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Jealousy Is A Silly Emotion When You Can Instead Focus on Helping Someone Fit in

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“Hey, Levi.”

Levi started, but looked a little relieved when he saw Derek. He’d been sitting at a table in the library masturbating. There were only two tables, so it wasn’t like it was hard to find him. “Hi, Derek. I’m not in your way, right?”

Derek shook his head, sitting down next to Levi. “Never,” he said with a smile. He hadn’t known that Sam and Henry were planning to come back from their meeting with a new boy. A new clan member.

Of course, Sam and Henry hadn’t known that either. They never planned anything, they just did whatever their cocks wanted them to do. Well, Sam did. Henry was supposed to be better than that.

But whatever, if they wanted to pluck some random kid out of nowhere and put him at their supper table, that was their prerogative as clan leaders. “What are you reading?”

“Uh…” Levi looked embarrassed because he clearly hadn’t been reading even if there was a book open in front of him. “Just spellbooks. I was hoping to learn about Clan Arkhewer’s magic, but…”

“But you got distracted,” Derek finished, nudging Levi’s leg.

Levi nodded. “It’s just…spellbooks are boring. I know they seem like they’d be super interesting because magic, but…they’re not.”

Derek had read all of the spellbooks in this library and had found them perfectly interesting. But of course he wasn’t a sorcerer, so what did he know?

More than this little cumrag, Scott’s voice said in the back of Derek’s mind. Scott was being extra careful around Levi. More sorcerers in the castle meant more danger for him.

“Are you disappointed?” Derek asked, peering at the spellbook, which was open to a page describing a transverse belt for listening spells. “I think everyone would understand if you were. It’s hard to come to a new place where nobody likes you and then also have it not be what you wanted.”

“It’s what I wanted,” Levi said right away, frowning. “I didn’t know…that people didn’t like me.”

“They’ll get used to you. Or rather you’ll get used to them. It’s hard being new; I was super lonely the first little while I was here until I made friends, so I know how you feel.” Derek smiled at him. “I know what it’s like to be disappointed.”

“I’m not,” Levi said immediately, and vehemently, like he was trying to convince someone. “No, I’m not disappointed. It’s just these spellbooks are all more basic than I thought so I’m just a little…uh, bored.”

“I could help you with that,” Derek offered, cheerfully. Levi nodded, taking his hand off his dick to make room for Derek even though Derek had been talking about the spellbooks. Sorcerers were all the same.

But Derek slid down onto the floor and casually took Levi’s twitching boner into his mouth.

“Hm,” Levi said, leaning back in his chair. There was precum collected on the head of his dick, and Derek wondered how long he’d been jerking off for. It would be ideal if this didn’t take very long, he had other stuff to do.

Fortunately Levi didn’t, soon squirting into Derek’s mouth while he gripped the sides of the chair. In the middle of his orgasm, while he was distracted, Derek got just a little help from Scott to make sure Levi went soft in spite of Sam’s magic all over his dick.

It wouldn’t last long, but Derek didn’t need long to put Levi in his place. Everyone else in this castle had suffered and worked hard to get where they were. Levi had bent over for Sam and thought that was the same as earning a spot at the top of the hierarchy. He was looking down on Derek right now, smiling. “Th-thanks. That’s the first time anyone’s ever…”

“I’m not surprised. But anytime,” Derek told him, putting a smile on while Scott curled around his heart.

“Any…I thought you and Todd…”

Derek smiled at him. “You thought what about me and Todd?” he asked, rather than letting Levi finish his sentence. Todd wasn’t even hiding that he liked Arty more than he liked Derek anymore. They spent all their time together. It was gross.

“Uh. Nothing. Just that…I thought you guys seemed like you were, uh…”

He was so dumb, but Derek didn’t even roll his eyes. “You can think whatever you want. You’ve been in this castle long enough to know that whatever you saw me and Todd doing doesn’t mean anything interesting.”

“Oh…” Levi looked embarrassed. “Right. S-sorry.”

“Why would you be sorry about that? Honestly, this is why the guards are drawing lots over you.”

“They’re what?”

Derek smiled. “Listen, the clan has better spellbooks than this,” Derek said. “They’re just hidden.” In Derek’s bedroom.

“Oh.” Levi looked confused. “Why?”

“So that nobody reads them before they’re ready. Do you know what could happen if a stupid kid read a powerful spellbook?” He put his hand on Levi’s elbow.

“Oh.” Levi looked down, teeth on his lip. “Yeah, that would be bad, huh?”

“It’s not that they don’t trust you,” Derek promised. “It’s that they’re not sure if you can handle it.”

“I…I can handle it…”

Levi couldn’t even handle his own dick. “You should prove that to them, then.”

Levi nodded, swallowing. And then he asked the right question. “How?”

Derek gave him another pat. “I could help you, if you want?”

“What…” Levi took a shaky breath. “What do I have to do?”

Derek lifted up his left hand, showing Levi the little cage he’d been concealing there. “You need to prove that you can control yourself. Self-control is a very important asset for a Clan Arkhewer sorcerer.”

Levi looked at the cage, chest rising and falling, then back and Derek. “I thought you weren’t a sorcerer.”

And he’d thought Derek was an idiot, too. He’d learn, though. He wasn’t Todd. “I’m not. But I have a lot of self-control. I can help you with it. I’ve helped everyone else in the castle. You’ve obviously met Todd? And Sawyer and Sean and them? Plus I’m the one who organized the castle guard. They used to just be a mob of thugs. You should ask Archer.”

“You helped…all those people? How?”

“By teaching them how to control themselves, Levi. Let me help you too. I promise I’ll take it off as soon as you don’t need it anymore.” Derek had thought about this and he’d decided to hope that Levi could be different from Todd. And he wouldn’t make the mistakes he’d made with Todd. Let him realize that the cage was a gift, not a punishment. Let him realize that freedom wasn’t a reward, it was the obstacle preventing him from being what he could be.

Levi looked nervous, but everyone looked nervous right before they did something good for themselves. “Okay, but…”

Derek started fitting Levi’s dick into the cage without listening to the rest. He’d gotten good at putting them on fast after so many, and before Levi could even finish gasping, Derek had clicked it into place. He didn’t have a very big dick; Derek could have gotten a smaller cage. Oh well.

“Hey, wait,” Levi said, as Derek locked the cage. “My…the Forces.”

Derek nodded, holding the key in his hand as he stood. “Now you don’t have to worry about losing control of them.” He’d convinced Sam to carve his magic-blocking spell into the cage by making him laugh at the idea of Levi not being able to get hard or do magic.

“I’ve never lost control of my powers!”

“There’s a first time for everything,” Derek said consolingly. Levi was better than Todd. he’d realize quickly that this was good for him. “Especially when you’re going to be reading the more powerful spellbooks.”

As if you’ll actually let him read them, Scott giggled, now that Levi wouldn’t be able to sense him. Derek would let him read them, eventually. Why not?

“Can you…show me where they are?” Levi asked.

“Of course I can,” Derek said, standing up. “When you’re ready. First you need to read all these books. Properly this time, without getting distracted. It’s important to know the fundamentals, right?”

“R-right,” said Levi. He was shaking a little.

Derek sat down, tugged Levi closer, coaxing him into his lap. It took Levi a second, but he came and sat where Derek wanted him. He was bony and shaky, like Todd, but he was smaller than Derek, which was a nice change. “Here. I have work to do in a bit, but I can help you for a half hour or so.” He was getting hard between Levi’s buttcheeks.

“Help how?” Levi asked. Scott’s softness trick would be wearing off now, so he’d be wanting to get hard. But he wouldn’t.

Derek snickered. “Just because I’m not a sorcerer doesn’t mean I can’t help, Levi.”

“I never said…”

“Start at the beginning of the book. You should memorize the whole thing. You can do that, right? Sam says you’re really smart.” He let doubt in his voice as he said that.

“He does? Y-yeah, I can do that.” Levi said, calming down.

“Good.” Derek patted his belly, using his other hand to adjust his dick, pressing it inside Levi. Levi let out a slow gasp, but didn’t protest. ‘This’ll help you concentrate. Trust me, okay? Do you trust me?”

“I trust you,” Levi said, flipping to the first page of the book.

“Are you sure? You don’t sound sure.”

“I’m sure,” Levi said, voice stronger now. “I’m sure. I trust you, Derek.”

“Okay good,” said Derek, resting his chin on Levi’s shoulder. “You have to tell me if that changes. I wouldn’t want to scare or hurt you.”

“You…you don’t scare me.”

That was because he was just as stupid as everyone else. No wonder Sam liked him. But that wasn’t his fault, he was only human. “Good. I don’t want you to feel lonely like I did when I came to the castle. I hope we can be friends.”

“Yeah,” Levi said, looking down at the page. “Yeah, me too.”

“Great. You should have a sleepover with me tonight. I can tell you all the secrets about the castle. Oh, and which guards you should try not to be alone with.”

Levi nodded, already focused on reading. At least he was focusing. Later, Derek swallowed the key to his cage so Scott could keep it safe for a while. He didn’t think Levi would be needing it any time soon.

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