Team, 105

Even the Horniest of Moments Can Be Broken By A Sudden Transformation

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Cal really should have thought through his belief that it would just take a few days of fucking to get rid of the temporal vertigo.

Well, no, he’d been right about that. What he should have considered was that dragons were always horny at the least convenient times, and so of course the temporal vertigo had triggered Joey’s rut.

Joey drew blood when he bit Cal’s shoulder, holding him tight enough to bruise his hips as he came inside Cal for the eighth time that day. This should be the last day of his rut if it went how it had last time, and Cal was glad. At least since there were so many of them this time, the sex wasn’t nonstop for anyone but Joey. He’d even fucked Juniper and Arky a few times.

Panting, Joey pulled out of Cal, admiring the marks on Cal’s shoulder. He touched the most recent bite mark. “Sorry,” he said, voice husky. He didn’t sound sorry.

“It’s okay,” Cal told him. It hurt, but he’d be fine.

Joey nodded, and got up, wandering about five steps before he grabbed Ray and rolled onto the ground with him. Ray squeaked, so Cal could hardly blame Joey.

For himself, Cal got up, went over to Bob. Fortunately for all of them, he had a kitchen in his hip, so they had food without having to forage. Cal smacked his head. “Hey, make me a sandwich.”

Bob nodded and pulled a hot Earth sandwich called a cheeseburger out of nowhere, handing it to Cal. “Here you go, Captain.”

“You’d better not have put mustard on this.”

“Actually kind of insulting that you think I don’t know how you like your food.”

Cal pinched his nipple. “You can only insult people whose feelings matter, and neither of those apply to you.”

“Sorry, Captain,” Bob said, sheepish. Behind them, Mick, Lillian and Travis were sleeping together. Beatrice had gone for a walk with Sully, but not far. If they went too far Joey came and found them. Besides, none of them could walk all that well. “I’ve been doing some surveys of the planet to try and figure out…anything.”

Cal bit into the cheeseburger, which had no mustard on it. “And what have you figured out?”

“Some stuff about magnetic poles that won’t mean anything to you,” Bob said. “Uh, planets have a top and a bottom. Earth’s have been switched. Not sure why. I don’t have access to any of my databases so I had to measure the star maps manually, but I think we’re in the same place we were when you visited Earth before.”

“So that city is…”

“Yeah,” Bob said. “Well, given how much time has passed I doubt any part of it is the same city. I don’t know who lives there; they have a global communications network, which I’m trying to access, but it’s hard when most of my communications implants aren’t working.”

Cal took another bite. “Are you doing your best?” he asked, because Bob sounded very frustrated.

“Yeah, but…”

Cal kicked him to shut him up. “Then I’m proud of you. Keep trying. What else have you found out?”

“The planet has lost some mass,” Bob said, looking at his unireader. “And half its moon is gone. But somehow its gravity and seismic activity are stable, which means someone developed pretty powerful technology to stabilize them. The most important thing is that I might have figured out why time travel doesn’t work here. The quantum strings are too straight.”

Having no idea what that meant, Cal nodded. “And that straightness is stopping time travel?” Off to the side, Ray was yelping as Joey bit him.

“Yeah, they’re supposed to be kind of tangly, which lets us move between them. They’re totally straight in this world, so there’s no room to move. I’m not totally sure yet what to do about that, but it should be possible to travel, with the right equipment. Which I don’t have.”

“But you might be able to get it from whoever lives in the city,” Cal suggested.

“Yeah, possibly.”

“So no problem.” As Cal said that, Joey wandered over and snatched his cheeseburger out of his hand. “Hey, that’s mine.”

“No,” Joey told him, taking a huge bite. “Mine.” His eyes landed on Bob, whom he pulled closer to him, his cock sliding right into Bob’s mouth. “Mine.”

Cal rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, yours.”

Joey smirked and his tail wrapped around Cal’s neck, pulling Cal closer. Cal’s head ended between Joey’s legs, so Cal licked Joey’s balls for him while he facefucked Bob. Cal took Bob’s hand while that happened, focusing on getting Joey off. Poor dragon had only cum like fifty times today or something.

Once he’d shot his fifty-first load into Bob’s throat, Joey pulled away from them, stretching. Cal’s lunch was gone. “Going to take a nap,” he muttered, heading over to Travis, Mick and Lillian. He climbed into their pile, working his cock into Travis as he did, resting his head on Travis’s shoulder.

Cal sighed. “So, did Kozna have the right equipment?” he asked Bob, like nothing had happened.

Bob had some cum running down his chin, but it was a good look for him, so Cal didn’t clean it off. “I don’t know. I don’t think so. But someone else might have.”

“Have sent him? Like, as an attack on our world?” Cal really didn’t think there needed to be an interdimensional war. That just seemed silly.

“No, I doubt that. With the technology these people have, they could have sent some war machines that nothing on Nova could have touched. I’m just speculating, but I do think Kozna was summoned, not sent.”

“Okay.” Cal sighed. So the answer to what his deal was wasn’t going to be here, then.

“I’m sorry,” Bob said, moving closer to cuddle Cal. “I know I’m supposed to have answers about this stuff. I just don’t yet.”

“It’s okay,” Cal promised, kissing his cheek. “We’ll all find them together. Just as soon as Joey’s done…”

“Ah, what…”

Cal looked over because it sounded like Joey was in pain. His back was shifting, like there was something under his skin. “Joey, you okay?”

Joey shook his head, clinging to Travis, who was awake now. Then he let go suddenly, stood up. All his skin was moving, which didn’t look good. “It hurts.”

“Okay, you’re okay,” Cal promised, not liking how much Joey’s features were moving. “Bob, go get Sully.”

“What’s happening?” Travis asked, taking Joey’s hands. “Joey, what’s wrong?”

“I don’t, I…” Joey’s voice dissolved into uninterpretable dragon growls.

“You’re shapeshifting,” Mick said, and Lillian nodded beside him. “Joey, you need to concentrate on your normal body.”


Joey fell back, scales erupting all over his body. “Joey!” Travis said, kneeling beside him, shaking. “He said he was a blob in his egg. He’s not turning back into a blob, right?”

“Not sure what he’s turning into, but he needs to concentrate and do it,” Lillian said.

“Shit, what happened to him?” Sully asked, hurrying over to kneel on Joey’s other side. “Hey, dumbass, pick a body. You can’t have both at once.”

Joey roared a scream, and they were all knocked back. Cal looked up, helping Lillian to her feet, and…Joey was sitting there on the ground, chest heaving. He looked mostly normal again. “I’m okay,” he whispered. “I’m okay.”

“Joey?” Travis asked. He had blood on his hands.

Joey nodded, holding out his hand, blinking when his wing got in the way. “I…”

“Joey, you have wings!”

“I have wings!” Joey hopped to his feet, then immediately fell over, laughing. His wings were grey and oversized, speckled with red. His lower legs and feet were scaled and he had some scales on his arms too. Travis was hugging him.

“Never seen that happen before,” Sully commented, voice not as neutral as he thought it was.

“And that’s bad?” Cal asked, quiet.

Sully shrugged. “I didn’t work on the dragon project. But based on what I just saw, I’d expect that to happen again someday. Probably not soon, but…I think Theresa should take a look at him to be sure.”

Joey looked so happy to finally have wings that Cal couldn’t bring himself to do more than nod. He took Bob’s hand. “We need to get you some equipment,” Cal muttered to him.

“Yeah. He looks happy.”

“Yeah, he does.” Ray was crouching beside Joey, asking questions about his wings, and Joey was still giggling. Cal was happy that he was happy.

But he also wanted him to be safe. And to do that, they had to get home. Which meant it was finally time to visit the city at the bottom of the hill.

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