Character Profile: Callie

Name: Callista Sevenborn

Aliases/AKAs: Cal, Callie, Calliope, Cat Girl, The Lotus Maker

Title(s): Diplomatic advisor to His Imperial Highness Emir Magna Demna Aergyn

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Build: Stocky

Distinguishing Marks: N/A

Vagina Size: Large

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): Eva Mellat (illicit girlfriend), Emir Magna Demna Aergyn (employer)

Family Relationships: Cyrus, Matthias, Dee, Ignatius, Robin, Roberta, Pax, Jacob (siblings), Dominic (adoptive father), Abner (former mentor, deceased), Alec (teacher)

Sexuality: Gay

Preferred Positions: Seated, standing

Kinks: Disguises, stealth, role play, clandestine affairs, semi-public sex, high sex

Orgies Attended: Leal Heron Passenger Orgies, Dark Light Underground Orgies, Prince Emir’s Celebratory Orgies

Bio: The oldest of a group of criminal siblings, Callie isn’t a criminal so much as she’s a governmental intelligence specialist. She’s been separated from her siblings for a long while so that she can work towards a long-term plan of preventing Aergyre from taking over the world, and also possibly destroying it in the process. While doing that, she’s been dating the daughter of a minor noble house and keeping in touch with Dominic. By day, Callie works as an advisor to the oldest Imperial Prince, Emir, and has promised to help him become emperor as long as he does everything she says, which is working out just fine for her so far.


  • As a child, Callie was close with some of the older children in their group who left when Abner died. She never quite forgave them for abandoning the rest of the group
  • Callie is grateful to whoever her birth parents are for passing along a complexion that can pass as Dolovin, Kyainese, Imperial and even Enjoni if she wants it to
  • Callie remains loyal to Dominic even knowing that he has plans that he hasn’t told her about, because whatever his plans, she agrees with what he wants done in Aergyre
  • Unlike many of her siblings, Callie has been working consistently on the same project for a number of years. Her main regret is that this has consistently required her to choose her work over reconnecting with her siblings
  • Despite being stationed in Aergyre, Callie manages to keep abreast of politics globally, mostly thanks to some connections in the Imperial Intelligence Ministry. Even Dominic doesn’t know where she gets all her information from.
  • Callie has similar all-around competence with languages, politics, philosophy, theology, martial arts and rhetoric that all her siblings have, and has spent considerable time wondering just how it is that a random group of orphans all proved so adept at everything, as she believes training only accounts for so much. She has never received a satisfactory answer to this question
  • Callie has become more comfortable than she would like around slavery in her time in the Empire, but she is actively working to dismantle it. She and Dominic disagree on the priority of this mission, with Dominic saying it would be nice but isn’t as critical as her other mission, and Callie feeling that undermining the institution of Imperial slavery would quite likely destroy the Empire
  • Callie wasn’t looking for a girlfriend when she met Eva and spent several months pretending she was only seeing her for work-related reasons, but was finally forced to admit that wasn’t true after Eva’s parents tried to marry her to another noble
  • Callie knows all three Imperial princes quite well and thinks it would be best if none of them became emperor. If she had to choose between the three, she’d pick Emir because he’s easiest to manipulate
  • Unlike her siblings who generally operate non-violently, Callie has, over the last few years, assassinated five people who were obstacles to her work, including one of the Empress’s cousins


  • “You could just not kick me out.”
  • “But really, wouldn’t it be worth your family disowning you to go on the run with a roguish foreigner with no job and no status? Very romantic.”
  • “Morning, Dad. You look exhausted.”
  • “The world is round and it’s not night everywhere at the same time.”
  • “Someone has to and it sounds like all six of my brothers have decided to be useless.”
  • “Get some fucking sleep, the rest of us can save the world for eight hours.”
  • “What will you be sharing with me in exchange? And if you say your dick I’ll punch you in it.”


  • Callie is stung by bees regularly. She doesn’t know what she’s doing that attracts them and then pisses them off
  • As a child, Callie was a servant of Princess Gabrielle for three months, where she learned a lot about how to be in charge of everything
  • The first time Callie had an orgasm with someone else was with Dee, when they were practicing touching each other for fun
  • On her rare vacations, Callie likes to visit Bevia, mostly because of their music
  • Callie would really like to have some piercings, but they’re symbols of low status in the Empire and she can’t afford to damage certain people’s perception of her
  • Callie isn’t interested in men sexually, but she has had sex with Emir a number of times because he expects it, and also with Evgeniy once, though that was so nobody would think they were talking
  • Callie has had brief flings with seven different women named Roxanne, entirely by coincidence
  • When she has time, Callie moonlights as a sexy, leather-clad, cat-themed vigilante and fights crime with a whip
  • Callie experiences periodic dreams in which a clearly demonic entity tries to make deals with her. She mostly just finds it annoying
  • Callie tends to get drawn into what she considers an unusual amount of shenanigans with the townspeople of Qoilivar, who are always asking her to collect arbitrary amounts of natural resources, dispatch hazardous animals, and play hide and seek with their children

Modern AU: Modern Callie is an aide to a politician with delusions of grandeur, where she mostly makes sure his delusions stay delusional. Among certain very small circles, she is known to be a powerful backroom force in national and international politics, though she prefers that not to be too widely known. Aside from work, Callie likes to work on her motorcycle, go to comic book conventions, go on dates with her girlfriend and bother her brothers when they’re being annoying, which is always.

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