Dragon, 114

A Birthday Spent with Family Is Destined to Be A Memorable One

This chapter is a celebration of the series’s seventh anniversary, which happens on Monday. A huge thank you to every single reader of this story, you’re all amazing and having you here means the world to me.

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Owen woke up with two tongues on his cock, so it was already a pretty good birthday before he’d even opened his eyes.

He did open his eyes though, just to make extra-sure that the tongues belonged to the people he thought they did, and there were Gavin and Edwin, licking him up and down, working together on Owen’s cock.

He had no idea how long they’d been at it, but it didn’t matter when the sight alone was what it was. Owen came, and Gavin moved fast, getting his lips over Owen’s head just in time to catch it all, swallowing every drop of Owen, looking up at him and meeting Owen’s eye.

Once Gavin was done swallowing, he kissed Edwin. “Take over,” he said, and he slid up to meet Owen as Edwin put his mouth on Owen’s cock. “Happy birthday,” he said, kissing Owen deeply.

“Thanks,” said Owen, taking Gavin’s ass in both hands. “And thanks for the present.”

“Oh, that’s not the present,” Gavin promised. “There are lots of presents later.”

Owen smiled, kissing him again. “I told you I don’t want a million presents.”

“I know. So I only got you nine hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine,” Gavin promised. “A thousand of them are pairs of socks, since that’s the only thing you told me I could get you. Which also, if you had just told me some things you wanted I’d have gotten you those and saved you having to get other things.”

“All I want is to spend time with my family,” Owen promised, with another kiss.

Gavin made out with him for a minute before pulling up. Edwin took Owen into his throat. “See, last year all you wanted was to stay in bed.”

“Yeah, well, last year we didn’t have kids.” Owen thought about it. “I mean, they can come in bed with us, but we probably have to stop having sex either way.”

“Yeah,” Gavin said with a sigh. He rested his forehead on Owen’s when Owen tensed, and let Owen hold him while he came in Edwin’s mouth.

Edwin came up to join them and Owen held him too. “Happy Birthday,” he told Owen, kissing him.

“Thanks. I love you both.”

“We love you too,” Gavin muttered. “Edwin got you a present.”

“You didn’t…”

Gavin smacked him. “Don’t tell people they didn’t need to get you stuff, of course they did. Are you going to go out there and tell Greg and Grey Rain they didn’t need to get you stuff?”


“Then don’t do it to me and Edwin either. We also love you, dumbass.”

Owen chuckled. That was obvious from Gavin’s tone. “Okay. I won’t complain.”

“Good, because I bought you a boat.”

“I already have a boat, don’t I?” Owen had never seen the boat.

“Yeah, but this one’s a riverboat for High Haven.” As he said that, Edwin was reaching down, and he took Owen’s cock in hand and guided it to Gavin’s asshole.

Owen kissed the top of his head. “Thank you,” he said, popping inside Gavin.

Gavin nodded and sat up, sliding down on Owen’s cock, hands on Owen’s chest. He moved back and forth and started to ride Owen.

Edwin kissed Owen, cuddling with him. Gavin wasn’t touching his own dick, so Owen did it for him. Together the three of them just moved like that for a good while, Owen letting Gavin ride him, kissing Edwin, holding both of them.

Once Gavin had cum all up Owen’s chest and Owen had filled Gavin up, he and Edwin switched places, Edwin riding the hell out of Owen while Gavin kissed Owen’s breath completely out of him.

Only once Owen had cum again and Edwin had added to the mess on his chest was Owen allowed to sit up. “You guys are the best.”

“You haven’t even seen Edwin’s gift for you yet,” Gavin said, stretching as Edwin went red. “It’s really cool.”

“It’s not that big a deal,” Edwin muttered.

Gavin nudged him. “Don’t make me lecture you too,” he said.

“Okay, okay,” Edwin said, leaning on Owen’s shoulder. “You know he’s planning to give you a birthday spanking, right?”

Owen nodded. “I know. I got three last year because he kept forgetting he’d already given them to me.”

“Hm, weird, he normally has such a good memory.”

“Yeah, wild.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to spank you now,” Gavin promised, pulling Owen and Edwin to their feet. “It doesn’t count if everyone doesn’t see it happen. Come on, they’re probably waiting for us to get up. Since we have to do the party thing tonight, we’re doing the real birthday thing now.”

Owen nodded. “You know, the best birthday present I could ask for would be not to have to go to the party thing.”

Gavin patted his ass. “Sorry, you know the rules. But don’t worry, we only have to go for like a half hour and then we can sneak off and fuck in the kitchen or something.”

“Sounds perfect,” Owen laughed. He followed Gavin to the door and out into the main room without getting dressed, and was immediately tackled by Grey Rain, who climbed up him, making Owen hold him. Owen managed to wave.

Grey Rain kissed him, then said, Happy birthday! King Cat said the best present I could give you would be to not try to have sex with you for a day, but I thought of something better than that!

Owen chuckled and put him down. Awesome. Thank you.

Greg hugged Owen next, just as naked as the rest of them. “Happy birthday,” he said.

“Thanks,” said Owen, patting Greg’s back.

Owen had figured Ron would come by, but he hadn’t expected his cousin to be there first thing in the morning, but there he was, naked and hugging Owen. “Hey, you. Happy birthday.”

“Thanks, Ron,” Owen said, hugging back. “How was your trip?”

“I’ll tell you later. I figure we’re both too old and married for the usual birthday present, so I got you a magic plant, which you’re not allowed to kill.”

“Deal,” said Owen, waving at James, who was sitting at the table. “Did Gavin make you all get naked?”

“Nope,” said Twig, who came over, moved to hug Owen, then tried to shake his hand instead. Owen hugged him and he squeaked. “We all just decided it was a birthday party and you were likely to come out in your birthday suit, so we should join you. Would have actually been really embarrassing if you’d put pants on, so thanks for staying on theme.”

“Always,” Owen promised. “Hi, Dante.”

“Hi.” Dante looked a little uncomfortable, even more than James.

“You said I could invite Dante to all family events, and this is a family event, so I hope it’s okay.”

“Of course it’s okay,” Owen promised, going over to sit at the table. Ron’s magic plant was there in a pot, wiggling a little. Owen poked it.

It spat pollen on him. “He’s just saying hello,” James told him when Owen drew back. “He’s a Knight’s Heart. He’ll relieve stress and tension for you. He likes sunlight and water and being spoken to in a soft voice.”

“He also induces sex dreams, so up to you whether you want him in your bedroom,” Ron said in Owen’s ear.

Owen had a lot of sex dreams even without the magical plant, but how could he ever turn down the possibility of having more? He waved at the plant. “Hi,” he said.

“Here, I got you something too, which I’m giving you now so that you’ll have forgotten about it by the time you get the gifts from all the kids and husbands,” Twig told him, pushing Owen some fabric.

“A coin purse?” That was sure what it looked like.

“Yeah, but it has this pouch around it that makes it harder to steal. Since you get robbed like every day.” Twig was blushing. “Anyway, Greg, what you got there?”

Owen ruffled Twig’s hair, turning to Greg, who had a small book, which he handed to Owen, biting his lip. “It’s not really finished, but I ran out of time, so…”

Owen ruffled Greg’s hair too, opened the book to a really detailed drawing of himself fighting a dragon. “This is really good.” Not just a dragon, he realized, looking closer at it. The dragon. Joey’s dad. There were a few drawings of Owen fighting him, with Gavin in the background, and then one of them kissing afterwards. It was followed by a few more drawings of Owen fighting ghouls, trolls, an ice wizard… “Greg, this is awesome.”

“Thanks,” Greg said, shrugging. “Gavin helped me with the details, and so did Aria and Cleo. I thought I could keep adding to it since you’ve had so many adventures and I didn’t even get to the part where you came to the capital.”

The last picture was Owen scaring off the dragon that had threatened them when Gabrielle had been taking them home. He nodded, tearing up. He hugged Greg. “These are fantastic even if you don’t do more. But if you do, I definitely want them.”

Greg nodded, arms sliding around Owen again. “I love you,” he said.

“Love you too.”

Grey Rain let them hug for a minute until Greg was done, then he sat on the table, holding out a badly-tied bag to Owen, a really serious look on his face even as his tail wagged back and forth.

Owen took it, smiling. He opened the bag, looked inside. There were a bunch of little carvings in there, adorned with paint and feathers and beads. He pulled one out. It was a wolf. That’s Moon Fire, Grey Rain told Owen. He helps people in battles and stuff. And that one’s his brother World Cave. He protects people’s families.

Did you carve these? Owen asked, setting the two wolves on the table and taking out a bird. He’d seen Grey Rain carving once or twice, but hadn’t realized he was good at it. The little figures were all really detailed, and had little letters carved into them and everything.

Grey Rain nodded. In Hornfish Town I could have bought some, but they can find you better if you make them yourself. That one’s Skymaker. She’ll help you if you get lost. And he’s Thunder Horn. He’ll keep you safe from storms. And that one’s Sycamore Sword. He’s really good at sex!

Owen snorted, setting the moose and the goat next to the others. Are these gods?

Gray Rain gave another nod. There’s one more.

Owen took out a little ox, painted red. Who’s he?

Sun Runner, Grey Rain said, looking at him. He gives favour to people who help other people.

Now Owen had tears in his eyes again, and he hugged Grey Rain, kissing the top of his head. Thank you, he said, once they were apart again.

I’m not sure if they can find me here, Grey Rain admitted, looking uncomfortable. But I want them to find you. You have to wear the fetishes or put them somewhere important. Gods don’t like to be decorations.

Promise, said Owen, touching Sun Runner’s back. Love you.

I love you too. If the gods are ever mean to you, make sure to tell me so I can beat them up for you. Oh, and Sycamore Sword can be hard to understand! He’s easier to talk to if you get a blowjob from a Speaker.

Owen laughed at that, giving Grey Rain a little shove. Grey Rain was grinning now. Okay, Speaker. I’ll keep that in mind.

Grey Rain nodded and hopped down from the table, turning to the fetishes. You all be nice to Red Wolf! He’s really important!

He sat on Greg’s chair with him, leaning on him while Greg translated stuff and watching as Gavin elbowed Edwin, who made a face but pulled something out from under his chair. It was a wooden shield with a coat of arms Owen didn’t recognize painted on the front. “This is a decoration,” he warned. “Don’t let anyone hit it or it’ll snap in half.”

Owen took it. It was really well carved and probably would sustain a few hits. The coat of arms was a bull in black armour on a purple background that wasn’t quite circular. The bull had dragon horns. “Did you paint this?” Owen asked.

“Yeah. I also, uh, made the shield.”

“You made a shield?”

“You don’t have to sound surprised, my parents are carpenters,” Edwin muttered, red in the everything. “I just thought, uh, you know, fancy lords always have like a decorative coat of arms over their fireplace with their weapons or whatever, and we both know you can’t come up with your own or it’ll just be a silhouette of Gavin’s ass, so…I put something else on the silhouette of Gavin’s ass. There you go. Look at the back.”

The back was a normal shield back, with a grip and everything. It had a bunch of carvings in it, and looking closely at them, Owen saw all of their names. “Oh, Edwin,” Owen said, pulling him into a hug. “Thank you so much. I love it. And you.”

“Yeah, uh. Thanks, I mean. I’m glad you like it.” Edwin didn’t sound quite as embarrassed now. “I left room for, you know, any other names you might need to have carved into it later.”

Owen nodded, kissing his forehead. “Thank you, really. I don’t know how you were embarrassed about this, if I’d gotten you something this cool I wouldn’t have managed to finish the blowjob before I told you about it.”

“Yeah, well, some of us are adults,” Edwin muttered.

“Thank Cal,” said Owen, as Gavin sat in his lap. “Hi.”

“Hi. Look, I know I got you a lot of stuff, but that’s just because I love you and I have a lot of money and those things fit together really well. And you can make fun of me if you want, but don’t make fun of this one. Here.”

He put a sheathed sword in Owen’s hands. The scabbard was done up in black and gold, and so was the hilt. It was a shortsword, and it gleamed in the light when Owen pulled it out, steel and gold polished. Sir Owen Sanct was engraved in the blade. “This is beautiful.”

Gavin nodded. “I know you have swords. But this is…well, it’s the sword. Swords, rather. The ones you used to save my life.”

“Are…you serious?” Owen asked. “That old piece of junk?” He’d found the sword he’d used to save Gavin in a literal ditch.

“Yeah, I had it reforged. Along with the one you killed the dragon who attacked us here with. I know I always give you swords, but…”

Owen kissed Gavin, stopping him talking. “I love it. And I happen to love swords almost as much as I love you.”

“You have been showing me how best to use once since we met,” Gavin said, resting his forehead against Owen’s. “Happy birthday, love.”

“Thank you,” Owen said, meaning that. He was grateful for everything all of them had given him—not just the gifts, not just today. But everything. And it made him want to keep giving everything he had for all of them.

All of them. His family.

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