Field Day

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Field Day was the best day because Iago got to go outside and run around instead of sitting inside learning boring math and music. He was good at times tables and recorder playing but he was also good at running around, so it was awesome that the new school board had made Field Day happen once a month in the months when it was warm enough.

The lining up until it was time to run part kind of sucked, but it usually didn’t take very long. Iago was wearing his all-white gym clothes like everyone else. It was just a sleeveless shirt and shorts, but they were really cool because it had used to be that only older kids had to change clothes for gym but now they all got to, and the shorts were all too short, so Iago could sometimes see his friends’ underwear when they sat down.

Or even their dicks if they weren’t wearing underwear, like Dylan wasn’t. “When are we going to start running?” he asked, laying flat on the grass even though they were supposed to be lined up. “I’m bored.”

“It’s been a hundred and twenty seconds,” Iago told him. “That’s two minutes, but broken up into smaller amounts of time so it doesn’t seem as long.”

“Oh my God seriously?” Dylan pouted, rolling over. “That’s so many seconds. It’s so many they’re going to turn into thirds!”

Iago agreed, but he held out his hand for Dylan. “You’re going to get grass stains on your gym clothes.”

“Oh.” Dylan stood up, and brushed the grass off himself. He had a stain on his shorts. “That’s okay, I always get stains on stuff, but I never wear clothes at home so it’s fine.”

Iago had never been to Dylan’s house—his moms never let him go hardly anywhere ever since he’d accidentally gotten lost at Dragon Land and slept outside for a few days, even though he’d been examined by a doctor and a brain doctor and like four other doctors and they’d all said he was fine, and Iago trusted their assessment of his fineness because they were doctors. He kind of wanted to go, though. “Your parents let you be naked at home? My moms always make me put pants on.”

“Boring. I live on the Sunwood compound so lots of people are naked all the time,” Dylan said cheerfully. “We’re allowed to do whatever we want because of land rights and seventy, I think.”

“That’s so cool,” said Iago, instead of asking what he’d meant to say instead of seventy, because there was no reason to be a jerkface. “I wish I could live there.”

“Iago,” Julian said, tapping Iago’s elbow. “They’re calling us.”

“Oh!” Mr. Wattson was calling them forward, and so Iago, Julian and Dylan all went up to the white line in the grass.

“Okay boys,” said Mr. Wattson, and he was right, because the girls and boys were running together in what Iago’s mom called an unnecessarily regressive binarization of gender that would be rectified as soon as she’d castrated enough administrators. Iago didn’t know what a castrated was, but the ‘cass’ part had made his stomach tingle, so he hadn’t asked. “Try to stay in your own lane and not get in anyone’s way. Run down to Ike there, and wait for him to tell you to run back. Remember, it’s not a race, so go as fast or slow as you want.”

Iago looked down the really long field of grass. There was a high school boy there in a black shirt and white pants named Ike, who was one of the boys helping out with Field Day. They were all from a baseball team that had to do extracurricular activities, which meant they had to keep being in school even when they weren’t in school, which was why Iago didn’t think he’d be good at sports when he grew up.

As they all got ready to run, a raindrop hit Iago’s nose. “It’s raining,” he observed, before more raindrops could hit him. Rudely, they hit him anyway.

Mr. Wattson looked at the sky, nodded. “It’s not that bad. If it gets worse we’ll go inside, but for now get ready…set…go!”

Iago and the other boys started running. Hopefully they could get away from the rain, because doing Field Day in the gym wasn’t as fun as doing it in a field, it was kind of just like having gym class that way and they already had that three times a week.

“Ha, I’m going to win!” Dylan declared, even though Mr. Wattson had just told them it wasn’t a race. He ran really fast, which Iago couldn’t really stop him from doing since Iago wasn’t a fast runner.

Halfway across the field, the rain got rainier and then everything was wet everywhere. A few boys turned around and ran back to the start as if it wouldn’t be raining there, but Iago figured it was only fair to the people who’d painted the lines on the field that he use them all the way. Julian ran with him, and together they got all the way to the end, where Dylan was hopping in a puddle next to Ike. “Uh,” said Ike, looking around. “Well, you three are the only ones who made it all the way here, so…” He had a walkie talkie in his hand, which went off. “Yeah? Okay. Sure. Sure.” He put it down.

“Was that Mr. Wattson?” Iago asked, because he already knew the answer. He’d seen the same walkie talkie on Mr. Wattson’s belt earlier when he’d been trying to guess how big his dick was.

“Yeah, we’re going to move inside, but we need to clean up all the gear out here. Would you three mind picking up these pylons and helping me take them back to the shed there?”

Iago nodded, not really looking at the pylons. He and Dylan weren’t the only ones not wearing underwear, and now that Ike’s white pants were soaked through, he could see that just as clearly as Ike could see them. He wondered what Ike’s cock tasted like.

He wasn’t the only one looking at it, but Julian tapped his and Dylan’s heads. “Guys. The pylons.”

“Right, the pylons,” Iago said, taking his eyes away from Ike’s dick to look at Dylan’s butt instead. He had a nice butt. Then he looked at Julian, whose black briefs were showing through his shirts. He must feel so silly for wearing those. “Let’s get them all!”

They split up and picked them up, shivering in the rain. It was so cold, making Iago feel like he was somewhere bad. Where had he been that was cold? His brain doctor said he had repressed memories from when he’d slept outside. That had been in the summer, though. Had it been cold then? He didn’t remember being rained on, all he remembered was being outside, and…well, nothing else.

He should remember something else, right? Iago had a good memory, so he should…

“I’m going to carry more pylons than you!” Dylan said, surprising Iago and making him stop thinking. The grass stain on his shorts was practically invisible now, just like the rest of his shorts.

“You’ll fall over,” Iago told him, picking up the last one.

“Will not!”

They headed back together, and Dylan fell over halfway, so Iago had to help him up. “I did tell you that you’d fall over.”

“Yeah, well, I’m still carrying more pylons than you,” Dylan said, sticking out his tongue. “But hey, we should be friends! I like your dick!”

“Thanks!” Iago beamed. That made him feel nice. “I like yours too!”

“Yeah, it’s awesome! Later you can see it without my shorts on. How come yours is circle-sized?”

“Circumcised?” Iago asked. “I don’t know, it just is.”

“Okay! I like the skin on mine because I can pull on it. Ike doesn’t have any either,” Dylan said, looking at Ike’s butt as he and Julian walked to the shed in front of them. “Hey, I saw you looking at his dick! Do you think he’d let us touch it?”

“Oh, I hope so!” Iago said, hefting the pylons. They were kind of heavy. “Let’s ask him.”

“Okay!” Dylan ran ahead, forcing Iago to run after him. “Ike, Ike! Can Iago and me touch your dick?”

“Uh, what?” Ike asked, going a bit red. Julian sighed. “No.”

“Awwww, okay, but why?”

“Because you’re too young?”

“Uh-uh,” Iago disagreed, putting the pylons down once they reached the shed. “We’re old enough to touch dicks, all you need is motor control. See, look.” He touched Dylan’s dick through his pants. “It’s easy!”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it,” Ike said, patting Iago’s head. “No.”

Iago pouted, but no meant no. “Okay. Can we at least see it?”

“I think you can already see it,” Ike muttered, pulling his pants away from his skin. But they immediately stuck there again. His dick was getting hard too, probably because they were talking about it.

“Exactly!” Iago said, thinking that continuing to talk about it would be a good idea. “So really, since we can already see it, you should just pull it out so we can look at it properly so that we don’t learn about what dicks look like from child molesters and perverts and guys with candy.”

“But I already know what dicks look like!” Dylan said, in a loud whisper.

Iago rolled his eyes. “Ike didn’t know that until you told him,” he hissed.

“Oh. No, I’ve never seen dicks before! Not even my own, because I always close my eyes when I pee!”

“I’m sorry about Iago,” Julian said to Ike. “He’s just a pervert. And Dylan too, I guess.”

“That’s okay,” Ike said, shaking his head. He looked around, then pulled down the front of his pants. “Here, okay?”

It was okay. Ike’s cock was big for a boy his age, almost as big as an adult’s, and it was twitching a little bit. It had to be cold, but it was getting hard, growing until it was standing straight up. “Wow…” Dylan said, stroking his dick with one hand and sliding his other hand down the back of his shorts.

Iago nodded. “Are you sure we can’t touch it? You can touch ours too!”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Ike said, red all through his face.

“Are you really sure? You can touch other parts too if you want!” Dylan let out a little grunt as he said that.

“I’m really sure. What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to…put some fingers in my butt? But it’s hard. I thought it would be easy cause it’s wet…”

Ike sighed, pulled Dylan’s hand out of his shorts. “Water doesn’t make a good lubricant. You need something with an oil in it.”

“Oh.” Dylan blinked. “Do you have anything like that?”

“Not in my pockets here,” Ike said. “Let’s get back.”

He pulled his pants back up over his now all the way hard cock, and ushered them out of the shed and back into the rain. Iago giggled as they walked. “Now it’s all hard.” Julian was staring too, he was just pretending not to.

“Yeah, the rain will help with that,” Ike muttered. “Come on, I think we’re going to play tag in the gym.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” Dylan said, in a whisper. “When we get back, let’s ask to go to the bathroom and then go mess around for a while!”

“Oh, okay! Julian, you should come too!” Iago was super hard in his shorts and so were Julian and Dylan.

“Yeah, I guess,” Julian muttered. He was smiling, though.

“Guys, I can hear you,” Ike reminded them.

“You can come too if you want!” Dylan told him. “You know a lot about butts and you have an awesome dick. You can mess around with us or just watch if you want! It’s up to you!”

“I”m not going to do that,” said Ike, but Iago saw the way Ike’s cock twitched. He liked his chances of getting to touch it eventually. Maybe he should tell his moms he wanted to play baseball.

For now, though, he had an idea. “Can you at least give us some tips?” Iago asked, because the word ‘tip’ was a double entendre, which meant that it was horny but he could pretend it wasn’t. “I also kind of want to figure out how to put my fingers in my butt but I can never do it.”

Ike looked around. “Okay, fine, but just so you don’t hurt yourselves. So it’s hard to do standing up, so once you get into the bathroom you should try laying down. You’ll want to pull your knees up to your shoulders if you can…”

The rain stopped almost as soon as they got back inside, but that was okay. This was the best Field Day yet, and Iago couldn’t wait until next month.

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