Maple Song/Mads/Dream Fox, Bottom-Sized

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“Okay!” said Maple Song, tossing one of Shadowwatcher’s special future-telling magic rocks into the air. They were special so they shouldn’t be used for not-important stuff like deciding what to have for supper or deciding which foot to lick first, but this was super important and about destiny and stuff, so Shadowwatcher had said it was okay to use one.

The stone fell to the floor and bounced away, and Maple Song scrambled after it. “Crap,” he said, chasing it across the floor. It rolled under the table and Maple Song went after it, banging his head on the leg.

“Are you okay?” Dream Fox asked him from the bed, sitting cross-legged with Shadowwatcher.

“I’m fine!” Maple Song took a deep breath and charged after the stone, getting tangled in the chair legs. “I got it!” The stone was there, laying on the floor, black side up. “It’s white,” he called out.

“Maple Song.” Shadowwatcher’s voice was different because he was borrowing Crow’s body, so he sounded like a little boy. But he still sounded like Shadowwatcher, and he still sounded like Maple Song shouldn’t lie.

Maple Song sighed. “It’s black,” he muttered.

“Yay!” said Dream Fox, uncrossing his legs. He’d picked black before Maple Song could, even though Maple Song would have picked white anyway, because everyone knew white meant the future was good, and the good future would have been the one where he got to fuck Shadowwatcher in Crow’s body first.

Maple Song grabbed the stone with a sigh, wondering how the future could have betrayed him like this, and then tried to get out from under the table, which was hard because he was stuck in the chairs. One chair moved one way and another chair moved the other way, and his tail got stuck around one leg and then he banged his head again, and it took Maple Song a really long time, maybe at least a minute or something, to get out.

Then he stood up and shook himself off, making sure his tail and his dick were still in place. Everything seemed fine. Dream Fox had Shadowwatcher on his back and was giving him lots of kisses, his dick already inside Crow’s butt.

Maple Song put the traitor rock back in the box with the others, and went to go sit on the bed and watch. Crow and taken Shadowwatcher’s body somewhere while they did this, and Gold Flea was out with Cato teaching him how to get peed on, so it was just the three of them.

Dream Fox’s tail was wagging from side side to side as he moved his hips, kissing Shadowwatcher’s face. “You’re doing it wrong,” Maple Song told him. “You should put your feet further back, and you should put your hand here and go a little faster…”

“Sh,” Dream Fox told him, still fucking Shadowwatcher the same way. “I know what I’m doing.”

He obviously didn’t, but it was his turn, and so Maple Song just sighed and let him have it. Shadowwatcher looked so small like this since he was small like this, and it made Maple Song think that it would be cool if Shadowwatcher were always this small, like Maple Song’s little brother or something.

But then they wouldn’t have big Shadowwatcher, which would make Maple Song sad, so it was good that Maple Song didn’t have a little brother, he guessed.

Finally, after like a million years, Dream Fox gasped, gave Shadowwatcher a big kiss on the mouth, and shook his ass like he always did when he was cumming. Then he lay there for a minute, just cuddling Shadowwatcher.

Maple Song didn’t want to be impatient so he waited for a few heartbeats, then leaned in. “It’s my turn, it’s my turn.”

“Okay, fine,” Dream Fox muttered, pulling his dick out. He gave Shadowwatcher another kiss, and Shadowwatcher kissed him back. “Thank you, Shadowwatcher.”

“Thank you, Dream Fox,” said Shadowwatcher, smiling at him. “Come on, Maple Song, I see you being patient.”

That was good because Maple Song had been being really patient even though his dick was really hard and really horny. Now that he had permission, Maple Song leapt on Shadowwatcher, kissing his chest and arms, wriggling around as he tried to get in position. Crow’s body was so small! Maple Song hoped it stayed small for a long time, too!

He finally found Shadowwatcher’s asshole, and Maple Song pushed his dick right inside, and gasped at how tight it felt. It was way better than his friends’ asses, he decided, getting moving right away, because Dream Fox had taken a long time so Shadowwatcher would like it if he went faster.

Shadowwatcher had probably liked all the kissing too, so Maple Song kissed him also, mostly on his face but also sometimes on his neck or his hair, and he made sure to do a really good job fucking him. Everyone said Maple Song was super good at being on top, and since Shadowwatcher was the best person at sex in the whole world, it was really important that Maple Song do his very best job fucking his borrowed ass.

Maple Song felt so good and happy all over, and he was having a hard time breathing because it was so cool. He started shivering as he started to get closer, picking up speed inside Shadowwatcher, kissing him harder. He even pinched one of Shadowwatcher’s nipples, because he was pretty sure Shadowwatcher would like that a lot!

Shadowwatcher made a happy moan so Maple Song had been right, and knowing that was enough to make Maple Song cum all the way up Shadowwatcher’s ass with a half-bark that filled the new house.

Once he was done, Maple Song collapsed, panting, tail still moving. Shadowwatcher was holding him, petting his hair and his back. “Good boy, Maple Song,” he said. “That was really good.”

Maple Song grinned. “Thank you! I wanted to do a good job so you’d like it! You liked it, right?”

“I liked it,” Shadowwatcher confirmed. “With both of you. Crow isn’t going to be back for a while, so if you can both promise to share, maybe we can…”

“I’m going to go in his mouth first!” Maple Song declared, hopping up.

Shadowwatcher chuckled, but didn’t disagree, and neither did Dream Fox, and they got started. They had lots of time until Crow came back, probably. And if he got back early, he could join in and fuck them, if he wanted.

Eventually Shadowwatcher and Crow would have to go back in their own bodies, but Maple Song wasn’t sad about that. He was having a lot of fun right now, but he and Dream Fox both loved Shadowwatcher just the way he normally was.

But since it might be a while before they could beg him to be bottom-sized again, they were definitely going to take advantage of this while they had it.



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