Swim Class

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Moe wasn’t sure if the other kids on the bus were loud because they were excited to learn how to swim, or because learning how to swim meant they got part of the morning out of school, but they sure were being loud.

He wasn’t being loud, because he wasn’t that excited. Even though it was nice to get some time out of school, but he didn’t know how to swim and he was sure he’d drown and then everyone would come to his funeral to laugh at him for being so bad at swimming. Unless they forgot who he was because he was weird and didn’t know how to be friends with kids who didn’t aspire to be full-time cockwarmers.

Mads had promised him last night that none of that would happen, and then again this morning while he’d been dressing Moe, but Moe was still worried, just a little. Mads had promised him that the new pool that the school was using for its swim lessons was really fun and that he’d have a good time, and Moe believed him, he really did.

But he was still worried. So when the bus parked he sighed and shrunk himself a little even before the substitute teacher, Mr. Heng-Pulaski, got up. He was taking them to the pool because he knew how to drive a bus and because their regular teacher had to stay behind with the kids who couldn’t swim because doctors had said so. Moe had tried to get Uncle Andrew to say he couldn’t swim, but he’d done a checkup and said there was nothing wrong with Moe.

“Okay, come on, kids,” Mr. Heng-Pulaski said, waving them all off the bus. “Stay together, let’s go.” Everyone rushed off the bus and he counted them all with a hand on top of their head. Moe stayed in his seat. “Hm.”

It took Mr. Heng-Pulaski two seconds to find him because it wasn’t like there was anywhere to hide on a bus. “You’re Moe, right? Come on, let’s go.”

“I can’t,” Moe said quietly. “I have a doctors’ note but I lost it.”

Mr. Heng Pulaski smiled a nice smile. “Is the disease you have called liaritis?”

Moe made a face. “I’m not lying.”

“Sure you aren’t. I was afraid to learn to swim too when I was your age. You know what happened?”

“What?” Moe asked, aware that he was going to hear a heartwarming story about how Mr. Heng-Pulaski had overcome his fear and become a better person.

“My big brother threw me in a fucking lake and told me there were alligators in it. You’re lucky he’s not your swimming teacher. Come on.”

Surprised by all of everything about that, Moe let himself be pulled off the bus. Mr. Heng-Pulaski sort of had pervert vibes, so maybe Moe would have been better off offering to fuck him. But he wasn’t supposed to do that unless he was sure. Mr. Heng-Pulaski herded them into the building, where he talked to a person behind a desk for a second before taking them all downstairs. “Girls in that room, boys in this one, everyone else take whichever one you want,” he told them. “Get undressed, shower and get into the pool. No messing around or I’ll come in there and mess you around.”

“Why do we have to shower before the pool?” a girl named Lily asked.

“This is an old fashioned pool, so you have to make sure you don’t have germs on you. No swimsuits in the pool either. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Go on, or I’ll strip you all myself, I’ve done it before.”

Moe had a really cool bathing suit with wolf faces all over it that he’d wanted to wear, but swimming naked with everyone sounded fun, so maybe he’d just put it on after and wear it at school. Now that he was going to get naked he was a little less nervous, and also he was a bit afraid of Mr. Heng-Pulaski, so he went into the locker room and started taking his clothes off without complaining. He pulled his swimming cap over his head and put his goggles on too.

A few of the other boys did complain, but Mr. Heng-Pulaski had come with them into the locker room and Moe wasn’t going to fuck around and find out if he’d been telling the truth about messing them up, so he went into the showers and got under one—they were really cold!—and then hurried out into the pool.

It was really big and full of water, which he guessed was normal for pools, and there were some older guys sitting near the corner, who waved him and the other boys over. On the other side of the pool, separated by a rope, the girls were starting to come out too to meet their teachers. “Hey guys,” said one of the teenagers, who were also all naked. “We’re your teachers. Let’s wait for everyone and then we’ll get started.”

Moe nodded, though he wished they’d get started now. The longer he stood here, the more the excitement of getting naked wore off and the more he just started to feel nervous and cold. The other boys filtered out of the shower, until finally three boys came out together, one rubbing his cheek and the other two laughing at him. “I can’t believe he actually did it,” one of them was saying.

“What?” someone asked. Moe didn’t know his name. He didn’t know the names of a lot of kids in his class.

“Mr. Heng-Pulaski hit Martin with his dick to make him go faster.”

“Don’t tell them that!” Martin said, scowling, as if getting hit in the face with a dick was a bad thing. Maybe Moe should have dawdled more. Mr. Heng-Pulaski came out of the shower room and he was naked too, even though he just went over to sit on the bleachers to watch. He had such a big dick. Moe wished he could get a medical note to just go suck it all class instead of learning to swim.

But Mads said he had to try things at least once before he decided to suck dick instead of doing them, and also that he should always listen to people who told him what to do when he was naked, so Moe got in the pool with the other boys when he was told to. “Okay, hi,” said the tallest of the three teenagers. “I’m Parry, and this is Paul and Davey. We’re going to teach you to swim. Those of you who already got taught how by someone else, go over there with Davey, and those of you who can swim a little bit should go with Paul. Anyone who can’t swim at all should stay here.”

Moe stayed right where he was, but everyone else went over to one of the other teachers, which was humiliating. Parry smiled at him once they were alone and the other two groups were going off a short distance into the water. “Don’t feel bad,” he told Moe. “Lots of people can’t swim and even more people think they can but then can’t. It won’t be just you and me for long.”

“Okay,” Moe said quietly, looking at Parry’s dick. The water covered it even though it came up to Moe’s armpits.

Parry leaned down, tilted Moe’s chin up. “You a bit scared?”

Moe nodded.

“That’s okay. The water is scary at first. But I’m right here, so it’s not going to hurt you, okay? Can you promise to at least try?”

“Sure,” Moe said, because that was what Mads would want him to say.

“Good boy,” said Parry with a smile. “Let’s try putting your face in the water, just for a second. Hold your breath.”

Moe took a deep breath, then another one, then another one. Parry pushed on the back of his head a little, and finally he plunged down and put his whole head in the water. His nose stung, and Moe coughed, and then he breathed in some water, and he was going to drown and…

Parry pulled him up. “Hey, hey, you’re okay. You got a little in your mouth, huh?”

Moe nodded, trying not to cry. Dylan would make fun of him if he cried. “Yeah. In my nose too.”

“Why don’t you try holding your nose this time?”

“Okay,” Moe said, feeling crappy. He held his nose, and after a minute put his face back in the water. It worked that time, no water went in his nose. He had his goggles on, so he opened his eyes, and Parry’s dick was right in front of him. That made it easier to concentrate, because he just watched it float there, thinking about sucking on it, but then he opened his mouth and water came in and he started coughing and had to come up again. “Sorry…”

“It’s okay, you were doing good for a few seconds there.”

“It’s hard to keep my mouth closed because your dick is pretty…” Moe was looking at Parry’s dick again.

Parry glanced over at the other boys swimming, then looked down at Moe. “Well, if you open your mouth again, try putting something in it so the water doesn’t go in.”

Moe looked up at Parry, who smiled, and then smiled back. He held his breath and went back under the water. He tried for a few seconds, but Parry’s dick looked like it tasted so good. So he moved forward and put his mouth over it, sucking on it. It mostly tasted like water, but it started to get hard in his mouth, and this time Moe was able to stay under water until he couldn’t hold his breath anymore and had to come back up. “I did it!”

Parry was smiling wide and his dick was mostly hard. “Yeah, you did. See, it’s not so bad. Let’s try one more time and then I’ll show you how to float.”

Moe nodded, and ducked his head back under the water. This time he put Parry’s dick in his mouth right away, taking the whole thing in and happily sucking until he couldn’t breathe. “You’re good at that already,” Parry told him. “Do you want to learn how to float?”

Moe wanted to keep sucking Parry’s dick, but he nodded and let Parry lay him on his back. Parry put a hand on his butt to keep him floating, and Moe kept sinking under the water. “Here, let’s get you a little more supported,” Parry said. He slipped a finger into Moe’s mouth, then slipped it back into the water, under Moe’s butt, and into his hole.

“I feel more supported,” Moe giggled.

“Good. Don’t be so tense.” His boner was touching Moe’s leg.

Moe nodded, which made him fall and made Parry have to support him under his head. Now Parry’s boner was touching his side. “I’d be more supported with something bigger…”

“Yeah, and then we’d never get through the lesson,” Parry teased, curling his finger for a second. “Besides, pool water is a bad lube and it wouldn’t be hygienic. Hold your arms out farther.”

Moe was a little disappointed, but he did as he was told. Martin and two other boys ended up coming back to Parry before the lesson was over, and they even talked to Moe a little bit, and it was pretty fun.

As he was getting out of the pool, Parry whispered in his ear that maybe he could come get extra lessons alone sometime, and that plus his dick twitching against Moe’s back made him smile. He dawdled a little bit on the pool deck so he could look at Parry out of the water, and Mr. Heng-Pulaski tapped his cheek with his dick to hurry him up.

Moe wasn’t even sad that he hadn’t gotten to wear his wolf bathing suit. He was excited to tell Mads that swimming had actually been fun, and even more excited to come back on Thursday for another lesson with Parry.

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