Picture Day

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Cato went into the room where the picture day pictures were being taken. There were actually six rooms, but it still felt like he’d been standing in line forever. The kids in front of him must be super bad at sitting still or something. Given how much the boy who came out of the room was fidgeting with his shirt, Cato could believe it. His hair was a mess, too.

Determined to do a better job than that kid, Cato went into the room. The photographer shut the door behind him. “Hi,” he said. He was a sort of dark, tall guy with black hair. “I’m Castor. You can sit over there.”

“Thank you,” Cato said politely. He handed Castor the picture day forms Daddy had filled out and he had promised not to read, and he went to sit on the stool in front of the blue background. He clenched around his plug as he sat, but he’d just put more lube on it before getting in line, so he was fine.

“Okay, let’s see,” said Castor, looking through the forms. He smiled. “Everything looks in order. Hi, Cato.”

“Hello, Mr. Castor.”

Castor smiled again and came over to the stool. “Just going to fix this,” he said, reaching behind Cato to put a sticky note in the shape of a flame on the blue screen. “So that we know how to touch up the background.” He was very close, enough that Cato could smell his weird smoky soap. “There we go.”

He moved back, and Cato did his best not to squirm or look away. Daddy always said eye contact was important. “Okay, let’s move you just a little, like…this,” said Castor, putting his hands on Cato’s hips to make him sit at an angle, then sliding his hands up Cato’s chest to tilt his head. “Look just over here, like this. Watch the dragon on top of the camera.”

“Okay,” said Cato, who was a little surprised, because most people didn’t touch him that way unless they wanted to fuck him. Castor went back to his big camera, which was on a big tripod, and fiddled around with it for a second. While he did that, Cato mentally made sure his hair was still combed and his shirt didn’t have any wrinkles in it. He didn’t want to look bad in his photos. Daddy had said if they were lousy, he wouldn’t share them with any of his friends.

“Okay, say ‘milk machine,’” Castor told him.

Cato blinked, but then remembered not to blink. “Milk machine?” he asked.

The camera clicked a few times. “Good boy. Hm, your shirt is bleeding into the background a little. Can you take it off?”

“Uh…okay?” Cato didn’t think his shirt was hurt, but Daddy had told him to obey the photographer, so he took it off. He wondered if this was what picture days were always like at public schools, or if this was new. Lots of people had been talking about the new school board. Daddy said Mr. Mads was on it, as if Cato needed more reasons to listen to him.

The camera clicked while he was doing that, and then again once he’d sat down. “These are coming out a bit weird, I think the balance is off since you’re shirtless with pants on. Can you take those off too?”

“S-sure.” Nuka had told Cato that the first rule of being a slut was to always say ‘yes and’ when someone was being horny at him. He wasn’t sure if Castor was being horny or if he was just doing his job as a photographer, but he decided the rule applied anyway. “Should I do anything else?”

Castor looked mildly surprised, but he smiled. “We’re going to get you to take your underwear off in a minute too,” he said. “But not yet.”

Cato nodded. He had to take his mismatched shoes off to get his pants out of the way, the camera clicking the whole time. He sat back on the stool, giggling when he saw the little springy dragon on the camera. “I don’t think you’re going to be able to put these pictures in the yearbook.”

“We’re making a special version of the yearbook,” Castor told him, clicking. “For special boys like you.”

Cato was special? Mads said that all the time and so did his Daddy, but for a total stranger to say it? He smiled so wide. “Okay!”

“Take your underwear off now, okay, special boy?”

Cato nodded, sliding them down, smiling the whole time. He sat back on the stool. “Hide your dick between your legs first,” Castor ordered him. “Then after a few pictures I’ll get you to spread your legs.”

Cato did as he was told, and sat there letting Castor pose him in a bunch of different ways until he was satisfied. Satisfying men was important. Castor made it easy though, being very specific about where he wanted Cato’s arms and legs and what he was supposed to be doing with his face, and after a few minutes he nodded. “Okay, good. Why don’t you go pick something out of the blue box there to wear and we’ll take the last pictures?”

“Oh.” Cato hadn’t noticed the blue box, sitting there near the door. “Okay.” He went over and opened it, blinked. “Um, Mr. Castor, these are all girls’ clothes.” It was mostly dresses.

The camera was clicking again. “Yeah. That’s a nice plug you have in, did your dad pick it?”

“Well…” Cato had forgotten about the plug, but at least it was covering his butthole while he was bent over. “Yes.”

“He has good taste. He also put on the form he’d like you to dress up in a dress as pretty as you are. Can you find one for him?”

Cato’s whole body was flushed, but he nodded. “O-okay, sure.” If Daddy wanted him to do it, then he could. He looked through the box and picked a pale blue dress, which he pulled over his head. The camera clicked as he got dressed. There were buttons in the back of the dress, which Castor came over and helped him do up. “Thank you.”

“No problem. Here.” Castor looked in the box for a second and came out with a blue bow, which he pinned into Cato’s hair, and a pair of stockings that looked like they belonged on his nonna’s table. Cato sat down to pull them on. It was like wearing super long napkins that came so far up his legs they tickled his butt.

The next flash was louder, and Cato looked up to see that Castor had taken the camera off the tripod and come over to take pictures of him sitting on the floor. “Spread the dress a little bit more, like that. And move your left leg there.”

Cato did as he was told again, looking up at the dragon as Castor kept taking pictures. There was now a bigger light bulb next to the camera, and when it flashed it made him want to close his eyes. But he didn’t. He didn’t think he looked as pretty as the dress, but hopefully he was at least cute.

Then Castor unzippered his pants, and a really big dick fell out, landing on Cato’s face. Another click. “Oh,” Cato said aloud. This was a horny thing. He wished he’d known that earlier, he’d have acted sluttier. “Um, can I suck on this, Mr. Castor?”

“You sure can, kid,” Castor said, face hidden behind the camera. He sounded happy, though.

Cato liked making people happy, so he took Castor’s dick into his mouth, sliding up and down it, using his hands on the part that wasn’t inside him. Parts, he guessed. It was really big and he didn’t think the whole thing would fit inside his mouth, and he’d look ugly if he choked, so he didn’t try right now, just letting about half of it inside.

Castor didn’t say anything, but his dick was hard and leaking, so Cato must be doing a good enough job. He kept taking pictures the whole time, and Cato tried to remember to look up at him, at the dragon on the camera and not just the dragon in his mouth.

“Okay,” Castor said, pulling his dick out. “Just your hands, now.”

“Uh…okay!” Cato did that, even though the dick tasted good and he wanted more of it. But if Castor wanted to cum on his face, he could do that. All parts of Cato were for cum, not just his holes.

And Castor used his face to cum on, aiming right between Cato’s eyes. Cato closed his eyes and let the squirts hit him. “Open your mouth,” Castor ordered in a grunt, and Cato did. Castor came right into his open mouth, and even shot two squirts into his hair. The flash bulb must have been right next to him now, because when it flashed he could feel it heating up his face. “There we go, good boy,” he said, camera clicking really fast. “You did a great job, Cato. One more. Go sit on the stool again, in the same pose as before.”

Cato nodded, blinking his eyes open. Castor helped him to his feet and positioned him on the stool, got behind the camera. “Say ‘cocksucker,’” he said.

“Cocksucker,” Cato giggled, as the camera clicked.

“There we go.” Castor came out from behind the camera, gave Cato a towel to clean up with. “You can get dressed now. I’ll send your dad the pictures on the weekend. Make sure you give him an extra-big kiss when you see him.”

“I will!” Cato wiped the cum off his eyes and as much out of his hair as he could. It was all messed up now, but oh well, it had done its job. He took off the bow and the stockings and then the dress, once Castor undid it for him, and started to put his own clothes back on. As he did, he looked at the stockings in Castor’s hands. “Um, Mr. Castor?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Castor asked, as he used the inside of the dress to wipe his dick clean.

“Could I…borrow those stockings for a while? So I can wear them at home for Daddy? Pretty please?” He bit his lip a little and tried to make his eyes big like Moe always did when he really wanted something.

Castor smiled at him and handed the stockings to Cato. “Sure thing. Take good care of them, okay?”

“I promise!” Cato said, taking them very carefully. “I’ll be extra-careful!”

“I know you will, special boy.” Castor watched Cato finish dressing, then gave him a small card. “Here,” he said. “If your dad is interested, I’m looking for models for some higher-class photoshoots I want to do. I think you’d be perfect for the project.”

“What…really?” Cato asked, eyes wide. He’d never been a model before.

“Yeah. I need really special boys, and you’re one.” He leaned in. “Plus I’d love to have you on my cock for more than a few minutes.”

Cato giggled. “I’d like that too.” On impulse, he kissed Castor, who kissed him back, a hand on his butt. “I’ll ask Daddy about it.” He’d even beg if he had to. He was getting much better at that.

“Good. I hope to see you soon. Now get lost, I have a bunch more boring kids to take pictures of.”

“Okay. Have a good day, Mr. Castor!”

“You too, Cato.”

Cato went out the door, very pleased with himself. He knew Daddy and Nuka and Mr. Mads and everyone would be proud of him, and he’d had a great time. It was too bad picture day was only once a year.

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