There Once Was a Beautiful Boy (Fanfiction)

Ao3 Link

This is chapter three of High’s collection of lullabies, from Kyle to James. Please make sure to go to Ao3 and read the other chapters, which get slightly modified based on who’s singing and who’s being sung to. They’re all so good!

There Once was a Beautiful Boy
Who gave me nothing but joy

He loved and he laughed,
He mastered his craft,

And not once did he ever destroy

His brother was even smarter
(Always a bit of a martyr)

For to a fault almost,
For his brother the most,

His love was a real fire starter

Yes these boys loved so completely
Devoting themselves so deeply

Their own flesh and their blood,
As strong as a flood,

They fit together so neatly

Their connection to each other
The power of being brothers

Unlocks their strength,
And it proves the lengths,

That one could go for another

The things they’d achieve together
Controlling the wood and the weather

Singing with trees,
Riding the seas,

Supreme is the force of their tether

And not just their family but all
Stood to gain from this, big or small

For none shall be hurt,
You must stay alert,

That your storms never make landfall

But let me be totally clear
Your power’s not something to fear

My boys shall be good,
As I knew they would,

For to harm anyone shall bring tears

Take care of your brother forever
Please be kind and be true and be clever

Just do what is right,
Your futures so bright,

Your bond shall never be severed

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