Friday Lore Post: Entity ω-10

For Command Only. Not for common dissemination. All officers reading this message are expected to refamiliarize themselves with the basic information about ω-class entities.

All command crew of Adjunct rank and higher are to be aware of a high-level threat that has appeared in gridsector X. At 25:32:9 GST seven rotations ago, an incursive tear was detected by outpost X9-87#2β, remaining open for a duration of six teff. During this time, all galactic communication networks across all known species were disrupted. Upon the closure of the tear, outpost X9-87#2β scanned the region and found traces of undefinable matter, as well as most radiation markers consistent with the opening of a gate. An intruder almost certainly came through the gate, and can be presumed to be responsible for the communications disruption.

One rotation later, Laboratory J failed to send out its scheduled wellness signal. Laboratory J is the highly classified location in which the molecular remains of entity ω-7 have been kept in quarantine and studied since its defeat twenty-six cycles ago. Per protocol, Laboratory J was remotely locked down and the entirety of gridpoint A55, where it was located, put under quarantine. Four wings of the fleet were dispatched, and upon arrival discovered that Laboratory J was intact, its defenses still operational, but that all of its inhabitants, including entity ω-7, were missing.

Laboratory J’s security showed the sudden appearance of a four-limbed, bipedal figure, approximately one chall in height, in the middle of the laboratory. Its biological makeup cannot be determined from scans, but visually it appears to be comprised of void space. It extended its upper limbs briefly, then appeared to expand outward, blacking out the surveillance equipment. When the equipment came back online, only the figure remained, all the scientists and guards in the facility, as well as entity ω-7, no longer present. The entity possesses a head in the manner of many bipeds, and at this time turned its head towards the surveillance equipment. Though it has no facial features and did not speak, emote or express anything in a decipherable way, every expert who has viewed the recording agrees that they feel the entity is expressing amusement at this moment. The entity then disappeared.

One tenth-rotation after the entity appeared at Laboratory J, entity ω-4 stopped moving. This has never happened in the entire time it has been monitored by the galactic fleet. Long range scans were taken of the area and clearly show that not only was entity ω-4 sitting still, but that readings consistent with the presence of entity ω-5 were emanating from the same point in space. Both entities disappeared simultaneously and reappeared in the orbit of planet C2-8#0, the homeworld of the Pkeryn Empire and of entity ω-2. They do not appear to have caused any damage to C2-8#0, but the entirety of the Pkeryn fleet was dispatched to gridsector R17, and has surrounded the area of space held in stasis by entity ω-1. A Pkeryn ambassador notified fleet command that entity ω-2 ordered this on the belief that the new entity was hiding inside entity ω-1’s static field along with entity ω-7. Furthermore, as the Pkeryn fleet arrived in gridsector R17, another large fleet of ships appeared out of nowhere and appeared to be set to defend entity ω-1, though they refused to state their intentions. These ships are of unrecognizable origin, but the later Pkeryn request for a military alliance indicates that they were all AI-controlled, suggesting the presence of entity ω-9.

Given the power displayed by this new entity and the disruption it has caused amongst the other ω-class entities, the galactic fleet has designated it entity ω-10. Its motivations are unknown, but given the sudden hostility of the ω-class entities towards each other, it would appear that it, either intentionally or not, has instigated a conflict between them. At this time, command is still considering the Pkeryn offer for an alliance, weighing the need to contain the ω-class entities against the level of destruction that will be caused in any attempt to intervene in a war between them. It is unlikely that any war will remain contained to gridsector R-17. The scope and fallout of such a war could be catastrophic.

The abilities and attributes of entity ω-10 are unknown. Its appearance is as described above. It appears to be able to move through conventional space at will. It is unknown if the scientists from Laboratory J were moved or killed. Scientists hypothesized that time may have been altered during the period of communications blackout aligning with entity ω-10’s appearance, and have contacted the Temporal Bureau for confirmation. The Temporal Bureau responded that there had been a temporal disruption but that they are still studying this. Presumably eventually they will go back in time and release an addendum explaining the nature of this disruption, but this has not yet occurred. Entity ω-10 is believed to be residing in the area of space controlled by entity ω-1, along with entities ω-7 and possibly ω-9, but this has not been confirmed.

If a war is pending between the ω-class entities, it is notable that thus far, entities ω-8, ω-3 and ω-6 are not known to have become involved, which is a minor relief considering these are the three most powerful ω-class entities in the conventional universe. The whereabouts of entities ω-8 and ω-3 are still unknown and therefore their involvement or lack thereof cannot be confirmed, however. Entity ω-6 remains in a weakened state after the unknown energy surge on planet X9-87#2, which is still being studied. Notably, X9-87#2 is the nearest inhabited planet to the tear which admitted entity ω-10. Experts have hypothesized that the weakening of entity ω-6 may have allowed entity ω-10 to opportunistically enter the conventional universe. Outpost X9-87#2β disagrees, believing the event to be related to a political upheaval on the planet in which a series of unusual energy spikes were detected. Several teams of scientists have been dispatched to determine if entity ω-10’s entry into the conventional universe was indeed related to either of these events or was a coincidence.

At this time, the entire fleet is placed on high alert. The actions of all ω-class entities are considered to be unpredictable at this time and of particular note is the unknown status of entities ω-8, ω-3 and ω-6 in this potential conflict. Until the motivations and abilities of entity ω-10 can be predicted and its effects on the other ω-class entities can be quantified, all fleet ships and bases are expected to be prepared for combat at any time. All information in this communique is to be kept classified at all costs. Access to gridsector X9 is forbidden except with permission from command.

Further instructions will follow.

“Urgent Bulletin for All Command Officers,” issued by Galactic Fleet Command, GSC 30,127.

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