Owen/Pierre/Odin/Murph, Challenge Accepted

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Fucking his cousins wasn’t such a big deal, Owen decided as he dropped his third load of cum into Pierre’s ass. It wasn’t that different from fucking other people, and it was a good way to make them stop climbing on him to assert draconic dominance.

Honestly, Owen wouldn’t have thrown Pierre over a table and started fucking him if it weren’t for the draconic dominance thing. But he knew how to handle dragons, and if Pierre wanted to be one, then so be it.

Owen pulled out all at once, earning a smoky gasp. Interesting. “Now,” he said, patting Pierre’s well-fucked ass. “Are you going to behave?”

“Uh…” Pierre was panting on the table, looking off to the side. “If I say no are you going to fuck me again?”

Owen snickered, leaned down and whispered in Pierre’s ear, “I’m going to fuck you again anyway. If you say no you’re not going to cum.”

“Then yes,” Pierre said with a nod. ”I’m going to behave a lot.”

“Good,” said Owen, hauling Pierre up to his feet. “Now you go suck Gavin’s dick like a good drake while I get a snack, and then we’ll finish the warmup.”

Pierre nodded and made it the two steps before dropping to his knees in front of Gavin, getting to work right away. Owen went over to the bar, where Odin and Murph were whispering at each other. “Can I get some water?”

“Uh. No,” Odin said, nodding.

Owen looked at him. “No?”

“Yeah. You can get it yourself. Because, well…”

“Because Odin is a dragon too,” said Murph cut in. “And he’s just as dominant as Pierre and honestly if you think about it, it’s kind of not fair that you fucked Pierre before Odin when Odin is older and hornier.”

Owen looked at Odin’s horns, which were definitely hornier than Pierre’s not-horns. “Well, okay. But you’re not challenging my dominance or anything, so…”

“But I am,” Odin explained. “I’m totally challenging your dominance by refusing to get you water. In fact, I’m never getting you water again. Or anything again. Ever.”

“Yeah…if you want water so bad, get it yourself,” Murph agreed. “Or even better, we could make Gavin do it.”

Well, Owen wasn’t going to stand for that. He went around the bar, and pushed Odin into it, ripping the back of his pants open. “Pour me some water,” he said, rubbing his cock on Odin’s crack.


“Yeah, you can go fuck yourself,” Murph agreed.

Owen growled and pushed his cock into Odin, who made a sound. A happy sound. “Wait,” said Owen, frowning. “Did you guys trick me?”

“Uh…no?” Murph asked.

“Totally not,” Odin agreed. “We’re challenging your dominance.”

“Right.” If a dragon wanted to fuck, he just said so. “Well, challenge accepted, and now you’re both going to get fucked until you can’t walk.”

“Wait, both of us?”

Owen pulled Murph over and yanked his pants down, started fingering his ass to get him ready. “You both challenged me.”

“Oh. I, I guess we did…”

As Owen started pounding Odin at an introductory speed, he heard Gavin mutter to Pierre, “You know, I’m really starting to see the family resemblance between them.”

Pierre chuckled around Gavin’s cock, so that had probably been a joke, but whatever. Owen didn’t think they looked much alike since Odin’s new hair had come in. Though tomorrow Odin would have a pretty distinctive limp to distinguish him from Owen.

At the rate this was going, all Owen’s cousins would have that limp tomorrow. If they wanted to be dragons, then Owen was going to treat them like dragons should be treated.



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