Character Profile: Robin

Name: Robin Soqual Novien Archibald the White, son of the Sun, Robin Sun (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: Anthony the Brave, Balllicker Number Three, Bell Boy, Sir Callum the Cocksucker, Prince Felix of House DiGorre, The Juggler, Knifebird, Queen Mark, Sensation Stan the Touchy Man, Spelt Sevenarm, Sunwalker the Endless, Trapper, Whiteheart

Title(s): Knight of the Dolovin order; lord of Sunbeam Keep; master of Tali Island; morale officer, the Righteous Handshake; vice-president, Frozen Forestry Association; political advisor to His Imperial Highness Governor Evander Magna Demna Aergyn

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Build: Toned

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Dick Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Wally (boyfriend), Pax (favourite brother)

Family Relationships: Callie, Cyrus, Matthias, Dee, Ignatius, Roberta, Jacob (siblings), Abner (mentor, deceased), Dominic (mentor, former), Sylvester (teacher), the Sunwood Pack (pack)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Laying on his side, bent over a desk

Kinks: Anonymity, role play, incest, public sex

Orgies Attended: The Barnt Burner Orgy, Narwhal Junction Werewolf Orgies, Righteous Handshake Crew Orgies, Clandestine Caper Orgies

Bio: One of nine siblings who were raised to be thieves, spies and other types of unsavoury people, Robin is an unsavoury person who has recently become more savoury, mostly thanks to his wholesome werewolf boyfriend. Robin lives in Narwhal Junction, where he interferes heavily in local politics, works with the local werewolf pack, which has adopted him as a member, and occasionally helps stop apocalypses when they crop up. He was recently reunited with his favourite brother Pax, and subsequently most of his other siblings as well, and is pretty content to be a supporting character in their lives as they go off and let the world revolve around them.


  • Robin is fluent in all of the world’s major languages, and is working on some of the minor ones he’s missed. Unlike most of his siblings, Robin’s first language isn’t Daolo but Nathnjek
  • Robin was never the best spy in his family, but he is owed the largest collection of favours by political figures everywhere out of all of them, only about half of which are sexual
  • As a thief, Robin excels at heists. He likes the drama of them
  • Robin used to move around a lot, but Dominic has had him stationed in Enjon for the last three years and Narwhal Junction for the past year
  • When Robin first went to Enjon, he stowed away on a merchant ship, where he was immediately discovered. He offered to be the captain’s cabin boy but the captain already had one, so instead he was made morale officer. He then learned that the ship wouldn’t be going up north for several months
  • Robin has dated a string of people, none of which worked out, and decided after his most recent breakup that he’d stop trying to date seriously and just have casual flings for a while. The next day, he fell into a hole with Wally
  • Robin was not sent to Narwhal Junction to worry about werewolf politics, but rather to interfere in Imperial governorship. He chose to worry more about werewolf politics, which he feels are integral to the way the city runs
  • Dominic has not contacted Robin with further instructions in almost a year. Robin takes this to mean he’s allowed to do whatever he wants
  • Robin has been helping Wally out with his Cave Watcher duties, minding the pack’s children, since they got together. Many of the Sunwood children have gotten very good with knives lately
  • Robin plans to settle down in Narwhal Junction permanently. He is, however, glad that there’s a portal there so that he can visit Pax and his other sibling sometimes.


  • “Don’t you dare skip a single detail.”
  • “Pax. You’re fighting an evil wizard. Why haven’t you asked the awesome wizard you’re related to for help?”
  • “Okay, well, smart people sometimes make mistakes. Let’s ask him for help, okay? And we’ll ask Jacob and Cyrus and Roberta too, and maybe Sylvester can track down Callie and Dee, and then…then you won’t even need an army.”
  • “Why get clothes on? I’ve been living with werewolves lately and they do everything important naked. Everything not important, too. Come on, show me around your ship.”
  • “Hey, Pax has grown since I saw him last. He was naked when I met him—where people could see and everything, emphasis on the everything.”
  • “Yeah, I can’t believe you all got to go to orgies with Pax and I didn’t.”
  • “I’m not going to be defeated by a phallic metaphor or some actual dicks in blue robes. But also I won’t be alone. I’ll bring Pax.”
  • “This seems like the setup for a win-win-win scenario.”
  • “Come on, sit on the horny bed with me.”
  • “I missed you too, Pax. So much.”
  • “This is fantastic and perfect and you’re amazing and perfect but I’ve thought occasionally about this over the years and I’d really like if you could be fucking me during my first orgasm with you.”
  • “I was kind of hoping we’d find something that would help me, but at least we found something that’ll help you. Should have known better than to show up in your story and expect I’d find information useful to mine.”
  • “You know, anecdotally, I’ve noticed a rise in incestuous sex lately.”
  • “Because this way you’ll have an excuse to be horny next time we meet. Just because sometimes you need one.”
  • “Yeah, sorry. Some shit’s happening and by some shit I mean kind of all the shit so…”
  • “There’s a minor apocalypse happening in Narwhal Junction. Nothing to worry about, happens with frankly alarming regularity. It’s nowhere near as bad as the one in Nark when we were kids. We’re going to handle it.”
  • “Down here. The cult is summoning its torture god, we think. The evil kind, because they have zero kinky imagination. God, you should see how they dress.”
  • “There’s probably going to be a bunch of cultists and shit up there, so knives out.”
  • “Not to undercut your dramatic entrance, but Pax already established that.”
  • “Cults have a way of not being gone forever.”
  • “I don’t think Wally would be good at time crimes. He’s not very good at normal crimes.”
  • “Permission granted. »
  • “You’re right. It’s not fair to decide your opinion of people before you meet them.”
  • “I’ll advise you. Don’t worry, I’m almost as good at it as Pax and Nate and I live in Narwhal Junction.”
  • “No, we don’t kiss each other as a reward. We kiss each other because we’re hot and we love each other and we like kissing.”
  • “Too bad. I’m the main character right now, so I call the shots.”
  • “Everyone’s the main character in their own story, Pax. Some of us just get a little less attention than others.”


  • Robin keeps a mental list of trivia points about himself just in case he ever becomes a main character in a story and a profile is written about him. The first point on his list is that he is flexible enough to not only suck his own dick, but also eat his own ass
  • Robin has made it his business to keep blackmail material on every noble and royal he can, and as a result knows about a lot of secret offspring, illicit affairs, and past crimes that he doesn’t tell anyone about just in case it’s helpful for him someday
  • Robin’s first sexual experience was a shared handjob with Matthias when he was young. He immediately tried to repeat it with Pax, but it took several months of convincing
  • Once, Robin took all the information Jacob had given him about stars, all the information Pax had given him about civilization and all the information Ignatius had given him about statistics and proved definitively that there was life on other worlds and that it was likely more advanced than human life. Dominic told him he was being silly, so he never told anyone other than Pax, who believed him
  • Based purely on their names sounding similar, Robin believes Roberta has the same biological parents as him
  • Robin has tried to have sex with girls three different times. All three of them, within a month, told him that they were actually boys, so he’s stopped trying
  • Robin is friends with a skilled Imperial cartographer, whom he once helped make a map of Roak
  • Robin once took an experimental medicine a G’Abel doctor suggested to see if it would cure anxiety. It made Robin think he was a tree for three days, which he found very relaxing
  • Robin has embraced werewolf sexual culture now that he’s dating Wally, though both of them do tend to retire early from pack orgies
  • Robin’s body is covered in magical runes that only light up during eclipses. He doesn’t know where they came from or what they’re for

Modern AU: Modern Robin is an election fraudster turned political activist who works mostly with Indigenous communities to ensure they’re fairly represented. Recently he has started working for the Sunwood Organization, to which he was introduced through his boyfriend. He’s been reconnecting with his family lately, especially the brother he unashamedly admits is his favourite and even more unashamedly admits he’s horny for, before explaining that as a queer person, he is immune from feeling shame. When he’s not working or hanging out with Pax, Robin lends his voice to amateur porn games and his ass to the sex toy company he is a tester for. He can often be found helping Wally study for law school, babysitting the Sunwood Organization’s kids, and planning to undermine and/or take over the government.

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