Character Profile: Roberta

Name: Roberta Tomiak Shepp Digondy Striker, Roberta Striker (Modern AU)

Aliases/AKAs: The Dark Hand, Delivery Girl, Lady Elle Skyhan, Evangeline Draughten, Jacob, Night Spider, Robin, Lady Witherwood

Title(s): Owner, Mann’s Emporium; Queen of the Iron Runners

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 66 kg

Build: Lithe

Distinguishing Marks: Sword tattoo on her pubic bone

Vagina Size: Above average

Relationships (Romantic and/or Sexual): N/A

Family Relationships: Callie, Cyrus, Matthias, Dee, Ignatius, Robin, Pax, Jacob (siblings), Dominic (father), Abner (former mentor, deceased), Sylvester (mentor), The Iron Runners (gang)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Preferred Positions: Seated

Kinks: Bondage and discipline, whips, leather, dominance, role play

Orgies Attended: Iron Runner Teambuilding Orgies, Bright Orgies, The Stag Keep Orgy

Bio: One of many criminal siblings raised by a noble with broad ambitions, Roberta is the most invested of her family in remaining a criminal. Though she does it for what she considers good reasons, Roberta keeps a firm hand on Menechit’s criminal underworld, where she is the current queen of the famous Iron Runners, a smuggling ring that is notorious for being able to get anything anywhere to anyone. She also secretly has a hand in running several other gangs and groups involved in Menechit’s black market, going most commonly by the alias Lady Witherwood. Recently, Roberta has been reconnecting with several of her siblings, all of whom seem to be leaving their lives of crime behind, but she continues to like crime quite a lot and doesn’t see much point in doing that, so she probably won’t—even if she does remain regularly available to help them save the world.


  • Roberta speaks every language that trade and smuggling happen in, which is every major language in the world. She can also do complex math in her head and has an eidetic memory, and writes most of her correspondence in musical ciphers
  • Though Roberta is a disguise artist on par with the best of her siblings, she often augments her disguises with magical charms just for extra coverage
  • Roberta remains loyal to Dominic not because she cares overly about his goals, but because she feels she owes him her and her siblings’ lives
  • Roberta is the leader of Menechit’s largest smuggling ring, the Iron Runners, who have bases in White Cape, Pelican Bay and Bright Harbour and who operate throughout both Dolovai and Kyaine, which she inherited in the traditional way: by joining it and reorganizing its shipping routes and payment infrastructure to be better until everyone acknowledged that she was best suited to being in charge
  • Roberta doesn’t really want a significant other, though seeing how happy they seem to be making her siblings has had her reconsidering that desire
  • Through her smuggling network, Roberta has one of the most well-developed intelligence networks in Menechit. She works regularly with the spymasters of both Dolovai and Kyaine, knowing that they mostly allow her to operate freely because she’s useful to them
  • Roberta got involved in smuggling because Dominic needed some items brought to him discreetly, and kept her hand in it because she liked it, and then moved entirely into it once she convinced Dominic it was where she was most useful
  • Though Roberta employs many people to obtain items for her when she needs them, she still enjoys planning and carrying out a good burglary
  • Upon taking over the Iron Runners, Roberta purged them of some of their more violent elements, and has been actively working to undermine her more violent competitors, mostly by secretly running their affairs as well
  • Roberta lives in White Cape, though she spends most of every summer and autumn in Pelican Bay and Bright Harbour


  • “I’ve been waiting for you for six months!”
  • “Only you. Pax, only to you would this happen. You’re such a fuck-up, I swear I don’t know how you dress yourself.”
  • “Be careful what you imply, Pax. This wouldn’t have happened if you’d done your job properly.”
  • “I’d miss you.”
  • “That what you’ve been doing while you sat here and waited for me? Practicing that? You could have done better.”
  • “I kind of figured Pax would go for more the embodied type.”
  • “I remember when you were too afraid to say no to me.”
  • “Okay. You do remember that we’re your family, right?”
  • “I told him you’d say no, but I said I’d ask. Mostly for an excuse to see you again.”
  • “The fact that that’s your definition of well is alarming.”
  • “I think…I think that you and I are better friends now that we don’t work together.”
  • “Asshole could have written two notes.”
  • “Look, if you two are going to make out, do it quickly, because I’m pretty sure we’re about to be arrested.”
  • “I can’t believe you got an offer to be in a group called the time mafia and turned it down, you loser.”


  • Roberta has two artefacts called the Amulet of Garth and the Amulet of Grath; one of them lets the user move through other people’s dreams, and the other induces shared hallucinations with all nearby people, and she can never remember which is which
  • At her house in White Cape, Roberta has a cat named Eclipse
  • Roberta’s first sexual experience was learning to kiss with Jacob, which ended in them dry humping for a few minutes
  • Roberta doesn’t care much about her appearance, except that she always wears shoes with heels and nice makeup when she’s working
  • Upon taking a prominent role in Menechit’s underground, Roberta was very surprised to learn that most of it actually is underground. She feels this is a little too on the nose
  • Roberta mostly gets sex from prostitutes; she has a few that she likes everywhere she works
  • Roberta suffers from occasional kidney stones
  • Roberta’s favourite thing about the west coast is the sunsets, especially in the winter
  • Roberta’s interpretation of bisexuality is a preference for threesomes with a boy and a girl at the same time
  • Roberta is responsible for most of the illegal coffee trade into Dolovai. This is entirely because she likes drinking it

Modern AU: Modern Roberta knows full well that crime pays because she’s made a lot of money off it. She has largely gone legit in recent years, maintaining her connections with and control over the underworld mostly so she can control it and prevent it from doing anything too dangerous—and also keep some of the more dangerous mob families in check. Lately she’s been spending more time with her family, trying to decide if they’re all happier because of their legal activities or because of their significant others. When she’s not working or seeing her family, Roberta likes to re-steal stolen artwork for fun, and also organize fantasy robberies that she’ll never actually carry out.  

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