Strange Things Happen (Fanfiction)

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Owen and Ron often played in the forest together. Most of the time Owen would insist they go on adventures to defeat evil dragons that have kidnapped a beautiful princess. Sometimes their games involved going a little deeper into the forest than they were actually allowed to go, but they always made sure to be back before dinner so their parents never found out. Needless to say, the two of them knew the forest pretty well. So it was pretty unlikely Ron would ever get lost. Somehow, he’d managed to. This clearing was totally unfamiliar. It almost felt like stepping into a totally different world. The normal, dark conifer trees stopped short all of a sudden in an almost perfect circle. The circle was filled with a lush green grass and in the centre stood a tree. The trunk was smooth and pale, where the bark had started to peel there were streaks of colour that shimmered in the sunlight. The pale green leaves rustled in the breeze, seeming to invite Ron to step closer. And so he did.

The sun was warm as he stepped from the shadows of the conifers. The gentle breeze continued to rustle the leaves, beckoning him even closer. When he was only a few feet away from the base of the trunk, a boy stepped out from behind the tree and he was beautiful. His blue eyes seemed to shine just as much as the colourful bark of the tree and Ron found himself as equally mesmerised by them too. Tucked behind his ear were some flowers. Ron had no idea where they’d come from as he’d never seen anything like them before. Like everything else in the clearing, they clearly weren’t from around here. Ron found himself thinking about how nice it would be to run his fingers through the boy’s hair and how his lips looked very soft too.

“You’re staring.” The boy astutely observed.

“I was not.” Ron made sure to look at anywhere except the boy. Clearly, he didn’t believe him though. He stared him down for just a moment before deciding it wasn’t worth continuing to pester him about.

“My name’s James and I’m the spirit of this tree, it’s nice to meet you.”

Well, that certainly hadn’t been where Ron thought this conversation was going to go. Admittedly, this did explain the whole magical tree thing. He might as well be a tree spirit, it made just as much sense as anything else. That didn’t explain why Ron had never seen him before though, or why he was here now.

“There’s something here, killing off the forest. The trees here don’t have a spirit so they can’t protect themselves. So, I need to help make a new one.” James seemed to notice Ron was confused and filled in the blanks before he could even ask.

“Could I help you?”

James seemed a little surprised that Ron would offer his help without even being asked but he was glad to hear Ron was so willing. So he smiled and nodded. “I’d like you to help me make a new spirit to help protect the forest.”

Ron smiled back at him, glad to help out. He had no magical powers or anything, so he wasn’t exactly sure how useful he’d be but James seemed confident he could be helpful. He approached him, getting a lot closer than what was normally socially acceptable. Now Ron could smell the faint eucalyptus scent that clung to James and found he didn’t really want to take a step back. Then James was taking his hand and leading him closer to the tree trunk. He then pushed him back, pressing him against that trunk and boxing him in, arms either side of his head. Ron felt his heart racing. All he could think about was how close James was now.

James glanced up above them, a smile spreading across his lips. “Sounds like someone likes you,” he chuckled. The wind had picked up and the rustling of leaves filled his ears. Ron had no idea what he meant but it could’ve just been that getting blood to his brain was becoming less of a priority right now. He was totally focused on the way James’s lips curved into that smile.

Ron didn’t hesitate for a second when James leaned in to kiss him and even wrapped his arms around him to bring him even closer. Ron hadn’t kissed very many people, and definitely not like this, but he could confidently say this was the best kiss he’d ever had. It felt good, it felt right. This was exactly what he was supposed to be doing and James was exactly who he was supposed to be doing it with. He could taste the eucalyptus on James now, feel just how soft his lips really were.

All too soon the kiss ended as James pulled away, Ron tried to pull him back but he stepped away entirely. Ron was confused, worried he’d done something wrong but looking at that expression on James’s face, he was still very interested. There was also one other indication of his interest that Ron could now not stop himself from staring at. A few scenarios ran through his mind in that instant, getting on his knees and sucking him off, getting fucked by him right there in the open, jerking off together and having his cum soak into his skin. He wasn’t sure exactly what one he preferred but he wanted to give himself over to him in any way he would have him.

“Take your clothes off.” His voice was a little bit breathier than before, Ron noted.

Ron wasn’t really that shy about his body, he spent plenty of time naked playing in the river with Owen and their friends. That felt a little bit different from right now though. The focus was never on his body then, but now he felt an odd pressure to impress James. He wanted him to like him, to keep on wanting to kiss him and hopefully touch him too. Despite his hesitation, Ron reached for the buttons on his shirt, his desperation ultimately overcoming his anxiety. He didn’t mean to be so slow about it but he found his hands were a little shaky. He managed to get his shirt off and then reached for his pants and while he went to take them off, he realised he hadn’t taken off his shoes first. Before Ron could kneel or bend down to take them off, James must have decided he was naked enough and stepped in to crowd Ron’s space again.

It was a relief to know James must still be interested then as he placed a hand on his cheek to guide him towards more kisses. His other hand rested on his hip, which made Ron shudder. He could feel his bare skin on his own now but not only that, the friction of his clothes felt especially nice. As he went to replace his arms around James to invite him even closer, his wrists were taken hold of.

Looking up, he noticed some long tendrils had come down from the tree, wrapping around him and still moving down his body. A bolt of fear struck Ron for a moment as he tried tugging at them. They were wound tight around him and wouldn’t let him go. His attention was drawn back by another kiss to his cheek from James.

“I told you they liked you,” he murmured against his cheek. It didn’t sound like a threat. It sounded like he was pleased, maybe even proud. James hadn’t hurt him so far and while he knew being tied up and naked in the middle of the woods by a stranger should probably indicate he was going to be murdered or something, Ron couldn’t find himself being so concerned about it when he looked into James’s eyes. He looked so reverent as he watched those vines slide further down over his bared chest.

It was easy to just let James take the lead, seeing as he couldn’t reciprocate too much with the vines slowly immobilising his body. They kissed as James explored his body with his hands, the combined with the wriggling vines. He couldn’t stop the soft sighs and moans leaving his lips which James hungrily ate up. His cock was left aching and untouched as James familiarised himself with Ron’s chest, stomach and thighs, everywhere except where he really, really needed him to. The faint brushes against James’s clothes left him twitching. When James’s touch turned a little rougher, he gasped. He took his ass in both hands squeezing hard, only letting go to come back with a light smack. Ron’s eyes went wide, not expecting to be spanked of all things. His mind was all dizzy as he tried to comprehend why something he’d always received as a punishment would feel so good. Then the vines reached his cock, the thin tip of the tendril slowly wrapping around it and Ron decided he didn’t want to think, actually.

As those vines squeezed tight around him, James ran a wet finger over his hole. He jumped a little at the surprising chill. He had no idea where the lube had come from but the way James was touching him made it easy not to worry about it. He found himself struggling to decide if he wanted to fuck back onto James’s teasing finger or into the vines squeezing his cock so deliciously.

Ron has his shoulder rested on James’s shoulder as the vines slowly forced his legs further apart. He could feel James’s breath on him as he must’ve been watching his finger as he slowly entered Ron. They both released a sigh. It was both so much and too little at the same time. Ron’s hips moved on their own, trying to urge James to move but the vines tightened their grip on him, limiting his movement further. Ron managed a pitiful whine as James finally started to fuck him with his fingers. It was easy then to melt into the pleasure then. He couldn’t move even if he wanted to and simply having that choice taken away from him allowed him to relax even more into James’s arms. He let himself get fucked by James’s fingers, panting as the vines writhed around him.

Both James and the vines caressed his body, almost worshipping every inch of his exposed skin. It was warm but Ron could feel goosebumps forming as he shivered from the overwhelming attention. There was an extra stretch beside the fingers James continued fucking him with as the vines made their way inside him too. Then James was pulling out of him and despite still being stuffed full with vines, Ron whined anyway. James smiled at that and kissed his cheek to reassure him, it just made Ron feel even more needy.

Ron didn’t have to wait long as James replaced those fingers with his cock. The vines were still inside him, only thin tendrils but their movements were still so foreign to Ron. James’s cock stretched him in the most perfect way and Ron’s moans increased in volume and frequency as he started to properly fuck him. Ron couldn’t hold any of his moans back as the vines encouraged to open his mouth wide. The tips explored his mouth curiously and Ron felt drool start to drip out of his mouth. He was so thoroughly wrecked as his body was fucked unrelentingly by James’s cock.

James himself was panting as he chased his own pleasure. His eyes wandered over the body tangled in vines before him, just as much reverence in his gaze as when they’d first met only minutes ago. With both hands now unoccupied, James took advantage of that. One hand groping roughly at his ass while he took over for the vines and wrapped a hand around Ron’s cock. This only made Ron writhe more in the restraints of the vines.

Around them, the branches and leaves of the tree seemed to rustle more fervently. It felt like Ron’s body was harmonising with the forest around him. The vines all over his body seemed to vibrate with excitement and James seemed to be almost mindlessly fucking him now. The vines eased from where they’d settled tightly around the base of Ron’s cock and he was overwhelmed by all the pleasure. The forest sung as he came in James’s hand. He could feel something warm being pumped inside him, although he wasn’t sure if it was James or the vines, maybe even both. The moans from James only added to the music around him as he continued to shudder through his orgasm.

The vines slowly retreated, not wanting to push Ron into oversensitivity. They gently lowered him and James to the floor of the forest. Ron was sat in James’s lap where they lay together against the tree trunk, still connected. Ron found himself thinking he wouldn’t mind just laying like this forever. With his clean hand, James was rubbing at his back and up to his skull to soothe him. Ron was totally boneless as he closed his eyes, relaxing at the touch.

When he opened his eyes again, James was gone. The only trees around him were the normal conifers. He quickly sat up from where he’d been laying and immediately felt the squish between his thighs. So it couldn’t have been a dream. Ron slowly picked himself up off the forest floor and grabbed his clothes where they’d been neatly folded, definitely not how he remembered leaving them. He glanced around for any other evidence of James having existed at all but found nothing. So, he started making his way back home. Although, James never did tell him how to save the forest.

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