother at his next birthday, but when she died, the carpenter who took over her shop already had two apprentices and couldn’t take another one
  • Marcus was never sure if his grandmother actually loved him or was just saying she did because she had to
  • Marcus hated Theodore from the minute he met him, hated all the other slaves, and especially hated Hugh. He got over all of that and felt bad, but that didn’t stop him from hating Daniel when they met
  • For a long time, Marcus thought Theodore was the only person who’d ever really loved him
  • There used to be a boy living next to Marcus named Wendell. Marcus used to bully him for being small and make him do stuff. One day Wendell got trapped outside in a winter storm and froze to death. The first thing Marcus thought when he met Daniel was that Daniel reminded him of Wendell
  • Marcus knew Hugh had a crush on him, and always felt terrible about not reciprocating, but he couldn’t make himself want to
  • Marcus has no idea what to do with his freedom. He’s pretty sure he had no prospects before being a slave and he knows he still has no skills
  • Marcus wakes up every morning certain that Daniel isn’t going to be there, and doesn’t know how to convince himself to stop doing that
  • Marcus spends a not inconsiderable amount of time thinking about all the ways he was awful to people when he was younger and wishing he could change that
  • The biggest secret that Marcus keeps and refuses to ever admit to anyone or even think about is that though he no longer loves Theodore, Marcus is still deeply attracted to him sexually
  • Marcus sometimes worries about the fact that he’s attracted to someone Ozzy’s age, and wonders if that makes him like Theodore. He tries to tell himself it doesn’t, except that he also thinks Simon is hot


  • “It’s fake, you know.”
  • “It’s real easy to get caught up in it. In how he makes you feel. But if you do, it’ll hurt when he stops caring.”
  • “God. I’m such an idiot. It’s not your fucking fault. I’m just…Hugh hated me, when I got here. He was better at pretending than I am, but he did. And now I’m turning around and doing the same goddamn thing and I just…It’s not your fault.”
  • “You’re allowed to say no to us.”
  • “It doesn’t get better. But you get better at carrying it.”
  • “Okay. I wish…that we could just have this. On our own.”
  • “He told us you were dead. Theodore did.”
  • “Fuck Theodore.”
  • “My ass needs a softer place to sleep.”
  • “Don’t give us that mysterious shrug. Why can’t you just answer a question?”
  • “Fuck that. Guys like me aren’t supposed to be pretty. I’ll leave that to you and Daniel.”
  • “You’re awfully demanding for someone with a cock up his ass.”
  • “It just seems weird. Why would you want to pretend to be a slave, of all things? Did he tell you that’s what he and Theodore do? Like he pretends to be a slave and is all ‘yes, Master’ at his feet. Why would you want to do that?”
  • “I’ll talk to Theodore. And Ozzy. I think. Maybe all four of us should talk together.”
  • “And while we’re at it, I’m not calling you Master anymore.”
  • “I…I want to be a person, Daniel. I was thinking I’d stay here with you and Ozzy…but I’m tired of being a thing.”


  • Marcus was born with eleven toes. He lost the extra one to frostbite when he was eight
  • Marcus has always hated summer and thought it would be better if he could live somewhere where it was always cold
  • Aside from jerking off on his own, Marcus had never experienced sex until he was bought by Theodore. Being raped by Theodore was his first time doing anything sexual with someone else
  • Marcus used to get lost in Theodore’s house at least once a week
  • After Daniel came to live in the house, Marcus was romantically involved with one of Theodore’s cleaning staff for about two months. Benedict found out and quietly fired the maid without telling Theodore
  • Marcus started messing around with Hugh and the other slaves a few months into his relationship with Theodore, after he realized Theodore would find it hot. At the time he was a little disappointed that Theodore never wanted to watch. Now he’s grateful for that
  • Marcus’s favourite food is peaches. Prior to coming to Theodore’s house, he’d only ever eaten one, at his mother’s funeral
  • Whenever it rains, Marcus tries to get the other boys to go outside with him in it. He likes it when their white shirts get see-through
  • Being with Ozzy for a few months has taught Marcus more about his own sexuality than he learned in the entire rest of his life
  • Marcus once briefly met a boy who he was totally sure was himself, but then everything went blurry for a second and he disappeared

Modern AU: Modern Marcus was removed from his grandmother’s care after a juvenile delinquency charge and put in foster care, and now lives as one of Theodore Silver’s sons. Now that Theodore isn’t interested in him anymore, Marcus is mostly just killing time until he graduates high school, at which point he’ll be allowed to move out. He doesn’t know if he will and he doesn’t know what he wants to do, but he’s looking forward to having that choice. In the meantime, Marcus spends most of his free time with Daniel and Ozzy, works with a local acting company and participates in the occasional Smash tournament.  

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