Ray/Cal/Joey/Wes/Sully/Travis/Mick, Head Start

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Wow, Ray had been short as a kid.

He’d have time to consider that later at length and in front of a mirror, though. For now, Bob had sent him back into his old-young body for important reasons. So Ray stopped looking at his dick, pulled his pants up, and headed down the hall.

He still remembered the way to the team’s room even after all this time, and paused outside the door, listening in. It didn’t sound like they were having sex, which was unusual for them, but Ray would fix that anyway. He went in without knocking.

“Oh,” said Cal, sitting up from where he’d been laying on the floor. “Hey, Ray. Everything okay?”

“Yes,” Ray promised, shutting the door behind him. “I’m very horny and I’d like to have sex with you,” he said, coming in and sitting on Cal. He couldn’t tell them he was from the future, but he could ingratiate himself with them as soon as possible so he could make sure to guide them to and away from certain decisions. And the best way to do that was to become their boyfriend.

Also temporal vertigo was making him super horny and if Ray didn’t cum soon he was going to pass out.

“Uh,” said Cal, as Ray positioned himself. “Listen, we should probably talk about this…”

“Sure,” Ray said. He kissed Cal, hands on Cal’s neck in the way that Cal liked, using enough tongue to get Cal to kiss him back. Fortunately he remembered very well how he’d gotten Cal to fuck him last time. “I could really use some education in sex,” he told Cal, and the rest of them. “You guys seem so knowledgeable and I’ve only ever heard stories.”


“I’m sure we could teach him some stuff,” Wes said, sliding off the bed to come sit with them. “If everyone wants.”

“Yeah!” said Joey. He was already naked, of course. “Let’s teach him about cocksucking!”

“Like this?” Ray asked, taking Joey by the dick and sliding his mouth over it, playing with his foreskin in the way that always made Joey’s knees knock together.

Joey, knees knocking together, put his hands on Ray’s head. “Oh wow. He’s, uh, he’s good at this.”

That wasn’t the only thing Ray was good at, and he started grinding his hips against Cal’s, reaching for Sully’s pants as he came close and deftly reaching into them for his dick.

The movement made Ray, sensitive from temporal vertigo, cum in his pants, with a quiet whimper. “Wow, he wasn’t kidding about being horny,” Cal muttered.

“Here, let’s get him out of these pants,” Wes said, kneeing behind Ray and undoing his pants. Ray wrapped his tail around Wes’s neck as he did that, trying to pull him closer.

Wes got the hint and started licking Ray’s ass, and Ray’s other hand ensnared Travis as well as he resumed grinding Cal. He glanced at Mick and winked, knowing it would take him a minute to join in.

That was okay. Ray didn’t have a ton of time, but that was why he’d arrived early, so he could use his head start to full effect.



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