Health Day

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Pierre stretched as he went to the gym, where they’d set up the student health clinic. Lining up and getting health inspected with all the other boys in his grade had been boring last year before Pierre had known to want it to be horny, and was going to be boring this year because he remembered it not being horny at all. They got them all to take their shirts and shoes off when they came in the gym, but everyone had just been wearing gym shorts for the examinations, and the examinations had only been checking his breathing and his eyes and ears and spine, and he didn’t even remember them asking about anything else.

At least he’d get to hang out shirtless with all his friends, which he could do anyway, and more importantly with the boys in his class he didn’t know as well, which was neat. Changing for gym class just wasn’t the same, it only took a few seconds. And they’d all get to change into their new gym shorts, which were really short and were cut really low. Mom had said they had the new school board members to thank for that, just like they had to thank them for the new comprehensive sex education programme and all the new playground equipment.

Pierre would be sure to thank them for those things as soon as he saw them, but for now he just took his shirt off, pausing when the teacher, Mr. Callander, raised his voice. “Okay boys, shirts and pants off, get in your undies and line up in four lines here.”

“Wait, our undies?” asked Gary, halfway to taking off his Eevee t-shirt. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I thought we had to put on our gym shorts last year,” said Will.

“The school board found a new clinic to do your examinations this year,” said Mr. Callendar, moving his hand in a circle to get them going. “This is what the new clinic asked for. Let’s get going, come on, and make sure to get your health cards so you can show them to the doctors.”

Pierre shrugged and took his shoes and socks off, then his shorts, which peer pressured the other boys into following suit. Now he was glad his parents had told him to wear underwear to school, and doubly glad that he’d worn his Cheeky briefs with the sheer back. Since he was the first one ready, Mr. Callendar pointed him to one of the lines, and Pierre went up to it. Will was next to him, first in the next line over. “The floor’s cold,” he complained.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Pierre, grinning as he looked at the curtains up in front of the exam area. “I like your undies.” He didn’t know Will that well, but he had on cute blue briefs that were too small for him.

Will blushed. “Uh. Thanks. Yours are cool too.” He was trying not to look at Pierre’s butt.

“Thanks! One of my brother’s friends bought them for me.” Paulie wasn’t technically Odin’s friend, but it was easier to explain it that way than with what had actually happened. Pierre also could have mentioned that his cousin’s husband owned the company, but that seemed like bragging. “I have a couple of pairs like it.”

“Oh, really?” Will asked, trying to pretend he wasn’t that interested. “That’s cool.”

It was, so Pierre grinned. “You want to come over to my house sometime? I can show you.”

“S-sure,” said Will, still blushing cutely.

“Great,” said Pierre, as the curtain was pulled back by a man in a doctor outfit with a sun sewn on the shirt. “We’ll talk after, bye!”

“Come on in,” said the doctor, who was younger than the doctor last year. “Can I see your card?”

“Sure!” Pierre said, pulling it out of the front of his briefs and handing it to the doctor. “I’m Pierre Trapp.”

“Nice to meet you, Pierre. I’m Andrew.” His coat said Dr. Wood on it. “Let’s weigh and measure you first.”

“Okay!” Pierre hopped onto the scale, let Andrew fiddle with it for a bit, writing stuff down like a doctor. He used a measuring tape to measure Pierre’s chest, belly, arms and legs, and waist. Then he got Pierre to step off.

“I’m going to start by listening to your chest for a minute, okay? Can you hold your arms out?”

Pierre did as he was told, letting Andrew listen to his heartbeat, then his lungs, his free hand on Pierre’s belly. He wrote something down on his clipboard. “Okay, let’s have you read the eye chart over there. What’s the smallest line you can read?”

Pierre looked at it. “The bottom one,” he said. “K, C, U, F, T, T, U, B.”

“Okay, now I’m going to cover one eye and see if you can do it like that.” Andrew came over and put one hand on Pierre’s shoulder, covering his eye with a tool. He clicked something and the eye chart changed. “Can you read it now?”

“E, I, P, M, A, E, R, C,” Pierre reported.

“Great. Now the other eye.”

Pierre did fine on the eye exam, and then on the ear exam after that. Andrew checked his hair for lice. “I don’t think I have lice,” Pierre told him. “I’m not itchy.”

“Let’s check anyway,” said the doctor, looking through his hair. “If we can see anything in all this fire. How often do you get sick?”

“Not very often,” Pierre told him. “Dad says good immune systems run in my family.” Even Odin never got sick.

“Okay, that’s great. So you don’t take any kind of medicine normally?”

“Just racecar vitamins in the morning,” Pierre told him, looking at the tattoo Andrew had under his shirt, which he could just make out. It looked like a wolf.

“That a good thing to take. I’m going to pull down your underwear, okay?”

Pierre blinked. Huh? “Why?”

“I need to do an exam of an inside part of you called your prostate. It doesn’t hurt.”

Oh. Wow, that hadn’t been part of last year’s exam. “Okay, cool,” he said. “Why’d you make us wait in our undies if we had to get naked for the exam?”

“Seemed like making you all wait naked would have made a few boys uncomfortable,” Andrew told him, pulling Pierre’s undies down to his ankles. Pierre heard a click and then some lube squirting, and then Andrew pressed a finger into his butt. “Try to relax.”

“Yeah,” said Pierre, letting him easily. His fingers weren’t that big. Certainly not as big as Odin’s dick, which had been in there this morning.

“Hm,” said Andrew. “I’m going to put a second finger in to get a better feel. You seem like you’re not having any trouble.”

“Nope!” Pierre promised. “I’m fine!”

“Good boy.” Andrew found his prostate and touched it, and Pierre gasped. He kept touching it, massaging it for a good half-minute, and it felt really nice. “Everything seems normal,” he said, reaching around and gently grabbing Pierre’s balls. “Can you cough?”

Pierre coughed, and Andrew gave him a gentle squeeze, running his fingers up Pierre’s dick as well. He grabbed the measuring tape again and measured that too, up and down and then around. “Seems normal. Well, above average for your age, actually.”

“I’m bigger than all my friends,” Pierre said, though he didn’t know if that was true because he had two friends whose dicks he hadn’t seen yet.

“I guess I’ll see if that’s true over the next little while,” said Andrew. “Bend over and touch your toes. I want to check your back for signs of scoliosis.”

“What’s scoliosis?” asked Pierre, pending over and putting his fingers on his toes. Andrew’s fingers were still up his butt.

“It’s a disease that makes your spine bend the wrong way. We can correct it if we see it early, like a lot of other things. That’s why it’s important to check for it when you’re a kid.”

“That makes sense,” said Pierre, nodding, which made him tip a little. Andrew steadied him, hand tracing Pierre’s spine. “Do I have scoliosis?”

“Doesn’t look like it. Keep this pose for a minute.”

Andrew rested his clipboard on Pierre’s back and started writing. “How long should I stay like this?” Pierre asked.

“A few minutes longer.” Andrew slid a third finger inside Pierre, pressing hard on his prostate, and Pierre eeped. “Feels good.”

“Yeah,” Pierre agreed, panting a little.

“I meant your prostate feels normal,” Andrew teased.

“Are you sure?” Pierre asked, looking over his shoulder. “You should check again. Maybe there’s something wrong deeper in?”

Andrew was smiling at him. “My fingers are as far in as they can go.”

“Oh. Well I didn’t go to doctor school,” said Pierre, giving Andrew the look that Odin and Murph always told him made it impossible not to rip his clothes off. “But there must be something you can use to search deeper.”

“I’m sure there is,” said Andrew, pulling his fingers out. He pressed something cold and metal against Pierre’s butt, then inside, and Pierre gasped. “Just taking your temperature.”

Pierre nodded, trying to keep his fingers on his toes while Andrew pushed the thermometer farther and farther inside. It was hard not to whinge when he stopped, let it sit there, and came around. He took off his gloves, crouching down to look into Pierre’s mouth with a flashlight. “Your teeth seem normal,” he said. “I’m going to check your tonsils. Say ‘ah.’”

“Ahhh,” said Pierre, letting Andrew shine a light into his mouth, his fingers partway down Pierre’s throat. He’d taken off the glove he’d been using before.

“Hm,” said Andrew. “Everything looks good, but I’m not feeling your gag reflex.”

“I wosht it,” Pierre explained, around Andrew’s fingers.

“You sure?” Andrew pulled his fingers out. “I should check anyway with something a little longer than my fingers.”

Still touching his toes, Pierre looked up at him. “Can I stand up?”

Andrew patted his head. “No,” he said, unzipping his pants. He got up, high enough that his hardening dick was at eye level, then he lowered it to be at mouth level. Pierre opened his mouth, and let it slide all the way in.

Andrew put his dick right down Pierre’s throat, burying Pierre’s nose in his pubic hair. “Let’s see,” he said, holding there. “Breathe through your nose for me? We’ll check your sinuses.”

Pierre breathed deep, inflating his lungs all the way, then breathed out, feeling Andrew’s dick throb once in his throat. Once he was done exhaling, Andrew pulled his dick out. “I guess you were right. No gag reflex.”

“Told you,” said Pierre, who could have stood for a second test.

“A rare skill for someone your age,” said Andrew, writing more on his clipboard, walking out of Pierre’s line of sight. He took the thermometer out of Pierre’s butt. “Your temperature is normal,” he reported. “Just going to test your flexibility real quick.”

He pressed the head of his cock against Pierre’s ass, and when Pierre nodded, he pressed inside, just halfway. “I’m more flexible than that,” Pierre complained.

“I’m sure, but that’s enough for now.” Andrew pulled his dick out, and the balance change made Pierre lose his balance, and he had to stand up to avoid falling over.

Pierre turned and pouted at him. “I don’t think it’s enough.”

Andrew patted his head, and stuck something thicker in Pierre’s ass. Still metal, but it felt like a plug. “Sorry, but I have a bunch of other boys to do examinations on today. You can pull your undies up.”

Pierre sighed, did as he was told like the good boy he really was. “Is this how all your exams go?”

“Each examination is different,” Andrew told him. “The best doctors know what their patient is going to be receptive to. You need to keep that last instrument inside you until the end of the school day. Since you almost fell over, I’m worried your balance might be off. Come back at the end of school for a follow-up, okay?”

Pierre blinked, then felt his face stretch in another grin. “Will you have more time for me then?”

“I sure will, Pierre,” said Andrew, handing Pierre his health card back. “Don’t lose that, now.”

“I won’t,” Pierre promised, sticking it in his briefs. “But I might lose my underwear.”

“Don’t you dare, they look great on you.”

Pierre knew that very well. “See you after school, Dr. Wood.”

“See you.” He went over to the curtain to call the next boy, letting Pierre leave. On his way out, Pierre patted Gary on the shoulder. “It’s a little bit different from last year,” he said, smiling. Gary was his best horny friend, so he’d understand what Pierre meant.

He went back over to his bag, joined a second later by Will and a few of the other boys who’d gone first. They all looked fine, but Will was also walking funny in a really particular way. Pierre grinned at him. “How did your exam go?”

“Uh.” Will blushed. “I guess I have to go back after school for a follow-up.”

“Me too,” said Pierre, turning so Will couldn’t help but see the instrument in his butt while he got his pants. “We can go together! Maybe the doctors will even examine us together, if you’re nervous.”

“I mean, I’m not nervous, it’s just a checkup…” Will was so red in the face.

“I know, but everything is more fun with a friend,” Pierre said. “When I get home I’m going to write to the school board and tell them that they shouldn’t have all these curtains next year! Well, maybe one between the boys and girls if they really want to, but it would have been cool if we could all have our exams together!”

“I guess so,” Will muttered, and it was hard not to see the boner in his tight little briefs.

Pierre grinned as he got dressed, and he leaned in to talk more quietly. “And then we can go to my house after and we can examine each other too,” he said.

Will eeped, went even redder, and nodded, and Pierre mentally thanked the new school board for finally unlocking the potential that school health exams had always had.

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