Jerry/Gavin, Prize

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The castle was a beautiful building, and a big one. In normal circumstances Jerry wouldn’t have noticed that, but he was currently very small, and so the size of human things was striking him more. This castle was very big.

And the human at the top of that tower was very pretty. Very pretty. Jerry wanted to add him to his hoard.

And what Jerry wanted, Jerry took. So he sailed down, circling the tower, noting that his decreased size meant that the humans hadn’t noticed him coming yet. He landed on the side of the tower, climbing in through the large opening.

Okay, he wasn’t as small as he’d thought, and he knocked down some of the support keeping the tower’s top in place. That was okay, though. The human was trying to flee, so Jerry covered him with his body, protecting him from the falling stone. He wriggled underneath Jerry, very tantalizing.

Jerry’s cock slipped out of its sheath, and the human stopped wriggling as it grew and grew.

When the rocks had finished falling, Jerry stood taller, looking down at his prize. He was soft-looking, with colourful human coverings—a mating call, Jerry thought—and light hair. He was looking at Jerry with big eyes, and, Jerry realized, he was specifically looking at Jerry’s cock.

Good. Jerry carefully reached down and shredded the human’s mating coverings, then licked a stripe up his bare body. The human shivered, his cock hardening, and he put his hands on Jerry’s neck.

Jerry licked him again, focusing on his cock this time, but then making sure his tongue went between the human’s legs, which spread for him. Jerry didn’t want to break his new prize, after all. But he was going to fuck this human right now. He couldn’t wait to take him back to his cave.

The human seemed to understand that, and spread his legs farther. Jerry gave him one more lick, then lumbered up into place, his cock twitching in anticipation. And Jerry pushed himself inside.

The human cried out, but Jerry got all the way to the first ridge on the first thrust, licking the human’s face to calm him down. He gave another thrust and got another ridge in, and the human was gripping his neck now, clinging to Jerry. Jerry put his foreclaws on the human’s shoulders, carefully so as not to hurt him, and began the work of fucking him. His cock had never felt this before, not with another dragon.

Human asses were a different breed entirely, tighter and softer than those of dragons. Cooler, providing a sensation Jerry was entirely unused to on his cock. For all that the human’s ass was small, he eventually took all of Jerry’s cock, and didn’t object that loudly to Jerry fucking him at a gentle pace, licking his face once in a while to show he was still paying attention to something other than his cock.

But his cock was the most important thing and soon it was ready to go, and Jerry growled as he pulled it out of his human, cumming all over him, marking him as owned.

He paused to rest for just a moment, and heard shouting. More humans were entering the tower, small weapons drawn. His human held out an arm, spoke to them, but Jerry didn’t give a shit about human diplomacy. He stuck his cock right back inside his human and took to the air, holding him close.

Every beat of Jerry’s wings thrust his cock up into his human again. Shrunk down to this size and carrying a human, Jerry would fly much slower. It was a full day, maybe longer, back to his cave from here.

He certainly wasn’t complaining.



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