Pierre/Lyren, Pierre/Owen/Gavin, Conserving Energy

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“Bye, Iago,” said Pierre, kissing him. Then he kissed Julian too. They were both super cool. “You should come play with me sometime! There are hardly any boys my age in Techen’s Stand and it’s super boring.” He’d tagged along with Owen and Gavin on their way up here for fun, and then they’d left him here for weeks while they went to fight pirates and junk. But that was okay, Pierre had found ways to entertain himself.

Iago beamed, which was the standard thanks Pierre got for showing a boy how sex worked. He and Julian had already known a little bit thanks to Darby, which was awesome, because Pierre was going to hang out with him later too. “Okay! You could come eat supper with my mom and sister and us!”

“Okay,” said Pierre, who was definitely excited to meet Iago’s mom. She was really important and she also had a baby with her who was the king of Kyaine. Pierre didn’t know if his powers would properly work on a baby, but Lyren would help him with that. “Sounds awesome. Thanks. Thanks, Drew!”

“Sure,” said Drew, one of Gavin’s servants, who seemed to be in charge of babysitting Iago and Julian, even though they were definitely old enough to have baths by themselves. But mixing it up a little and indulging older boys could be fun, and it had been a good bath. “See you.”


Drew took Iago and Julian away, and Pierre quickly popped his head back into the bath. Robby was in there sucking Edwin’s dick, and Pierre gave him a mental pat on the back for encouragement. He’d been horny for Edwin since before Pierre had even read his mind, so today was a big day for him. Nobody was surprised that Robby hadn’t needed his help to get his just dick desserts, but Pierre sure was proud..

Pierre went inside, nudged Lyren, who was standing by the door. “Stop staring at him.”

“I’m not,” said Lyren, who’d been staring at Cal.

Pierre rolled his eyes. “Okay. I’m going to go convince Owen and Gavin to make a detour to Great Scar.”

“That’s so out of our way,” Lyren complained.

Pierre sighed. “No It’s really not. Anywhere where there are people is in our way. Nobody pays attention to little towns like mine, and there are so many of them. Trust me, we can get so much more done on an honest tour of a hundred villages than hiding in Three Hills, pretending that planning is the same as helping.”

Pierre did want to go to Three Hills, though. It sounded cool.

“You just want to turn your brother into a priest,” Lyren accused. He wasn’t actually upset, though. Pierre could feel his amusement.

Pierre grinned. “Odin would make a terrible priest. As our grandpa always says, though, I’m sure we can find another job for him. I’m going upstairs.”

“Good luck.”

“I never needed luck getting people to fuck me even before you gave me powers,” Pierre teased. “Stop staring at Nathen while the sun’s shining.”

Lyren rolled his eyes and disappeared, but only physically. Pierre went up the stairs, humming to himself, and let himself into Owen and Gavin’s room. They were kissing on the bed, and stopped when Pierre came in. “Hi, Pierre, we’re busy.”

Pierre nodded, coming and sitting on the bed with them. “Sorry to bother you! Remember when you said I could ask you questions if I had any, about growing-up stuff? I have one! How come Iago and Julian don’t have skin on their dicks?” he pulled his out, tugging at his foreskin. “Right here, I mean.”

Owen sighed and sat straighter. Pierre stopped Gavin from leaving by sitting on him, and within ten minutes he had his hands on both their dicks. Ten more, and they had theirs on his. He could have done it faster by using his powers, but the less he used them, the less detectable it would be, and the more he could conserve them for actually important stuff like getting them to make pants illegal.

Besides, Pierre thought five minutes later as he put Owen’s dick in his mouth, it was fun to do things the old-fashioned way.



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